Barcelona Says Adios To Bullfights After 600 Years – VIDEO


On the evening of September 25, amid the cheers of fans and the bloody death throes of fighting bulls, Barcelona hosted its last-ever bullfight. It was the end of more than 600 years of history.

As dusk fell in the Catalan capital, sequin-clad matador Serafín Marín killed the last of six bulls on the sand of the packed La Monumental bullring, where tickets were going for eight times their original price.

Bullfighting Banned In Catalonia

As Care2′s Alicia Graef wrote here, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) joined forces with a local Catalan group PROU, which presented over 180,000 signatures triggering Catalonia’s Parliament to vote on the matter last year. This year they brought a letter with 165,000 signatures from 120 countries in support of the ban to Ernest Benach, President of the Catalonian Parliament, before the vote.

Spanish lawmakers voted 68 to 55, with nine abstaining, to ban the “sport” from the region of Catalonia, making it the first ban in mainland Spain. A Care2 petition in support of the ban gathered 35,660 signatures.

Six Bulls Killed At The Last Corrida

From The Guardian:

Supporters denounced the ban as an infringement of civil liberties. Opponents declared it an enlightened move away from mindless barbarity.

“We have won the war, but today we will lose a battle as six animals will die,” said a 32-year-old protester who gave only her first name, Montserrat. “They are pigs,” said Antonio, 70, an elegant white-suited fan, pointing to the small crowd of animal rights protesters gathered outside La Monumental.

Either way, it was a historic moment. An 18,000-strong crowd packed into the stands to watch the matadors in their shiny “suits of lights” step out for the last time to the sound of trumpets and a band playing pasodoble tunes.

Although bullfighting has been on the decline in Catalonia for decades, Barcelona once hosted major fights.

In a indication of the dwindling local popularity of the event, architect Richard Rogers has already turned the city’s other major bullring, Las Arenas, into a shopping mall.

Bullfighting Wildly Popular In The South Of Spain

However, Catalonia does not reflect other parts of Spain. Staying with a family in Cadiz, in southwest Spain, this summer, I got into a major argument with my hosts on this topic. Bullfighting there is still very popular, and as far as my host “father” was concerned, it is a beautiful sport, part of the Spanish tradition, and it will live forever.

Far from being a beautiful part of Spanish culture, bullfighting is a cruel bloodsport and should be banned.

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Photo Credit: Sarah_Ackerman


Valentina R.
Valentina R1 years ago

Marlene Dinkins, if you can't speak Italian properly, avoid doing so, unless you enjoy looking ridiculous.

Tracy Janze
Tracy Janze4 years ago

i pray it is banned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene Dinkins

la notizia spectacolare!!!!!!!! wonderful!!!! it should banned all over the world!!!!!! this is barbaric!!!!!!!! its cruel!!!!!! its completely absolutely wrong!!!!!! its a shame for htis countries!!!!! poor bulls!!!!! for heaven sake!!!!! poor animals!!!!!

Sylvie Bermannova

Voted 'yes' for the ban; signed the petition. 'Yes' to the bulls, 'no' to corrida!

May people have the right to follow their tradition on condition that it is not cruel. Bullfighting leads to the torture and death of these bulls, while it is even considered a type of "entertainment", which only evidences that there is not a bit of culture or a deeper meaning in it. There is no honor in killing, especially if it is not a necessity, and it is saddening to see that some people still believe that. Therefore, any civilized nation that have any concept of compassion should refrain from it.

Antje F.
a f5 years ago

THANK YOU FOR BEING DESCENT and no longer torturing bulls.

Lorraine Hagin
Lorraine Hagin5 years ago

At last a part of Spain that has come to its senses - Catalonia. Well done for banning this disgusting, cruel barbaric and needless torture of innocent bulls and for what, all in the name of what the Spanish call "sport". This is a hideous crime against beautiful bulls who do not deserve to be killed in this way - just so that some idiotic warped bullfighters can show how they overpower these magestic beasts in packed bullrings witness by cheering crowds - disgusting! How on earth can a bullfighter look into a bull's eyes and see past it's fear - my god he must be made of stone to be able to think nothing of taking it's life! Mankind has become so cruel towards animals and it makes me so ashamed to be a part of the human race. I live for the day when mankind can live alongside animals without hurting them as they are important to our planet and to our daily lives - I know I couldn't live without them! Please let all this cruelty stop once and for all!

Marcia Shiel
M s5 years ago

bullfighting is NOT beautiful, is NOT a sport It IS disgusting, cruel,shameful inhumane and horrific Any human that enjoys this should have the same done to him/her Bulls feel pain,are terrified,forced to defend themselves unfairly.they bleed to death,a merciless death What is wrong with people?

valda p.
valda p5 years ago

Really great news as this might be the- beginning of the- end for all bull fighting in Spain ,horses will also benefit as they are used in this grusome spectacle and are terrified and are sometimes gored and killed.

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the -murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men. -Leonardo Davinci.

Elisa Zeeley
Elisa Zeeley5 years ago

This is good news. What would be even better news is that Spain stops torturing bulls and killing animals for religious fiestas. With enough pressure we will get all animal abuse in the world stopped. By keep the unrelenting pressure on, we can make a HUGE difference for all creatures on this planet. I will not stop until ALL abuse, torture, killing for fur, product testing is stopped. We can do this and see it in our lifetime. Believe me, GOD and the animals will thank you.

Liz g.
Liz NO FWDS G5 years ago

Wonderful news and i hope the rest of the countries that allow bullfighting will do the same and that their will be no more horrific killing of innocent bulls for entertainment!!!! Thank you.