Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: Why Women Should Be in Charge (VIDEO)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is admired by many, and greatly appreciated by many of the women who know her or have read her work or heard her speak.

Her 2011 Commencement speech at Barnard shows why.


Photo from Barnard College


Emily W.
Emily W.6 years ago

Women and men both have characteristics that are useful in leadership positions.

For example: Women are more likely to think about how their actions and decisions will affect others (which explains why history has so many 'wise women')

Men are more competitive, which is great for businesses.

Bryan S.
Bryan S6 years ago

I agree with James. Yes, the world would definitely be better if women ran it. When it comes to brain power, women obviously have the edge...women are earning 60% of college degrees now, and that number continues to rise. So, like James said, the top positions really should be held by women. It would be an improvement for everyone.

Rooibos Bird
IE R6 years ago

James - very interesting correlations in your post! I do wonder, too, that if women were socialized differently they would also display the same traits? It's the old nature vs. nurture debate.

Though with the reality in the here and now, I do think that something you pointed out would be very, very helpful: most women will "talk something to death" in order to avoid confrontations - physical confrontations. That's not a universal thing, but it is the case for most women. That could be useful in averting wars and other conflicts, and in fact, there were native American tribes which intentionally placed adult women in the role of "war chief," possibly for that very reason - they were more likely to meet and "talk out" an issue with another leader instead of physically fight, which would have endangered the tribe. There have been other instances where female control and/or leadership averted similar problems; namely when resources were passed matrilineally, passing land use through women instead of men or by doing so through a women's brothers, and not a child's father. It disperses the propensity to battle over resources in that way.

Some things to think about!

Suzen R.
Suzen R6 years ago

She is amazing! I loved listening to this.

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

You're a cool guy and I'm so happy to call you a friend.

James D.
James D6 years ago

As to the ability of women to lead: Speaking in generalizations and granting that there are, thankfully,many exceptions to what I am about to say; Men are confrontational, Women are cooperative. Men are interested in power questions, Women are interested in nurturing questions. Men are stronger in the physical sense but think with their small head, Women are strong enough physically (we don't have to kill our food with our bare teeth any more) and think with their hearts as well as their brains.

As long as the woman under discussion has not been warped by irrational dogma, ill treatment, or just too damned many
close graphic examples of bad reasoning and behavior, I
would be happy for any woman to fill any position of authority and leadership; very happy to follow if I could choose her. The most remarkable person I ever met (and I have met and dealt with many tens of thousands of people over the years) was a woman. I trusted her opinion and decisions over all others, even my own if we disagreed. Many of the rest of the remarkable people I have know were women. The rest of the remarkable people I have known respected women as much as I do.

If women ran the world, it would not only be different, it would be incredibly better. They would also have the sense to choose the Best males to assist them, not those with the
best connections.

Vote Progressive!

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

Old rich white men got us into this mess, time to give someone else a chance.

Lisa L.
Lisa L6 years ago

Brian P.--my previous comments seem to have become invisible, along with everyone else's if they were posted a few hours ago, but I stand by them because I strongly disagree with Fred's assertion about the alleged fraudulence and folly of supporting one gender over another. When inequality exists between groups, if we are disallowed from correcting for it, then it will ALWAYS exist. It doesn't take much to see that, in fact, so if there's any fraud going on, it's in the claim that we can somehow magically work towards a egalitarian society by pretending we already have one when we quite obviously do not. I also stand by my remarks about why Palin and Bachmann are so very visible: it behooves male Republicans to have women doing the dirty work. That is a common gendered power dynamic all over the world and in every context, and that the Repugs finally figured out how to use it in public speaks only to their ugly shrewdness in turning progressive gains to their own ends.

Rooibos Bird
IE R6 years ago

Fred, point is...we need competent leadership, male of female. All nations have had *plenty* of incompetent male leadership because in most cases, 1/2 the entire population of the planet has been legally barred throughout time, geography and history from even participating in the process of selecting leadership. Women have been traditionally bypassed without even the right of suffrage in many nations, even today (Saudi Arabia, for example).

How can we even expect to groom viable leadership ANYWHERE if 1/2 of the population has been habitually denied any/most forms of participation until relatively recently and then only to a certain level and only in certain nations?

And that, Fred, was *my* point. Yeah, we need good leadership, and 1/2 of the world's population is female, so where are they all? How come we have so few? It sure ain't because there aren't women with raw ability or skills, that's for certain. So what's the real problem, then, right? We're still overloaded with incompetent male leadership unwilling to share the the role and that's unfortunate but it's still very true all over the world. T

In 1960, the little nation of Sri Lanka elected the world's FIRST democratically elected female head of state. Fast forward 51 years, and the USA *still* for some reason cannot groom and run a candidate? Well we can and did, but look how *she* got treated in the last presidential election - so there's your answer.

Alexandra H.

"A world where men ran half our homes and women ran half our institutions would be just a much better world." (Q!uote from this speech). YES!!!! When women are absent from institutions, they're more violent (see government in the Middle East), when men are absent from institutions there's less discipline (see boys who have grown up with single mothers).
Alexandra, La Crescenta, CA