Baseless Survey Claiming Women Would Choose Bigger Boobs Over Brains, Covered on CBS News


Written by Rachel Larris

Local news channels and network affiliates can run important stories about events and information pertinent to viewers. Or, like a New York affiliate of CBS, they can run the most hackneyed, sexist drivel we’ve seen in a while.

Check out the “report” from CBS New York, a local affiliate. The headline “Many Women Would Trade IQ Points For Bigger Breasts” (the video, broadcast on April 9, below must be seen to be believed.)

What is the basis for the story? The report says a “leading consumer website” released a survey that found 41 percent of 18 to 25 year old women would rather have larger breasts to more intelligence.

But the website in question turns out to be the link-bait generator and the “survey” is an “unscientific, online survey.” Meaning they could have polled four women in their building and it would have been just as accurate. But considering we can’t even find the original “survey” anymore we highly doubt there were even unscientific numbers to trust.

Women’s Media Center staff called CBS 2 New York and asked where the idea for the piece came from. They cited a New York Post column by Andrea Peyser, who does, at the very end of her April 9 column, talk about CouponCodes4u’s survey. But Peyser doesn’t even mention it’s a meaningless “survey” from a completely untrustworthy website and instead uses the so-called “results” to make herself feel superior to the supposed 41 percent of women who would trade bigger breasts for brains.

We’re left scratching our heads how a meaningless “survey” from a link-bait website first earned a mention from a New York Post columnist and then went through another editorial process (that clearly included multiple decision-makers) where it was decided that it was newsworthy enough to devote two and a half minutes of broadcast airtime to discuss this bogus report.  The next time we see a news curmudgeon tut-tutting that college kids get their news from The Daily Show, we’re going to send them this link to demonstrate exactly what counts as “newsworthy” for a New York affiliate of CBS.

These kind of ridiculous “news” pieces not only waste viewers’ time, but is also pushes the idea that “women are stupid” for everyone’s amusement. It’s no wonder that nearly every actual women CBS 2 reporter Emily Smith spoke with could hardly believe the question was being asked.

This post was originally published by the Women’s Media Center.


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Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.5 years ago

And my MENSA mom was tiny.

Kathleen Tyson
Kathleen Tyson5 years ago

C'mon you guys,they either work for Hooters or they want a job there.
Im'sure their I.Q's are nearly the same as their bra size!!!!

Robert Vincelette

While ample, but not untracrepidarian hemispheres of pulchritude may contribute to tugging on the venereal strings of most men, imagine the disaster of someone with a PhD in some hard subject living with a woman of very low intelligence after marrying her for her eloquence of endowment. She would play obnoxious country Western music in the house, watch soap operas all day, and consume everything the television commercials tell her to buy, thus putting on hundreds of pounds via brainwashing to eat commercial junk food, and probably smoke.
Beware mankind, if you let yourself be more of a genitalman than a gentleman, if she made such a trade, she will use her hemispheres as a most terrifying weapon to make a fool out of you.

Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen5 years ago

I have big (and getting bigger!) breasts and I would much rather be smarter than bigger. They are 42DDD and such a pain to have.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

pshh. I can't speak for less endowed women, but genetics were good to me. I feel I am fairly intelligent, and I am a 34DD. They should ask an equal number of big breasted and non breasted women and compare.. for those who have always had big breast I think it would be impossible to imagine being without them. The whole idea is dumb. A man who can't love a woman with small breasts doesn't deserve any woman at all

Scott M.
Its wonderful e5 years ago

Couple of great points!!

Sarah W.
Sarah W5 years ago

Hmmm, not sure on this one. Could I have huge boobs & a tiny brain and therefore not care about stupid surveys like this -and the general state of the planet? Tempting...

Nicole Pauline Sedkowski
Nicole Sedkowski5 years ago

Yet another headdesk moment.

Colleen Wright
Colleen W5 years ago

Worthy of a comment? No, but still, it's 20 points for charity- so what the heck....