Bear Killed For Eating Dead Body

A black bear in British Columbia has been killed after snacking on a dead body it found in a car.

Police said that they killed the bear because they thought it could be a danger to others as the body had not decomposed enough to give off a scent indicating he was not alive. The incident was also a mile from homes and a campsite, they said.

The body was that of murderer Rory Nelson Wagner, who killed a man in 1993 with two others and had served time in prison. Police said that his death was not suspicious.

2012 has seen a spate of killings of bears in Canada after they got into unfortunate contact with humans. These incidents are all within the last month or so.

Another was shot after it swatted a man in his hot tub in Whistler, British Colombia. The man, police said, “felt a heavy blow to the back of his head which propelled him forward in the hot tub.” He “turned around and found himself face to face with a black bear. He yelled at the bear and retreated inside the home.”

The bear made the mistake of hanging around on the man’s patio rather than walking off straight away. Police found it only 100 meters away when they arrived. Authorities said that the bear is going to have a necropsy performed on it, to “try to determine the reason for the attack.”

In May, yet another black bear was killed after it dragged a 65-year-old man from an outhouse near Sioux Lookout, Ontario. The bear bit him on the back of his head and neck, before being shot by the man’s camping companion.

Another was killed in British Colombia because humans didn’t secure their garbage and hence it became a danger to them.

One bear with a more lucky interaction with our species ended up in a garbage truck in downtown Vancouver. Though he was transported to an area near a good supply of salmon, his acquired taste for a varied diet will likely land him in trouble at some point.

Recently, another man in British Colombia was fined $6,000 for a decade of bear feeding. The bears he had fed lost their fear of humans. When he had to stop feeding them, some of them started to look elsewhere for easy food.

Writing in The Free Press, Dave Hamilton points out that “carelessly stored garbage and apple trees are the root causes of bear human conflict” in areas which humans share with bears:

Bears are natural scavengers, have great memories, a keen sense of smell and will remember an easy food source. Carelessly stored garbage, birdfeeders, dirty BBQ’s and fruit trees are open invitations to bears.

Once the berries run out bears will start passing through town in search for easy food sources. Owning a fruit tree in bear country is a big responsibility. Pick fruit daily as it ripens or pick it before it ripens if you don’t intend on using it and don’t allow fruit to accumulate on the ground.

When attractants are removed, bears will move on resulting in a safer community and preventing the needless destruction of bears.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

sad. however if I felt my life was threatened i.e. in an attack in my hot tub, I would certainly defend myself

guiri t.
Georgi Penev6 years ago

Gina, people really do suck :(

guiri t.
Georgi Penev6 years ago

Gina, people really do suck :(

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

Why are animals always killed because of stupid human mistakes? This is really upsetting.

Gina Caracci
Gina Caracci6 years ago

maybe if greedy humans didnt steal every damn inch of the world for themselves, than bears wouldnt have to make the deadly 'mistake' of daring to infringe on human territory....people SUCK
always finding excuses to KILL, to control another species population..well HEY how about we control the human population? Until starvatiin is no longer an issue on this planet, birth control should be mandatory..yes thats extreme, but maybe the chinese have something there.. There WAS a time where animals were the majority and now they are being pushed to extinction and its still not good enough..



Hartson Doak
Hartson Doak6 years ago

The only way that these animals will be safe is if they fear humans. We have to remove those individuals that see us as food. there are very few humans that can walk with wild bears and escape a violent act. Though there are way too many humans, we are more important than some animal.

Cheryl Ulrich
Cheryl Ulrich6 years ago

If I had the misfortune of dying out in bear country , I would feel privledged that my useless corpse fed a hungry animal !!

Richelle Rausch
Richelle Rausch6 years ago

The people who take over the bears' territories should be to blame, not the bears. And the guy was already dead. Why was the hungry bear punished instead of the person who killed the guy? What is wrong with the police? Yea, I know. They were stupid bullies growing up, and, becoming a cop allows them to get paid to be stupid bullies. They could start a band called Guns & Donuts!

Sorry...I like human and animal rights, not cops.

Michael Kirkby
.6 years ago

Protein's protein in nature. A friend told me of a picture that he had seen of a deer eating a mouse. He's a reputable guy so I have no reason to doubt him or his source. If you perished in your home or apartment and puppy or kitty had no food you would soon become food. Of course like Mr. Bear, puppy or kitty would probably be euthanized. It's the cycle of life and death and of nature. The bear was scavenging. It's what bears do. The guy was dead and the bear shouldn't have been killed.