Bear Saves Hiker From Mountain Lion (Video)

An elderly Californian hiker claims to have been savaged by a mountain lion, only to be saved by a bear.

69-year-old Robert Biggs, of Paradise, northern California, says he came across a mother bear, yearling, and cub sitting on a stream bank.

He stopped to watch them but, as he turned to leave, the mountain lion jumped on his back and knocked him to his knees.

He hit him on the head with a rock pick, then saw the bear grab the mountain lion by the neck. After a struggle, the mountain lion got free and ran away.

“I think the lion was stalking the bear’s cub and I got in the way,” Biggs told ABC News. “The bear walked calmly back to her cub after, and I wrapped my arm up with a T-shirt and went gold panning before I went home.”

Biggs said he had not worried before about encountering large animals in the area and would have no problem returning.

“I poured some hydrogen peroxide on my arm, and it feels fine,” Biggs said. “It’s black and blue from the wrist to the elbow and you can still see the puncture wounds, but it feels fine.”

Watch Robert Biggs recount how he was saved by a bear:

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago


guiri t.
Georgi Penev6 years ago

Miranda, why not?

I'm not saying this is the case here but I definitely do think that this happens.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon6 years ago

Great that it worked out the way it did for this man, but do you really think the bear was intent upon saving him from the lion?

I don't think bears harbor a lot concern for us humans. More likely the bear wanted to run off the lion because it was a potential threat to the bear's cub, and the outcome for the human being was incidental.

Sorry, but I read this as yet another over-sentimentalized story about a member of another species acting on behalf of a human being. Stories like this don't really encourage rational, intelligent appreciation for...and needed protection of...the non-human critters with whom we share (not very well) the planet.

Stella Nobrega-Garcia

Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago


Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

Dang, this happened right in my back yard! This guy is tough.

Michele J.
Michele Jones6 years ago

What an insightful man. I love how the hiker took everything in stride. It amazes me how well bears have adapted to a human's presence. Great story! Thanks for sharing.

E A.
Eileen A6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege6 years ago

Incredible story.

Veronique L.
Veronique L6 years ago

What a story......