Bears Tied Up and Attacked by Dogs in Pakistan

Some people actually think this is fun: tie a bear to a stake so she can barely move, then let loose a bunch of dogs who want to tear her limb from limb. As dogs get tired or injured, fresh dogs are brought in. Sometimes the bear’s canine teeth are pulled out and claws are filed down or removed so that she has no way to fight her attackers.

Warning: the following video includes images of bears being attacked by dogs in bear baiting contests.

Video courtesy of World Society for the Protection of Animals

Bears who survive a three-minute bout can look forward to several more attacks that day, in front of as many as 2,000 spectators. The attacks will resume another day. Owners try not to let their animals die in this blood sport because they want to use them again in future match-ups.

You don’t want to be a bear in Pakistan, especially one of the 70 forced into these maulings. You don’t want to be a dog there either.

Pakistan outlawed bear baiting way the hell back in 1890, but it reemerged around 2004 as a popular activity for local warlords. Authorities and animal welfare groups are trying to enforce the legal ban and to educate the public about the evils of bear baiting. The World Society for the Protection of Animals has built a sanctuary in Pakistan for rescued bears called Balkasar Bear Sanctuary:

The warlords who organize this torture are violating not only the 1890 prohibition, but also laws in several Pakistani provinces protecting Asiatic black bears (also known as Himalayan black bears) and banning the capture of wild cubs because they are listed on the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Animals as “vulnerable.” (Asiatic black bears are the same ones who are farmed for their bile.) Brown bears with the same Vulnerable listing are also used for baiting. They are usually captured from the wild.

Many argue that Islamic law also forbids baiting animals.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is taking action to end bear baiting in Pakistan. If you’d like to help you can visit its website.

Take Action: Sign the petition to end bear baiting!


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Photo credit: Abu0804


Tammy H
Tammy H2 months ago

Just when I thought I'd seen the worst of the worst. This is agony and despair.
Humans who torture oppressed sentient beings are beyond parasites.
They are the scum of the universe.
I hope when they die their souls are devoured by maggots.
Karma is watching you and your time will come.
Nobody gets off this planet alive.
You will be judged.

sherry s
sherry s11 months ago

Signed. SO sad that the human race cannot evolve. PLEASE evolve and act in a civilized manner - protect the animals entrusted to our care!

Carrie-Anne Brown

already signed but have shared on Facebook :) thanks for sharing

Waheeda S.
Waheeda E4 years ago

What is wrong with these people??!! Shameful and disgusting. Petition signed.

sharon stringer
sharon stringer4 years ago

This makes me sick to my stomach.Beautiful bears being treated like this? WHY ??

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright4 years ago

O.M.G. is there no end to the lengths that some scumbag, a$$hole, disgusting and vile people will go to these days to abuse, maim, torture and murder animals???? I'm with Ela V, I thought I had seen it all.......

Some days I shock myself with how much I hate people who can do this.

I will hope and pray for a follow up story from Care2 that this barbaric practice has been stopped and those responsible have been imprisoned, or better yet, died a horrible death. That is the only thing these evil people deserve.

Mariann Rannenberg

This is sad to think this is how they play?? What the hell is wrong with those people? I hope they get tied up and let the bears rip them up. That would be worth watching....

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo4 years ago

right now I feel like screeming out my anger, what did these animals to be misstreated like this? Who are we to make them live like that? And why are certain polulations so stupid and cruel? These poeple have such an old mentality, I hope things will change soon

Beatrice B.
Beatrice B.4 years ago

I feel like I'm going to be sick...It's taken me a 'few' minutes just to catch my breath...IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE that people can be like this!!! I won't be able to forget this anytime soon.

June J.
June J4 years ago

When the USA or any country like the EU giving Pakistan aid money, one condition of receipt of the aid money should be that the 1890 law to outlaw bear baiting must be strictly enforced, otherwise no money. That would force the Pakistanis to do something to stop it. This is a very cruel and unneccessary practice. It is sheer evil and it is wrong to hide behind the excuse of bear baiting being an accepted cultural practice. It is barbaric. The Pakistanis could turn the bears into a tourist enterprise by opening bear sanctuaries and indulge in eco tourism. Why don't they do that instead of killing the bears? They could make lots of Western tourist dollars. Sometimes people just don't think! Why can't people use their intelligence for good purposes instead of for greed and evil. We humans are so stupid at times.