Because I’m A Girl

Millions of girls born around the world face life-threatening disadvantages including malnutrition, lack of education, violence, and sexual abuse because they were born girls.  Plan, a group that works to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in developing countries has launched the “Because I’m A Girl” campaign to fight gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls out of poverty.

“Across the world, girls face the double discrimination of their gender and age, leaving them suffering at the bottom of the social ladder. Girls are denied access to health services and education, and also face extremely high levels of violence, abuse, and harassment.”

Here are some eye-opening statistics:

  • Sixty-two million girls are not in primary school
  • Over 900 million girls and women are living on less than a dollar a day
  • About 450 million women suffer from stunted growth as a result of being poorly fed in childhood
  • Teenage girls account for nearly half of victims of sexual assault worldwide.*
  • 68,000 teenage girls die from unsafe abortions every year
  • About 140 million girls have undergone female genital cutting and two million are subjected to it every year.
  • 62% more young women are living with HIV/AIDS than men
  • Two thirds of teenagers newly infected with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa are female*

Please watch the Because I’m A Girl video and sign the petition asking President Obama to support three simple actions that will change the lives of girls around the world:

  • Require birth registration, which will protect girls from early marriage, child labor, and enable them to vote and get jobs;
  • Ensure that girls benefit as much as boys from aid money given to education in developing countries; and
  • Help create a procedure that would enable girls and boys to voice complaints against their governments.

Sign the petition now!


Elsa A.
Elsa A5 years ago

I pledge as a grade 11 school teacher to educate my students on the reality facing millions of girls around the world. I consider myself and daughter so blessed for having been born in a country that grants us equality.
My heart and soul weep for the girls and women who suffer due to gender. I am filled with such sadness when I think of all they are forced to endure.

Assosa B.
Assosa B.6 years ago

i know first hand what millions of girls are going through around the world. i came from sudan when i was 11 years. i have face everything that millions of grown up wouldn't never face in their life. i went through life-threatening disadvantages including malnutrition, lack of education, violence, and sexual abuse because i was born a girl. My life is better here in Canada, but i still worry about those girl back in sudan that are still going through violence, sexual abuse and lack of education. if only i can help to make a different in their life:)

Marielle T.
Marielle T8 years ago

as a woman, we all know what it feels like the fact of been the ¨weak¨ one everywhere you go, feels the angry inside you everytime you are walking on the street when a man (the son of his fucking life) star screaming at you and tells you hey mama and stuff like that, this world of man doesnt know anything at all, doesnt feel anything at all , doesnt live with anything of all the stuff that a woman have to deal with, just for the fact that is a woman

Marion H.
Marion H8 years ago

Beba H., What you are describing is an ideal world. To reach
this world, it all has to start with EDUCATION for all, and every where on this planet.

Rezel F.
Rezel Fixel8 years ago

im so sad to hear this news. in this time women still got sexual violence and abuse. i hope the other can protect them for that problem. im totally agree if the president should take action faster.

Jennifer R.
Jennifer R8 years ago

Saying that women who stay in abusive relationships are rewarding their abuser is heaping more insults upon the victim. Why not instead create more safe houses? Statistics tell us that a woman is far more likely to be murdered if she leaves her abuser (even and especially if she files a restraining order) and really is only safe if she can successfully hide from him. Which is hard.

Jena M.
Jena Marshall8 years ago

It's a sad fact that women are treated less to nothing when there's a male around. It hurts to know and be apart of, but it's the way our sick world turns. There's always going to be sick, demented, power-hungry people who wish less for the less fortunate. The only thing is, is that those looking down on us now, will be frowning later! We're too strong! We know what right, everyone does, and I truely believe that. It's just a matter of finding it, sticking with it. Let's show America and other worlds that we care and love the women that birth us!!! Women do the things men REFUSE to do. Not to mention we have, YEAH, childbirthing, periods/cramps, AND later on in life Hotflashes. When men can do all that, I think all of earth would crumble! Let's save these future CEO's and respect unborn women. They deserve a chance like any other person, OR MAN.

Ferhan Mazher
Ferhan Mazher8 years ago


Beba H.
beba h8 years ago

I agree with the other comments and as a woman have suffered gender and age discrimination even here in Canada--I have never had children and feel as an intelligent woman it is wrong to further populate an already overpopulated earth!! I prefer to excel in work and break new ground and perhaps be able to open doors for other women empowering both myself and women in general--Women who are impoverished and have children are adding to the problems of this planet and adding to their own woes and should take responsibility and be accountable!! Also women who give away their power and stay in abusive relationships also teach men that is pays to be predatory and bullying and encouraging the uneven status quo!! That is why the world has been raped and pillaged which I think is symbolic of women who have given away their power!! To return to a world that is nurtured, it is women's responsibility as well as men's. Better to be alone than in an unequal relationship--too many women sell out!!Become a vegetarian, protect those who are weaker and have no voice, protect the earth,make conscious and intelligent choices, be a ground breaker for moving toward a future that is protecting and nurturing of the planet in a big picture way !! Women need to let go of old stereotypes of life revolving around children and family and create a new way of living,participating in decisions and contributing intelligently to solving world problems !! Let go of the past and become visionaries ladies !!!

Jennifer R.
Jennifer R8 years ago

One thing that really bothers me is all the slave trafficking of young people, especially young girls. It's already illegal, but obviously not enough is being done to stop it.