Bernie Sanders Not Voting for 2011 Budget, Rand Paul Wants to Filibuster

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, has made it clear that if the 2011 budget is going to pass, it’s going to have to do it without his vote.  Saunders, calling the budget “obscene,” laments that the the rich are profiting off of the backs of the poor.

“Today, in order to reduce deficits that Republicans helped create, they now are slashing programs of enormous importance to working families, the elderly, the sick and children,” Sanders said. “At a time when the gap between the very rich and everybody else is growing wider, this budget is Robin Hood in reverse. It takes from struggling working families and gives to multi-millionaires. This is obscene.”

Sanders isn’t the only no vote, although Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is thinking no for completely different reasons.  The Tea Party Republican believes the cuts aren’t deep enough, and is considering a symbolic filibuster of the bill to protest.

Paul, who said yesterday that he would vote against the agreement reached last Friday to cut $39.9 billion between now and September, acknowledged that he’s considering waging a filibuster, which would make it so that leaders need 60 votes to pass the deal and advance it to President Obama’s desk.

“Yes, but we haven’t really made a final decision on that yet,” Paul said on conservative talker Sean Hannity’s radio show. 

A filibuster would make it difficult for the Senate to pass the budget deal by midnight Friday, when the government’s spending measure expires.

Although a filibuster is unlikely to block the legislation permanently, it could muck up the works on the stopgap continuing resolution, allowing Paul a little leverage to push for his “balanced budget” proposal, a non-starter in Congress even with a Republican majority.


photo from Gage Skidmore


James D.
James D6 years ago

Love that Bernie! Sanders for President!

Vote Progressive!

Mildred D.
Mildred D6 years ago

Bernie Sanders is as good as it can get. He is consistent, fair, knows the difference between right or wrong and doesn't hesitate to speak up. Does anyone remember this?

Check it out. It makes me proud to be a Vermonter.

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way6 years ago

Oh, so Rand Paul is another puppet of Massey-figures. I will have to do some research on Sen. Bernie Sanders. Maybe there is one good man representing us instead of the rich. Sad to be surprised it is a possibility that there is actually one person working for our benefit. Doesn't say much for our government does it?

Dana R.
Dana R6 years ago

If there is any Senator or Representative in Washington who has it right it is Bernie Sanders. I can't afford to make political campaign contributions. However, I can affort even less not making contributions to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, so I have made modest contributions. There are those in Vermont who would like to remove Bernie Sanders from the senate in the upcomming elections. That must not occur.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

If the truth be known Rand Paul is probably as bad as WI Gov Walker, as crooked as a summer day is long.

Carmen n.
Carmen n6 years ago

Joan Earnshaw says
Apr 14, 2011 7:02 AM
I think it's time to say NO to publicity for all the members of the Party of NO plus NO publicity for the Tea Party who don't understand or know what the original Tea Party was about. With no publicity, they will have no affect.'... so you'd think, but they are sooooo good at doing heinous things behind closed doors... I think they'd prefer no publicity, so that makes me want to give them more. We need to know what they're up to, even if distorted by the press.

Al S.
Al s6 years ago

Though I'm a registered Dem like most care 2 folks, I have an Economic background, and urge you to look at the facts. Rand Paul has got it right. And he's the only politician I've observed who has had the courage (not Obama) to speak out and truly stick to his campaign promises on this issue.

Philip S.
Philip S6 years ago

Another one sided article from C2C, it doesn't mention all the money Rand wants to cut from the military budget and other areas of government.

Lisa Melhorn
Lisa Melhorn6 years ago

Bernie Sanders is a remarkable public sevant in a group of otherwise unremarkable ones. His history in the house and senate as well as his voting record sustain that. He should seriously consider a run at the presidency. I would proudly campaign on his behalf.

Karen E.
Karen E.6 years ago

We need more Bernie Sanders in Washington!!!!