Human Rights Day Wrapup: Best of the Human Rights Blogosphere

What did you do on International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10? As you may know, that day serendipitously marked the launch of this still-new Human Rights Cause Channel you’re currently reading. Welcome Care2 human rights activists—or activists to be!

This Human Rights Channel’s joining a vibrant community of human rights advocates in the blogosphere—who kept busy on Dec. 10 writing about the many pressing issues facing us today. Below are the best of the posts I enjoyed reading and learned from! Read on and click through to get the latest news and current issues, as well as to discover the must-read human rights blogs—besides this one, of course:

  • The Labor is Not a Commodity blog, written by a collective of organizations concerned with international labor rights issues, is a must-read for all human rights activists. On International Human Rights Day, Labor is Not a Commodity highlighted a new report, Working for Scrooge: 5 Worst Companies for the Right to Associate, a new, timely list from the International Labor Rights Forum that names and shames five companies that violate their workers’ rights to organize.
  • Relatedly, at the eco-food blog Ethicurean, Elanor stated the problem more bluntly: Global food companies suck. Why? Four of the five companies named in that “Working for Scrooge” list are food companies. “ILRF’s report paints a particularly gruesome picture of the threats that most food-system workers face when they try to organize,” writes Elanor, and gives us some examples of what she’s talking about. Read to the end of the post to find out how to help champion the rights of the farm workers who are affected by these less-than-ethical companies.
  • At BlogHer, Britt Bravo asks, “What Does Human Rights Mean to You?” Britt highlights five actions you can take to support human rights—then shares her own thoughts about, along with steps to take against, torture.

What are YOUR favorite human rights blogs? Share them in the comments, and I’ll put them on my daily reading list!


Lucien Beauley
Lucien B9 years ago

I truly believe that the key to any national health care system must be based upon individual "Disease Prevention" through nutrition and government/state funding of program that teaches the prevention of disease. Even director of WHO commented it could save trillions on a global basis. What would it do for the U.S. in these economic times? It doesn't take a rocket scientist just a lot of visionary planning, something most past administrations have not shown.