Beyond Bullets: Combating Gun Violence in NYC Schools (VIDEO)

Beyond Bullets is a media campaign by DCTV. The goal is to encourage nationwide discussion about gun violence and, ultimately, get more people involved in the effort to reduce the violence. The program reaches kids by the power of video and storytelling.

In this clip, the group visits the Bronx’s Kelly High School in Hunts Point — part of one of the poorest congressional districts in the nation. Beyond Bullets moderator, Ronald Merritt, is a former gang member. He tells students that if he can reform, they can reform. 

Photo Credit: Michael (mx5tx) Flickr/Creative Commons


Angelo F.
Angelo Frei7 years ago


Beng Kiat Low
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susan twentyeight
Past Member 7 years ago

i'm pro-individual-gun rights but thought this was an excellent presentation which, but for that one woman, wasn't blaming "the guns" and was appealing instead directly to those who are abusing them (and one another).

i didn't feel my defensive choices being threatened by this presentation at all, it was a toally grassroots communitarian appeal, as all social movements should be - shelve the social engineering and start the heavy lifting, like these peeps are doing.


Philippa P.
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Kendra R.
Kendra richards7 years ago

glad to see someone making a diff on this particular topic! SO PROUD! when I was 15 my best friend was shot and killed, i think there should be alot more talk about this and help with it, make people, kids, schools, parents, everyone more aware! Thank you!

Kaye Skinner
Kaye S7 years ago

I agree with you Skye

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

it`s a start, thanks for the article.

Steven Gray
Steven Gray7 years ago

A great attempt in a very troubled area. Gangs exist because kids are fooled into a sense of family that they do not have at home. We can thank our media for brainwashing with violence. It should not however prevent honest law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families.
The anti-gun groups seem to believe that if law abiding citizens are not allowed to buy guns that it will prevent criminals from getting guns. What a misguided pipedream that is. Criminals and terrorists alike don't get their guns legally to begin with.
Criminals will also think twice about attacking a person or a home when they know the intended victim is armed. Guns do not kill, it is the people who use guns who kill. I have a carry and conceal permit, I am a US Veteran and served my country to help keep our freedoms. I would not use my gun unless I was forced to do so. I am well trained and would not shoot to kill unless it was a kill or be killed situation.
As unemployment and inflation continue to rise there are more and more people who are likely to prey on those who cannot defend themselves. Think about that. Even where I live the average response time to any 911 call is 15-20 minutes. I sleep much easier knowing that my home and family is secure and in the vent of attack I have the means and the knowledge to protect my loved ones.

Colleen Maranda
Colleen B7 years ago

Over four decades I've seen the extraordinary level of guns in American film and television, compared with other nations. I constantly taught my children that what they saw on the screen was an especially dysfunctional version of society.

I agree with appealing directly to the children who've inherited a society that legally manufactures and sells guns, also glorifies them in entertainment. It's the same contradiction as teaching that violence is abhorrent on the playground but noble on the battleground...that God is Love but sometimes angry.

In other words, at a deep level school students will feel disrespected by the hypocrisy but it's still a valuable grassroots strategy that schools can pursue without waiting decades for formal approval.

Loo S.
Loo sam7 years ago

thanks for sharing.