Bike to Work, Better Your Life

By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of biking. Trading in your SUV for a two-wheeler cuts carbon, saves fuel and money and is generally better for your health. However, for many, this remains unattainable. Where does one park? How does one remain clean? Well, BikeStation is working to change all that. By providing a wide variety of services to commuters, this B Corporation is breaking barriers and making alternative modes of transportation possible.

Bikestation plans, designs and operates bike-transit centers with a full range of services. Secure parking, access to public transportation, showering facilities, shared-use bike rentals and repairs: there is no longer any reason not to bike to work. Refurbishing our transportation infrastructure, they have already had a huge impact on the planet, their community and individuals. One customer, after adopting a biking commute, lost 50 lbs, improved his mood and transformed his everyday interactions. It is the multitude of stories like this that make President and CEO Andrea White-Kjoss say, “I love what I’m doing and what we’re doing. It’s a wonderful place to be.”

Referred to B Lab back in 2008, Bikestation was issued a top score on our B Impact Assessment. Undergoing a multitude of internal changes, the timing was perfect to become a Certified B Corporation.  Since then, things have only improved. Loving the community and partnerships, Bikestation can now count itself among a group of companies that they want to do business with. 

The future is bright for Bikestation. There is new energy and support behind multi-mobility and alterna-transit. A call for their services has truly spread as commuters demand more options in transportation. Most excitedly, the business has just developed the pre-fab bike station. These fully-wired “stations in a box” can be dropped anywhere and offer parking and services immediately. Soon they will be everywhere. The US is way behind in enabling individual transport choices. Before it was cars or nothing. Now we are well on our way to a denser network of much needed alternatives. With it being Bike to Work Month, why would you hesitate to Better Know this B?

photo credit: bikestation
by Katie Kerr, B-Lab


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Thank you.

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josie batlles7 years ago

Thank you very much for sharing ..interesting article x I already do!

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Thanks for article

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it's truth, I agree :-)

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Fouad M7 years ago

Biking saves fuel, money and is better for our health !

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i think bikes also produce pollution

Wendy Gogins
Wendy Mesguich7 years ago

Biking may not be practical for everyone, but combinations of biking and other transportation can widen the possibilities. I live in a city that is easy to bike in, and sometimes go as far as a 1 hour ride [one way]. That's not so bad, considering that when I lived in Paris it took that long for my daughter to get to school on the subway [Metro]. I feel great.