Bin Laden “Home Videos” Released by US

US officials have released five clips from videos found in Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The videos are the first documents released to the public from among the computer files, CDs and other media found when a team of US Navy Seals killed Bin Laden early on Monday. According to an unnamed senior intelligence official, the videos suggest that Bin Laden was “deeply immersed in the propaganda efforts of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda” and remained at the center of its activities, says the New York Times.

The videos can be viewed via the website of the New York Times; clips can also be seen via You Tube.

In videos containing recorded messages to his followers, bin Laden appears with his beard dyed black “to make him appear younger.” Other videos, including one of him watching television, show him with a primarily white beard; the US official says that this suggests “bin Laden’s concern about his appearance suggested that he was intensely interested in the image he presented to his supporters.” Indeed the Abbottabad compound is, says the official, “command-and-control center for Al Qaeda, where the group not only plotted attacks but was also deeply involved in the operations of Qaeda lieutenants.”

Audio has been removed from the clips for security concerns. The Pentagon also says that the audio contains “a message to the United States,” according to the BBC.

MSNCB describes each video:

Video 1: A complete, unreleased message to the American people. U.S. intelligence said it was dated some time between October 9 to Nov. 5, 2010. Bin Laden is shown sitting down, dressed in a gold robe, his beard is dyed black and the background is blue. There is no audio but the official said bin Laden is giving his standard message of condemning U.S. policy and capitalism.

Video 2: Bin Laden is sitting on the floor watching a television with video of his own images playing. A video of bin Laden appears on the screen. Then the camera pans over to bin Laden sitting on the floor. He has a gray beard and a black hat on, and is wrapped in a blanket. He is holding the remote control and pointing it at the television, which is sitting on a small, simple wooden table.

Video 3: A practice video. He has a dyed black beard and a wooden background, which was described as an armoire. The official said they have concluded that the armoire in the video is the same one that was found on the compound. There is no date on the video.

Video 4: Another practice clip. He has a brown background and is wearing a white shirt with a T-shirt underneath. There is no date on this video.

Video 5: Another practice video. He is in front of a wrinkled sheet, wearing a gold covering or robe and white shirt. He is wearing a white hat and his beard is dyed black. There is no date on this video.

US officials released the videos as part of a continuing effort to set to rest doubts that it was indeed Bin Laden who was killed in the raid last Monday.

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Image from screenshot of a video by MARCO268 via YouTube.


bob m.
bob m6 years ago

Perverted form of
islamic fundamentalism? c'mon eh?...lighten up on the poor guy....they just found his porn stash and sides he don't care anyway...he's doin the slide in paradise with his girls..
Perverted form indeed...a comedian.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

Thanks there is a lot of Hate surounding this man which I understand.

Stacey S.
Stacey S6 years ago

Bin Laden dead??? Very hard to beleive, he is worth way too much alive. All too convenient, buried at sea, no photos(showing photos of Saddam, no problem), a mere distraction for Obama on the birth certificate issue, & our current gas prices. 1000ft from a military complex?? How dumb do you think we are?? This smells of lets get Obama re elected, he got Osama.

R. Joseph R.

Osama isnt dead; at least it doesnt make sense to kill him, he knows to much.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

I am glad he is gone. Now all we have to do is take care of Guadafi. Then these countries can take care of themselves. GREAT!!!

Deborah F.
Deborah F6 years ago

I would not want to see a photo of someone shot in the head. Too gruesome for me.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling duped by Obama saying Osama is dead and no you can't see the pictures. I want closer I don't want to be forced to "believe" our governments' word for it after countless other lies they shell out. The reasoning of it being "too graphic" I mean look at half the crud on public television not too mention the countless innocent people I saw gunned down by our military after the wikileaks videos were released. As someone who watched the tragedies of 9-11 happen in real time instead of on a TV set a picture of Bin Ladens' dead body wouldn't even compare to that scene. But what choice do we really have???? They already made the decision for us!

Stephen Greg
Jason T6 years ago

If only Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hamas followed him to the grave. I guess there will always be religious radicals. A look at history shows that's if it's not radical Muslims, it's radical Christians causing trouble. (Not like there isn't plenty of Christian terrorists out in the world today). Plenty of other religions have been responsible for a very significant amount of violence to.

Bin Laden's death is great as far as justice is concerned, but probably a relatively small victory in the fight against terrorism.

Mary Cotturo
Mary Cotturo6 years ago

I realize there will be people who believe OBL is dead and those who will be skeptical and question the veracity of President Obama. Personally, I believe he is at long last dead. Many people have been killed, both Christian and Muslim, since jihad was declared by OBL and his followers. All religions have radical extremes composed of followers who have lost sight the purpose of religion: Love thy neighbor as thyself or Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you or teachings to that effect. I really do not want to see any death pictures or home movies of OBL. He is dead and his perverted form of Islamic fundamentalism will hopefully soon be gone too. Until then we must still be vigilant.

Bob Stuart
Bob Stuart6 years ago

With so many people around who can't believe the official story about 9/11, why don't we see half the bin Laden stories questioning which decade he died in? He certainly seems to have been a CIA asset in life, in death, and now in "official death."