Blacklisted Canadian Artist Becoming Mosquito in Government’s Ears


You just can’t keep a good woman down, at least not permanently. Canadian artist Franke James was invited to tour Europe to inspire youth with her approach to climate change art. (See Harper Government Trying to Silence Canadian Artist.) In a move reminiscent of the quote often attributed (probably incorrectly) to Queen Victoria, the Canadian government was not amused.

With pressure heavy on her Croatian sponsor and embassies backing away as if she were contagious, Franke ended up canceling the tour. Anyone with less backbone might have quietly tucked her tail between her legs and slunk back to the studio.

Franke is made of sterner stuff. She has the kind of integrity and grit that are needed to fend off threats to democracy. So she has teamed up with LoudSauce to take her environmental message to Ottawa. Her canvas will be billboards and bus shelters in the nation’s capital.

As a new member of “The Harper Blacklisted Club,” she joins other artists and scientists [see Harper's Humiliating Muzzle on Scientists] whose work has incurred the Conservative government’s displeasure. Fortunately, now there is another way to let the government know they are not the only ones displeased. We can sign the petition below and donate whatever we can to fund the billboard and bus-shelter messages.

Let’s help Franke James be the mosquito buzzing in the government’s ears.

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Photo credit: Franke James, used by permission


Barbara R.
Barbara Resendes6 years ago

'Government' never should have been anything more than a tool for the benefit of the people. Why have we allowed it all-power over us? We fell asleep long ago. Who does control the governments all over the world if we-the-people don't? Think on that one for a while.......
The strength of a country is not it's government, or in it's money, or in it's military. The strength of a country is in it's individual thinking people who ensure their voices are heard.

Carolyn B.
Carolyn R6 years ago

Great work Franke!!! Stay strong! Hail to those who DO - those who make significant art, those who learn & strive to learn more & share the knowledge they gain, those who care and see and speak up - these are heroes & heroines, Hail to them! Luck, Strength & Joy to them!

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley6 years ago

This is happening in Canada? Harper's government shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. That's the trouble with a lot of these conservative governments. It's their way or no way. Obviously they're too afraid of the message... some bigots are always afraid of the truth.

mercedes g.
mercedes Gallego6 years ago

cannot believe the goverment of a progressive society like canada would blacklist any artist or scientist, is this a government or a dictatorship?

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago


Shalvah Landy
Past Member 6 years ago

My reaction to this is just like Jackie D.

Cleveland S.
Wiebe S6 years ago

@Robert O., you would have been a very happy communist in the eighties in Russia or in Cuba. I bet you're very good at doing as you're told without further thinking. Your ignorance is scary. Any dictator would love his people to be like you.
In a true free society there is no such thing as a government blacklist.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Hi Franke, nice to see the headliner here.

John R.
John R6 years ago

We must protest every Government affront to our freedoms and rights, whenever, however

Bridget M.
Past Member 6 years ago

The stench of censorship in Canada. The Western world is in a downward spiral.