Blackwater Founder: Murderer?

Two former employees of Blackwater – the notorious military mercenary corporation, now known as XE – have filed sworn statements in federal court making shocking allegations. One of the most explosive allegations is that Erik Prince, founder and former CEO of Blackwater, murdered or facilitated the murder of people who were cooperating in a federal investigation of the company.

I urge everyone to read Jeremy Scahill’s report in The Nation that broke the story, and listen to Amy Goodman’s interview with Scahill on the August 5th Democracy Now for more details on this critical story.

These allegations are too disturbing to ignore. In addition to murder, these sworn statements allege:

  • Blackwater executives destroyed incriminating emails, documents and videos;
  • Blackwater management threatened potential whistleblowers with violence and death;
  • Blackwater smuggled illegal and unlawful weapons into Iraq – sometimes in then CEO Prince’s private planes, sometimes in dogfood bags, using Blackwater’s canine division as cover for this crime; and
  • CEO Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.”

The Iraqi government banned Blackwater from Iraq in January of this year, due to its violence toward Iraqis and repeated criminal acts. Yet the U.S. State Department still has other contracts with this company. Why?

Taxpayer money should no longer go to Blackwater. Sign the petition to demand an immediate end to all contracts with Blackwater, a Congressional investigation into these new explosive allegations, and legislation to ban the use of mercenary companies like Blackwater altogether.  It’s right here.

You can read the sworn statements for yourself, as well. Read the statements from John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 – both men requested anonymity out of fear for their safety in bringing forward these allegations.


Gary Doyle
Gary Doyle9 years ago

A Million of Iraq citizens have been killed and what good has this done The target was the tallibon? (trained by us in Afgan war with Russia) They used car bombs we busted down the doors of private homes and killed the innocent. Why not eliminate the traffic causing car bombs

Barbara L.
Barbara Lopko9 years ago

The frightening thing to me regarding Eric Prince, is that there are over 50,000 trained troops at his disposal. His training compound is very close to DC. What is there to stop him if he decides to march North? Nothing. I read a lot about the military agreeing with him. Certainly they leave and join his Crusade. This is a dangerous person. Very Rich. Very powerful, and a devil we do not know. He has perpetrated horrible atrocities in our name. He should be brought to account.

Gloria F.
Gloria F.9 years ago

Wonder whether A/G Holder will investigate these criminals who were sent to Iraq to supposedly as additional security. No one should be surprised, given the reports of their hooliganism and criminal behavior. And we wonder why the Iraqis hate America. These hoodlums and murderers should be brought to justice.

Catherine N.
Catherine N.9 years ago

What many people do not realize; is that Blackwater, hired by the Bush administration to fight terrorism with a band of mercenaries, paid these mercenaries more money, they were more protected, had better accommodations and offered far better medical care than our U.S. soldiers. Along with this very expensive company that received a contract for the war in Iraq was Halliburton, and the big Pharms. Let us not forget the banks, because one way or another the banks have to be in on the deal. We allowed them to suck this country dry from all ends of the continent and then slip away without a scrap.

Thomas S.
9 years ago

Frightening, but no surprise. Wonder why Iraqis refer to our war as a crusade?

Carol H.
Past Member 9 years ago

Nothing surprises me at all anything that is so secretive there are so many things that are hidden I really don't want to know because I will get angrier than I am already.
The thing is now we have to handle these kind of things if true NOW waiting is not a good idea at all but there has to absolute truth because if these are lies it will only get worse and that is a fact.

Genevieve H.
Genevieve H9 years ago

This is not surprising at all, I'm afraid. And to think that the Republican Administration is responsible for hiring such people, should not that be enough to incriminate them as well ? I think so.

Ahmad S.
Ahmad S9 years ago

Day after day, we find out the crime in Iraq &Afghanistan done by ex-president George W. Bush is more horrible and destuctive than Hiroshima & Nagazaki as they destroyed the nation moralities and respect plus poeple and civilization

Ray Ables
Past Member 9 years ago

Not surprising at all really. The allegations also include knowingly allowing underage girls to perform oral sex on Blackwater employees in Iraq for a dollar/ea.

I can hardly wait for the day they will trot Bush and Cheney out to stand trial. This Blackwater thing is just a drop in the bucket. Please sign the petition to support H.R.104 to create a Commission to investigate Bush's policies. It's time to hold them accountable.

Omar K.
Omar K.9 years ago

Another extremist Bush crony.....(sigh). If anyone wonders why Muslims might hate Americans & might consider more terrorist attacks, look no further than the former Bush administration. They must ALL be indicted for war crimes.