Boehner Urging For Lame Duck Showdown

Remember that fantastic month back in 2010 where Congress reached a literal standstill, which Republicans blocked every piece of legislation proposed because they wanted to hold off until after their new majority was voted into the House?  You know, right after months of refusing to allow any new legislation to be proposed until after the election, so they wouldn’t be forced to pass laws they didn’t like, even if a majority approved them?

That time that Republicans held hostage unemployment benefit extensions that thousands of Americans relied on to put food on the table and hopefully not lose their homes, in order to extend the Bush era tax breaks for the richest of Americans?

Hope you enjoyed that, because here we go again.

Speaker of The House John Boehner is threatening to once more stoke a debt ceiling battle after the 2012 election is over, proposing that the lame duck session would be a great time to play chicken, since there will be no political consequences — especially for him.  Via Talking Points Memo, “’Previous Congresses have encountered lesser precipices with lower stakes, and made a beeline for the closest lame-duck escape hatch,’ Boehner will note. ‘Let me put your mind at ease. This Congress will not follow that path, not if I have anything to do with it….. This is the last position in government I will hold.’”

So what does Boehner want in exchange for a debt ceiling vote?  The permanent implementation of the Bush era tax cuts for the richest Americans.  Because when you are trying to limit the amount of debt a country has, the best way to do it is to permanently eliminate billions of dollars of tax revenue.

There’s only one problem with Boehner’s plan.  The country likely won’t hit the debt ceiling until after the first of the year, making his manufactured crisis deadline too late to play in the lame duck.

By then, Boehner may have lost his speakership all together, and the Republicans their House majority.


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Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

We all know what happens to Company Towns.

William and Kat Dresbach

Dan B. said it all!! I feel sorry for all the Women Boehner has in his family, his Wife, Mother Daughter, Sister! Gives None any Respect or Equality!

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M5 years ago

Bohner is just plain LAME.

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

Boehner and his fellow corporate puppets will never willingly stop trying to destroy the US in their pursuit of pleasuring their CEO masters. The only viable way to stop them is to vote them out of office and reduce their numbers to an inconsequential amount. But as long as this country has an over abundance of hateful, gullible and willfully ignorant potential Republican voters, this will never happen and the sane and decent among us will continue to be dragged down along with them into the fascist cesspool.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, untrustworthy, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, anti-environment, anti-health, anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-education, anti-99%, union busting, Medicare mashing and Social Security slashing, fiscally irresponsible, misleading, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, out-of-touch, dishonest, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans.

P B.
P B5 years ago

It is truly deeply astounding that one political party has been so brazenly unpatriotic poor sports that they're working seditiously at every level of government to basically turn the U.S. into one giant company town like something in a Faulkner novel. Although there are factions in their party willing to skip Faulkner and roll it back to Dickensian economics with Hawthorne morality.

So Boehner wants to go out in a metaphoric hail of gunfire? What a self-loathing narcissist.

Maryann B.

I say that the only terrorist groip that I fear is the republican party. They are doing more to bring down this country than any other group I know.

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady5 years ago

You hit the nail on the head Marianne. I wish I could send you another star this week.

JACK DOYLE5 years ago

The misleader needs urging to remember what the last"showdown cost the US (US SUCKERS)because he could not control his misfit kindergarten class..
S & P is still watching.
Maybe the Peeparty should pass the hat?

Palmer S.
P. S5 years ago

Can you join me with this statement, " I never have and never will vote for ANY repugnican"!