Botox Mom Loses Custody of Daughter, Investigation Launched

Do you remember Kerry Campbell, the mother who proudly gifted her daughter Britney with botox injections for her eighth birthday last year?

It turns out the botox injections are a regular part of the child’s rigorous beauty routine which also includes waxing. The media exploded when the news hit and the mother-daughter pair even appeared on ABC for an interview.

Latest reports reveal that the mother has lost custody of her daughter and that San Francisco Human Services Agency has launched an investigation into the mother’s actions.

Campbell has defended her use of botox on her daughter and says she does not believe she is endangering her health. However, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of botox on children for cosmetic purposes.

ABC News’ chief health and medical editor, Dr. Richard Besser says, “As a doctor, if I’d seen this mother, I would be required to report her to protective services because it’s maltreatment … Any doctor who would give a parent botox to administer to their children should lose their license … there’s not a state where you don’t need to be a licensed doctor or under direct supervision of a doctor to inject this,” Besser said.

Campbell, however, has admitted to injecting her daughter with botox herself.

In addition to the health consequences Britney may face because of her mother’s action, there is also the emotional damage that can be inflicted by the clear message Campbell is sending her daughter by focusing on her physical appearance so heavily.

Logan Levkoff, author of “Third Base Ain’t What it Used to Be: What Your Kids are Learning About Sex Today and How to Teach Them to be Sexually Healthy Adults,” explains this dynamic saying:

“It’s sending a terrible message that her worth and her success in life is measured by her face and her looks. The mother/daughter relationship is so fraught and complicated to begin with. How does this girl grow up knowing that she’s going to constantly seek approval based on this one thing and these unobtainable goals?”

There is already so much pressure for girls to be thin and beautiful, do we really have to add Botox at 8 years old to the mix?

What we need to be doing is building up our girls’ self-esteem so they worry less about their appearance and focus instead on their character and goals.

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June Bostock
June Bostock4 years ago

Children should be allowed to be children. Not mini adults.

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

this is insane, it's good she lost custody.

Janine H.
Janine H6 years ago

Good news that the child is save now. Hopefully the child finds a good home (relatives?), where is a lovely family.

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

are we really that shallow????

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Weather or not this story is true, it is sad either way. Mothers who make up stories aswell as those who kid around online by posting "fake" for-sale ads on Ebay where the objects are thier own children, it is something that really upsets me. When will people stop using their children as property to do whatever they want with? When will parents realize they only borrow their kids and in that time have the obligation to raise them properly with food, love, empathy and a humane view of the world?

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

I Googled it. It's all online. Yes, the daughter was removed from the home after this broke on the news, but right after that, the other side was revealed. Apparently, she was paid $200 to go on TV and make up that story.

Betsy M.
Betsy M6 years ago

@Diane L. From what I read here and elsewhere, parts of the story are in question. Nothing is proven. That the child was removed from her home seems to be quite true. AmIright? Not sure the Mom lied about anything, do you have links?

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Nina, this story has been proven to be unfactual, and the Mom lied about the entire thing for publicity, according to all the sources. I'm surprised Care.2 hasn't yanked this discussion by now.

Nina L.
Nina L6 years ago

I don't know what is more damaging Botox or losing her mum.

I think this side should not be an exchange of judgements because this is just futile ... but an exchange in ideas how we can understand people better and supporting each other in understanding how our societies create these things. Everybody is a product from its environment (parents, relatives, teachers and other people) ... and when we judge we separate us from the "others", which are part of us..... understanding is then very difficult.

Instead of giving the mother a new understanding about beauty and what a child really needs, the child is taken away .... what a solution ..... This is for sure not in the interest of the child, who does not understand really what is going on.

Besides this: To give the government power over us and our children is not healthy way for the whole society.

Betsy M.
Betsy M6 years ago

The world is not a safe place for our daughters.