BP Oilpocalypse: An Underwater Look at the Gulf Spill (Video)

In this video, Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of Jacques Cousteau, and Good Morning America’s Greg Champion grab a camera and their wet suits and dive into the mess of dispersed oil floating beneath the waves in the Gulf of Mexico. 

See the oil spill as you never have before: 

photo credit: diverkroner2000


Inez Deborah Altar

Just horrible and my e-mail is so full I have no time to look at the video

Starla Mackey
Starla Mackey7 years ago

If you live in the Mobile, Alabama area:

Event: BP Protest Rally
Start Time: Sunday, June 13 at 6:00am
End Time: Sunday, June 13 at 8:00pm
Where: Bienville Square Mobile Al
Bienville Square, June 13, one week from Sunday. 6 a.m. to dusk. No alcohol in the square. If we can get bands, Power has been paid for from noon til 4:00 for those that would like to have their bands heard. It's 15.00 dollar after (band will have to paid the extra) . Bring banners, signs, street puppets and mostly, yourselves! Pass the word!

If you do NOT live in the area.. Pray..Stay in a state of Pray for the day.. If you are pagan.. Prayer and candles.. Thank you

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat7 years ago

Thanks for sharing

jennifer w.
jennifer w.7 years ago

I've heard people complain that the corn crops to grow the flex fuel is ruining the soil, but that seems like nothing compared to what's happening because of oil spills.

Alexandros P.
Alexandros P.7 years ago

BOYCOTT BP products worldwide NOW! The exploitation and money making mentality has reached its limits! BP only "fears" that this "supergau" may cost them a years profit and they try to limit the costs of this "unpleasant" event. So here again they only count and think in numbers. They don't care about anything in the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere else in this world in the slightest but only see their profit! So, BOCOTT BP NOW, and think also about doing the same with other big brands like SHELL that do not differ a bit! At the same time get into ACTION and use much lesser your cars and anything that needs oil as basis. Use biofuels if you have to use your car. If YOU DO NOT TAKE ACTION who do think will?
LOVE and Blessings to everybody
alexandros pfaff

Gwendolyn Krupa
Gwendolyn Krupa7 years ago

deadly serious disaster! Thanks for this post. Someone should start a boycott on BP gasoline. Personally, I am not using it at all. On a recent trip from MI to Iowa we waited longer to gas up when BP was all available at an exit.

Lucio C.
Lucio C.7 years ago

The fines should affect BP where it hurts corporate profits so that the market value of BP shares will go to near zero!!!

Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong7 years ago

Hit polluters where it hurts...massive pollution deserves massive fines which are imposed and increased daily until the offending company resolves the problem...at this rate BP would cease to exist...a big win for the environment and common sense.

Jaime S.
Jaime S.7 years ago

It will take time but I think it will hopefully recover.

Dianna Mcallister

more than 40 days now and each time a new plan comes up to try and stop this horror all we can do is push as best we can for more brain, technical, mechanical help. it leaves me wanting so badly to be able to something. peoples' lives, marine life,wetlands etc being destroyed rapidly. for those that are responding with aid thankyou. for those you that can help PLEASE DO.