BP Refuses Help From Marine Conservation Experts As Oil Reaches The Florida Keys

It has been almost a month since an offshore drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people, injuring others, and creating an undersea volcano of oil that is still spilling into the water.

Following several failed attempts to cap the well, BP proudly announced that it has managed to install a mile-long tube that is now sucking up about 2,000 barrels a day out of the estimated 5,000 barrel-a-day spill.

Way to save the oil, boys.

But what about the ocean? And the fish, seabirds, dolphins, and countless other species that are suffering and dying every second this spill continues?

Led by longtime ocean activist Peter Jay Brown, The Blue Seals – a rapid-response team of marine conservation experts – are on a mission to intervene in the oil spill disaster and to document this environmental catastrophe on behalf of the wildlife.

Unfortunately, Blue Seal’s efforts to record the spill’s effects on the fragile coastal habitats of marine birds and other animals have been hampered by a virtual “oil curtain” administered by BP and governmental officials who, under the pretext of safety concerns, are limiting access to the areas affected by the spill. 

“Our services were rejected as expected,” said Brown from Venice, Louisiana. “It is obvious that BP does not want pictures of dead animals. BP has been very successful so far in controlling the story. Government officials and the bird group do their best to talk privately, and when they return at night, it is all very secretive.”

This gag order is likely to become even more pronounced now that the Coast Guard is reporting that oily tar balls (3-to-8 inches in diameter) have been found off Key West, Fla.

Scientists are worried that some of the 5 million gallons of oil spilled so far is getting caught in a major ocean current that could carry it through the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.


Find full Care2 Coverage of the Spill here.

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Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons - IBRRC


Carolyn Smith
Cally Smith6 years ago

BP can rot in hell for what they get away with. Conservationists should be some of the first on the scene.

Sarah Battle
Sarah Battle8 years ago

It sickens me to think that this is happening. I want to raise my children the way I was raised- with the same traditions that me and my sisters enjoyed. That includes going to the beautiful beaches in Florida on the Gulf. I cringe when I think of the enormity of this situation and the secrectivity which with it is being handled. I cry when I think of what this is doing to the people of the gulf region, this country, wildlife, marine life and to our economy. Anyone that wishes to volunteer to save wildlife or to cleanup, should be allowed to do so. When are we going to start thinking about the consequences of these types of things before an actual disaster happens?

Margie Hoag
Margie Hoag8 years ago

Please let the people that know about this type of environmental problem help out! Who better to know what to do and how!

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago


pj dickenson
pj dickenson8 years ago

All I hear when the President or the "experts" commenting on the oil spill anymore is,"Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah"....

Inez Deborah Altar

Such secretive know-alls unfortunately spell disaster

Katie R.
Katie R8 years ago

BP cleaning up their own mess. What a joke...no wonder they are failing! They obviously never thought this would happen or they would have known the solution before this problem ever occurred. Letting them be in "charge" is like allowing the punished child back into the kitchen to watch the cookie jar. Makes no sense at all and they are failing in every manner. Time to push these bozos aside and let experts intervene. BP is singlehandedly poisoning our water and eco system. How much longer will we just standby and watch?

Evan M.
Evan Medvec8 years ago

come on we offer you some Real help and some real solutions and you don't take them you wont even listen when we say stop using toxic chemicals to clean it up ugh BP you people Frustrate me!!

Karilyn K.
Karilyn K8 years ago

the fact they they do not want HELP in cleaning up THEIR horrible mess makes me completely convinced that they are irresponsible and should be closed down and bankrupt.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons8 years ago

The reason for PB to do this is very clear to me. They do not want any expert witnesses to see the devastation they have caused because there are surely going to be massive lawsuits to follow. So they are covering up as much as they can.