Break the Silence on Sexual Assault: IDidNotReport Twitter Hashtag

Trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual assault, abuse, or harassment.

Today on twitter I came across an interesting hashtag called #IDidNotReport.

The hashtag has encouraged women to break their silence and share stories of sexual assault, abuse and harassment and why they may or may not have reported their experiences.

The responses have been overwhelming from words of encouragement and understanding, to solidarity, and a shared experience of frustration over why so many women and men don’t report, particularly fears of victim-blaming.

Here are some of the responses that struck me most:

Jara Mae Because I was made to believe that I was exactly what the experience made me feel: powerless

Ohoud Saad because I’m taught that it’s my fault if I get harassed. I’m the one who is provocative. He’s the one who is innocent.

Rosa I’ve experienced several different types of sexual assault, sadly #IDidNotReport them, mainly for fear of being interrogated & not believed

Andrea Issa #IDidNotReport & neither did any other women I know. We know we would be blamed, shamed

Chris Jonasson My friends chose to not react, to continue hanging out with him even though I told them. #IDidNotReport out of fear of losing my friends.

The men and women sharing their stories on twitter with the #IDidNotReport hashtag are extremely courageous. I hope that by breaking the silence and finding a shared experience these brave men and women can find some solace and encourage others to speak up for themselves in the future.

What do you think about the #IDidNotReport hashtag? Do you think it will encourage women to report in the future?


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Catherine M.
Catherine M.6 years ago

Sexual asault is NEVER our fault. Take back your power! Live a full and joyous 2013! Light and love, Caylin
Oh and they always call you a liar, this is where the guilt of not being believed and thinking that you somehow caused it is NOT TRUE! I LOVE YOU ALL! Caylin

Rebekah M.
Rebekah M.6 years ago

Did not report- blamed myself until I learned otherwise (rape doesn't only happen in dark alleyways by strangers- who knew?). Was silent for over 11 years, but I refuse to be silent anymore.

Roseanne S.

My reflection for you all.
Learning of Love -
I want you to know that you are loved, that you belong in Love, not abuse. This Love is the the Love you were created in, the Love your whole being reflects, longs for - the Love we were all created in, the Love we and all creation are held in, every day, every moment in life.

It is the Love, that holds your heart when it breaks into a million pieces and it is the Love that will mend it. Allow this Love to live in your heart, in spite of the violence, abuse and pain. Then the ugliness can never touch the beauty of who you are, it can never destroy or take from you, the loveliness, the wonder, the Love.

This Love is like a spring that rises up inside you, to soothe, to heal the brokenness that cries out from within. To experience love, to know love, is to experience the pain, to grow through the pain, to become alive. It is Life in the midst of death - The Cross.

Only in Love can forgiveness exist, can healing be possible, can peace flow like a river, to bring life to all - victim, abuser, family, creation.
This Love we choose, we give, we share, we become, family. This Love, this Life, this God.

Roseanne S.

We work around things, it's not easy. I have my moments! Things are better, I think most people are realising about the lies now. My ex husband doesn't behave as he did. I see my friend, the Priest, every now and then. He works far away from where I live. To me he is the most wonderful man in the world, because of whet he did to help me! His cousin, also a Priest, was very kind to me too. I will be forever grateful to them.
There are many great men out their who will stand up for us. So find someone you can trust, man or woman, who believes you and in you. You can heal too. It is a life journey. The most terrible hurts can become your shining jewels. Know that you deserve the very best. You are survivors - the bravest of the brave! - see the beauty within you that nothing can ever destroy!
Most of all, be loved! Live in the Light of Love. Blessings to you!

Roseanne S.

It was because I stood up for ALL the babies to be included, you see, the aborted ones as well.
I found someone to trust. He was a Catholic Priest. If it weren't for him, I think I would be dead!.He was so very kind and sensitive to me. He believed me! He cared. He even drove me to the hospital for my operation. He prayed with me for healing and helped me know that abuse was not my fault. He helped me to know that God didn't see things the way my father had told me He did. He helped me to know God loved me. That I deserved to be treated with dignity and respect.He was a safe man for me. It was so wonderful to know, to be friends.
My ex husband made up lies about him too. Tried to make out I had an affair with him - I didn't! It was so cruel. People tried to put the lies on me thinking it was true.

It has taken a long time to heal from all of it! To have justice through the courts would have been impossible for me! I did get a protection order. I chose the only justice I knew, I chose to heal. I chose to not allow it, to make me be what they had done to me. Their actions didn't get to define me, in the person I choose to be.My friend helped me to see myself as being beautiful. I still have my struggles of course. I call my healing journey, "Daybreak."
Now I am about to start a nursing job again. My children are at university and on a farm .
They know the truth and I think more people are realising! My family are in my life again, still in denial, but we work around i

Roseanne S.

It took years before I found anyone I could trust. I had always known about an uncle when I was about 2yrs old, Seemingly I told my Mum. who kept me away from him.
What I hadn't remembered was the abuse my father and another uncle had also done to me,
One of these memories surfaced during an abusive marriage.
He used the abuses I suffered to torment and further abuse me.

One of the worst days of my life was when I realised my father had abused my young son!
I unknowingly had out him to sleep in the cot, in the room my father was sleeping.
I confronted him about the abuse, he denied, told the rest of the family - the result?
My family abandoned me for 10yrs! I empathise with Catherine, it is very painful!

In the meantime, I stood up to my husband in his abuse of me - he injured me severely!
I had neurological surgery, otherwise they said I could end up paralysed!
I was left on narcotic medications, told I had to be on them, by a doctor, along with other pills.
This made me very ill and I nearly died.

I wasn't believed about the second abuse memories and people were laughing at me being afraid of my ex husband - I was terrified! He made up lies about me that were added to by others. People were believing I had affairs and had an abortion. The truth was that my ex husband had raped and abused me. I had a miscarriage, not an abortion. the baby was my husband's! they used a project I was working on for children who died before birth against me.
I stood up for i

Idaya Nafiu
Idaya Nafiu6 years ago

Society has yet to belive or recognize people who are being controlled mentally with WMD's like Directed Energy Beams/Radio-Frequency, which are being used to rape and torcher victims world-wide. We are forced to commit suicide due to being falsely diagnosed with severe mental health problems. Used to silence their victims, and their voices are never heard. I ask that people arm themselves with knowledge on these forms of weapons of mass destruction.

Adilene W.
Roger W6 years ago

When you are a victim of something horrible like rape or molestation it takes a toll on your mind. I know someone that was raped by her father and she turned to drugs to "stop her brain from thinking". I blame society on the way it portrays women being abused. It's always the woman's fault! Maybe not in today's society, but it's still there. Sad that some people side with the predator instead of the victim.

Allison Robertson

I don't think it will encourage people to report, unfortunately, but the sharing may help.

I did eventually seek professional help for my traumas and although it took a long time, about 7 years, I have finally turned a corner and am feeling much better about life and about myself.

So, for all of those affected by abuse or other traumas please don't give up, there is hope x

s. ryan
p. q6 years ago