BREAKING: 50 Flu Deaths In Britain

The number of people in Britain who have died from flu has risen to 50, according to reports from the British Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Of these, 45 have died of swine flu, and five of another strain, flu type B.

This time, most of the deaths have occurred in children and young adults, with five cases in the under-fives and eight in youngsters aged five to fourteen.

Surgeries Canceled To Make Way For Flu Victims

From The Guardian:

More than 700 infected people were in intensive care and high-dependency hospital beds at last count.

Hospitals are being told to cancel operations to make way for the most seriously ill flu patients.

The NHS is preparing to expand the number of beds available for a highly specialised treatment that is often seen as a last resort. Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) helps patients whose lungs or heart are not working normally and uses an artificial lung to oxygenate blood outside the body.

Shortage Of Flu Vaccine

With reports from around Britain that doctors are running out of flu vaccine stocks, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the government was considering using leftover vaccine from the 2009 swine flu pandemic, even though this year’s outbreak is slightly different.

Cameron issued this testy comment: “GPs are responsible for ordering flu vaccine, which they did this year and ordered very large stocks. Clearly they are being used up and in some places, yes there have been some shortages.”

Too Late To Make More Vaccine For This Season

Not a good omen for those suffering from the flu; since it takes six months to produce the vaccine, it’s too late to make more for this season.

With London’s Heathrow airport often claimed to be the busiest in the world, is it possible that we will see the spread of swine flu to other countries once again?


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Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

Flu shots don't work people. Everyone I know who's had a flu shot gets the flu!! I've never had one, never had the flu. Wash your hands with REGULAR soap and warm water. Do some research and you'll see that the flu shot is very ineffective. People get very sick and even die from the vaccine! It's your right to be informed!

Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell7 years ago

I had the vaccine & still got it!! Probably not as bad as it may have been without the vaccine though. These statistics do not account for the people (myself included) who do not go & see the GP when they get flu. Most people in the UK do not see the GP because there is no treatment other than bedrest & paracetamol etc..

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


Michelle M.
Michelle M7 years ago

how horrible!

Maria S.
Maria S7 years ago

D-vitamin is better !
Thank you !

Nancy S.
Nancy S7 years ago


Fadia C.
Fadia C7 years ago

let's hope it will not spread.

Diana Prins
Past Member 7 years ago

my 5 cent worth of wisdom .. . . I haven' vaccined my son except for TB and Polio!!! Rest all homeopathic. Let the body please learn again to heal itself. it is a flu for heavens sake!!!!
Further I believe (no I am not with WikiLeak) that lost of vaccines are here to control . . . this is just a thought . . .

Barbara S.

Nowhere in the article does it mention if the people (any of them) had obtained flu vaccinations.

I had my own shot in October, and I was ill for 8 weeks thereafter. My arm is STILL sore at the injection site, even though the shot didn't hurt at all at the time it was administered.

I wonder if some people can actually get sick and die from complications related to the vaccines.

Kha Bliss
Past Member 7 years ago

Pandemic? Eat your oranges!