Breaking – Federal Court Blocks Parts Of Alabama’s Immigration Law


A federal appeals court has today blocked enforcement of parts of Alabama’s controversial immigration law.

The injunction was issued from the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta, responding to a request from the U.S. Justice Department, along with  a coalition of immigrant rights groups, that the legislation be put on hold until the larger constitutional questions could be addressed.

The Obama administration says the Constitution does not permit states to deter illegal immigration, saying an issue with foreign policy implications is the exclusive mandate of the federal government.

Among the new provisions: state officials will no longer be able to check the immigration status of students in public schools, and “willful failure to complete or carry an alien registration card” will no longer be a misdemeanor for immigrants.

This is at least a start to undermining this cruel law that seeks to demonize immigrants.

October 6 – Latino Families Fleeing Alabama In Droves

As Care2′s Mhaire Fraser wrote here, it is now legal to racially profile in Alabama: law enforcement officials in the state have the right to question and detain anyone they suspect may be an undocumented immigrant.

In addition, K-12 institutions are required to track the immigration status of their students, even though federal law requires public schools to educate undocumented children.

And so the fear was that Hispanic parents would keep their kids home, rather than sending them to school.

Latino Kids Not Sitting At Home, But Leaving The State

Scores of immigrant children have indeed not shown up at their Alabama schools this week, but they’re not sitting at home. Instead, Latino parents are leaving the state in droves, and they are taking their children with them.  These are parents who are afraid to live in Alabama and don’t want to get pulled over while driving, or detained for some other reason. So they are leaving the state.

Parents are also afraid about what would happen to their children if they got arrested or detained without bail while their children were at school.

669 Hispanic Students Are No-Shows

From Here & Now:

669 Hispanic students in Baldwin County did not show up at school Monday. At Foley Elementary, the Hispanic student population is vanishing.

When enforcement of Alabama’s new immigration law began last Thursday, Hispanics students were school no-shows. Since then, 20 Hispanic students at Foley Elementary are no longer enrolled. As many as 30 more could withdraw from school by the end of the week.

School principal Dr. Bill Lawrence says many Hispanic parents don’t understand the law and are afraid they might be detained or deported. Lawrence tells News 5 many families are leaving Alabama and moving to “safe-haven” states like Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Lawrence says most of his 223 Hispanic students were born in the U-S and have grown up in Baldwin County.

Schools Trying To Reassure Latino Families

Meanwhile, local and state officials are pleading with immigrant families to keep their children enrolled. The law does not ban anyone from school, they say, and neither students nor parents will be arrested for trying to get an education.

Schools, too, have been trying to get the message out that they are safe places to be. The law “only” requires that schools get the birth certificates or other proof of citizenship from new students enrolled in Alabama schools after September 29, not from other students.

The Obama administration filed court documents last week announcing its plans to appeal the ruling that upheld the law.

Welcome to America, now go home, seems to be the message. This is an ugly ruling, and it needs to be overturned.


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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you for article.

Jason Shepard
Past Member 6 years ago

@Elizabeth K.: Actually, you did make a claim here:

"now that Alabama was found to be breaking the law"

You have made this claim numerous times. As this case is still in the appeals process, you cannot support this claim with reliable information as the original verdict that overruled CERTAIN PARTS of the law may be overturned when the Supreme Court examines Arizona's similar law. Those CERTAIN PARTS, by the way, do not include the ones being enforced LEGALLY as they were not subject to injunction. Therefore, you ARE making claims and NOT including links to reliable sources. Nice attempt to lie your way out of this.

It's pretty obvious that your comment was aimed toward me as you didn't post it until you got the notification that I had posted here. You've also done this numerous times before in other threads on this site on top of those postings where you've actually used those names directly towards me that I have saved in my "Saved Messages" box.

You're right - I strongly dislike law-breaking CRIMINALS. Especially when those CRIMINALS are taking jobs away from American Citizens and draining our social programs dry. Only Anti-American people like you could possibly like, much less love, them enough to allow this to continue.

Jason Shepard
Past Member 6 years ago

@Elizabeth K.: The only "racist" or "bigot" around here as you so love to call me, is you. You love the illegals more than you do American citizens as you'd much rather put them to work and give them amnesty than put American citizens back to work and aid our economy. You are just as Anti-American as all those that you profess to hate.

IF, and only IF, Alabama law has broken any federal laws, then I'm sure that particular portion of the law will be eradicated when the Supreme Court makes their decision in the case regarding Arizona. I really don't expect that to happen.

I also don't expect that you will ever provide reliable evidence and links to back up your claims as you have failed to do so far. You continue to show that you are only here to cause trouble and call names - not to add anything to the discussion.

Jason Shepard
Past Member 6 years ago

And the law continues to prove that it works. Now, if only the rest of the states would pick it up and run with it. That might happen once the Supreme Court rules in the law's favor.

Have a good read:

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Deborah L.
Deborah Lashever6 years ago


Stop being bigots too.

Ray M.
Ray M6 years ago

At least there are some judges w/brains left. The whole legislation needs to be axed.

Theo Collins
Theo C6 years ago

If there are laws that illegal immigrants are breaking, you solve that problem by enforcing those laws. There is no need to create new ones. When one ethnic group and no other is required to carry certain kinds of ID, when various public officials are required to check for this ID, that sounds like institutionalized racial persecution to me. We've seen systems like that before in some of the most notorious countries and places in history.

At one time Alabama was one of those places. It seems all to willing to become one of those places again.

sandra m.
Past Member 6 years ago

It's amazing to me that some people will forgive and try to get out of prison CERTAIN individuals that broke the law AND have a law changed to accomadate their interest,BUT talk about someone who's only "crime" is crossing the border in search of a better life-without papers and some would have them burned at the stake!
If we can give our resources away around the world to help those people--WHY is it so difficult to help those that come here to work and raise their families?.....
Why are some filled with so much hate? --Do people have to be a great distance away before it is acceptable to help and/or feel for them?......or is it their race that determines their worthiness?
Some say it's the jobs--HAVE you applied for the jobs they do?....Our OWN corporations hire them out of greed----with legalization--hire wages---more money in Uncle Sam's pocket
Illegal immigrants aren't taking something that's not being offered---they pay dearly with health and wages--working harder to earn barely enough to sustain them--all because of their status....Our corporations take advantage of the weak.-Yet,they stay and work and believe it's worth it. NOW that's strength and determination to see a brighter tomorrow.
God Bless them and their families.