Breaking: Governor Brown Signs California DREAM Act, Part 2


California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday, October 8, signed into law AB 131, which is the second part of the California Dream Act. Undocumented students will now be eligible to receive state financial aid to attend California universities and community colleges. Hooray!

As I wrote here, the legislation builds on AB 130, which became law in July and makes financial aid from private sources available to the same pool of students. The two laws are collectively known as the California DREAM Act.

The controversial bill is the highest-profile act to expand undocumented students’ access to higher education after a federal Dream Act, which would have given undocumented students a path to short-term permanent residency status, failed last year to attract enough support in Congress.

Undocumented Students Can Now Receive State Financial Aid

From The Los Angeles Times:

Brown said he signed the California Dream Act because it makes sense to allow high-achieving students access to college financial aid.

“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Brown said in a statement. “The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us.”

Under AB 131, illegal immigrants who are accepted into state universities can receive, starting in 2013, Cal-Grant assistance, which last year provided grants averaging $4,500 apiece to more than 370,000 low-income students.

The measure also allows students who are not in the country legally to get institutional grants while attending the University of California and California State University systems, and to get fee waivers in the California community college system.

Thanks To The DREAM Act, 2,500 Students Will Qualify For Cal Grants

Brown said that California Department of Finance estimates that 2,500 students will qualify for Cal Grants as a result of AB 131, at a cost of $14.5 million.

“The overall Cal Grant program is funded at $1.4 billion, meaning that 1% of all Cal Grant funds will be potentially impacted by AB 131 when the law goes into effect,” said a statement from his office.

Other States Making It More Difficult For Immigrants

This is crucial timing, since several states have made their immigration laws harsher in the wake of last year’s defeat of the federal Dream Act. In Alabama, a controversial new law lets officials check the immigration status of students in public schools, which the federal government is seeking to block.

All the more reason to applaud the Governor for signing the California DREAM Act into law. Thank you, Governor Brown!


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Sandy M.
Sandy M.7 years ago

I'd like to add that California first certified undocumented workers in 1947 to work in the lettuce fields, when work was needed, and when Americans themselves did not want to take on these kinds of jobs, but instead were going for higher paying and more established positions. Undocumented workers "from across the border" filled a much needed "gap" in the American work world at the time. However, undocumented workers began to increase, by sneaking in their impoverished relatives from Mexico, Central America and even South America, and cunningly began birthing large families wherever they resided in the U.S. because they intuitively knew that this would "anchor" their stay much more in the U.S. Of course, the times then were softhearted and yielding, so the undocumented workers freely flooded the welfare, food stamp, medical and other charitable organizations, which ensured and perpetuated their survival here.
The interesting thing is that the Latino mentality at the time recognized a great opportunity when they saw one, but very few took the trouble to BECOME AMERICAN CITIZENS. Now, why is that? Is it because they observed that "Los Americanos" had "lax laws" about their presence here, or is it because the Latinos themselves, wanted to keep LOYALTY to their own Country because what they were really here for was ONLY THE OPPORTUNITY, rather than really caring for the country that fed, clothed and gave them jobs--Even if they were menial? I can recall several times wh

Sandy M.
Sandy M.7 years ago

On the one hand, I can understand Governor Brown's decision to sign the DREAM ACT into law. His act could have been charitable and heartfelt, where he might have felt that if one "goes with the flow" and allows intelligent ILLEGALS lots of support money to finish college, they, themselves, would show gratitude for the FAVOR and "perhaps" become positive citizens in their own right. On the other hand, allowing ILLEGALS to take advantage of American tax payer's money, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, is ILLEGAL, even if he IS the Governor of California. So one Illegal Act is matching another Illegal Act. Something needs to be done about MONITORING not only the Immigrants who have silently and unabashedly exploited "The American Dream," for decades, but more so to monitor Governor Brown and how he got away with passing this obviously unexamined piece of paper which is ALSO illegal and fraudulent!!

Robby C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Interesting that most people are against this but the votes show the opposite. Of course, it wouldn't let me vote at all. Too bad b/c I assure you, I am disgusted w/what's happening in the previous great state of CA. It may as well go to Mexico now... Let them have it & seal the border from there & see what happens then...

So, out of state students have to pay full price tuition & are often denied financial aid, but now, ILLEGALS can get this stuff? That's dispicable! Out of country tuition should cost even more! Brown should be removed from office for this alone! Thank God for AL, AZ, etc... I have friends in CA who are trying to get out now b/c of crap like this. Crime has risen rapidly & Americans aren't even legally allowed to resist it. They can't defend their homes or families, etc, but ILLEGALS can do anything & they have whole organizations existing that only serve to show them how to defeat the system! They don't have to live by any laws. Apparently, only Americans must abide by American law in the US!

If you haven't seen this before, you should watch it:

Susan O.
Susan O7 years ago

Absolutely despicable ... our own students who were BORN HERE and LIVED HERE all their lives are crippled by student debt ... and these INTERLOPERS get FREE MONEY AND EDUCATION?

This is just ONE example of WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY!!!

And I don't care that they came here at a young age and had no say: the Bible says " the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children".

Go BACK to where you came from, START OVER, and then come here LEGALLY !!!

Kait Madison
Kaitlen Madison7 years ago

when i first heard about the dream act , i freaked out . i though it was unthinkable to even write this law into reality. I am a struggling 24 yr old student and a citizen . i can trace my family back to the revolutionary war. i have pay taxes , i vote , i have paper work that proves i exisit in the country. For Jerry Brown to think that by giving illegals free college is gonna encourge then to become citizen , i think he has another thing comming. most of these people dont have paper work to show that they exisit in this country , and if they do its fake or its a dead person SS#. if i were able to come to a another country get free 4 yrs of college , im gonna go right back to my country of origin and start my carree there where i have all my documentation of my life. If you wanna show that you really wanna be apart of this country and get money for school , JOIN THE MILITARY!!!

Ernest R.
Ernest R7 years ago

@ Helen K “We will have a lawyer, a doctor and a business person in our state because of this poor little man's modest, humble and struggling life.” And if he hadn’t entered illegally we wouldn’t have had them because Americans won’t do that kind of work. Here we see that we really shouldn’t have a choice about who comes into our country, we’re too stupid, as well as lazy. Ah well, it’s only money, and living space, and nature areas that we can say goodbye to.

Jason G.
Jason G.7 years ago


Dear Governor Brown:

I am so deeply disappointed that you signed the second half of the Dream Act it is difficult to express myself adequately. The bare fact that you think that this is a proper measure worthy of your signature saddens me; I feel the emotion of "sad" best encapsulates my feelings because while I am "upset" that OUR young CITIZENS will now have to compete with ILLEGAL immigrants for grants in the hopes of making higher education affordable, I am more "sad" that you are so out of touch with your constituents that you somehow hold the jaded belief that signing the Act was something that was proper.

Hear me please: I, of course, am a believer that this is a land of opportunity first and foremost. However, that opportunity is a privilege, not a right. And, it's a privilege afforded to the citizenry of this great country and enjoyed by the people of this great State. Immigrants should be entitled to all the benefits just like citizens who enjoy living in the land of the free as a fortuitous circumstance of birth. But, ILLEGAL immigrants are not entitled to my tax dollars... or, more accurately, they shouldn't have been given the entitlement you felt was proper to suddenly bestow upon them.

Frankly, Sir, I am at a complete loss for words and know not what else to say.

I am saddened.


SA M.7 years ago

The best thing is to get active in the AB 131 referendum process. I am not sure who is heading it up, but here are some contacts:

"It's morally wrong," said Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-San Bernardino). "We have just created a new entitlement that is going to cause tens of thousands of people to come here illegally from all over the world." Donnelly said he plans a referendum drive to repeal the legislation and believes the issue will hurt Democrats in next year's elections.

Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) said Brown's signature "absolutely sends the wrong message. It says if you violate the law, it's OK."

Also opposed is the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Read more:

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Anando Das Gupta
Anando DasGupta7 years ago

Sweet home Alabama , Where the laws are so blue...! Lol JK