Breaking – Jailed Nobel Peace Prize Winner Honored In Absentia

On Human Rights Day – Friday, December 10 – Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his unrelenting fight for fundamental freedoms and human rights in China.

The only problem was that he was not present to receive his award. For daring to speak out against the Chinese government, he was barred from accepting this award in Oslo, Norway. Liu is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence in China for urging sweeping changes to Beijing’s one-party communist political system.

The Empty Chair

Instead, the blue-and-white upholstered chair reserved for him was empty, and the honoree’s words were spoken by the Norwegian actress Liv Ullman.

It was the first time in 74 years that the prestigious $1.4 million award was not accepted in person.

Standing Ovation For The Absent Liu Xiaobo

From The Washington Post:

“We regret that the laureate is not present. He is in isolation in a prison in northeastern China,” Nobel committee chairman Torbjorn Jagland said during the ceremony at Oslo’s stately, modernist City Hall. He added, “This fact alone shows that the award was necessary and appropriate.”

The audience of well over 1,000 dignitaries, diplomats and officials responded with sustained applause and a standing ovation. An oversize portrait of Liu, 54, had been hung on the stage. His eyes, behind his trademark spectacles, appeared to take in the proceedings.

“Liu has only exercised his civil rights. He has not done anything wrong,” Jagland said. “He must be released.” Moments later, Jagland placed the medal and certificate normally awarded to the laureate in the empty chair upon the stage, triggering another ovation.

At the point in the ceremony where the honoree or a close relative would normally speak, Ullmann read from Liu’s final statement before being sentenced to 11 years in jail for political incitement.

“And now, I have once again been shoved into the dock by the enemy mentality of the regime,” Liu said on Dec. 23, 2009. “But I still want to say to this regime, which is depriving me of my freedom, that I stand by [my] convictions. … I have no enemies, and no hatred.”

Blackout In China

None of this was heard in China, where both CNN and BBC TV channels went black at 8 pm local time for nearly an hour, exactly when the Oslo ceremony was taking place. Security outside Liu’s apartment in Beijing was heavy, and several dozen journalists were pushed into a cordoned-off area.

Meanwhile on Thursday,  a day ahead of the Nobel ceremony, China launched its most severe crackdown on activists and dissidents in recent years. Scores of people were placed under house arrest or surveillance, had communications cut off and were forced to leave the capital or prevented from traveling abroad.

We agree with Jagland’s declaration: “He has not done anything wrong. He must be released.”

Please Take Action Now! Click here to sign our petition urging the Chinese government to free Liu Xiaobo.

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Alicia N.
Alicia N7 years ago

that's why you are the winner of the Nobel Peace Price..... CONGRATS dear, nobody can kill the spirit......... I am sending good vibes and praying for a miracle to happen....

Myriam Garcon
Myriam G7 years ago

Another way of supporting Liu Xiaobo is to change your photo profile to an empty chair.
Apparently, the last time a Nobel Peace Prize winner couldn't be present or represented at the ceremony was in 1935. C von Ossietzky, a German peace activist, was held in a concentration camp. at the time. That goes a lot to say about today's Chinese political leaders.

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Petition signed.

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thank you

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Stephen Young7 years ago

its a snub for China and that's good

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Im really sorry but i f....cant take China and all their lies! FREE THE CHINESE PEOPLE and its CONGRATS to the Nobelprize winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Judy!.... It is so sad that in these 'enlightened' times, some countries are acting as if we are back in the Dark Ages. If ONLY China could be made to realize the terrible wrong they are doing to this wonderful and brave man. My prayers are with him and with his family. I know ideas change very slowly, but, hopefully, with global pressure things like this will become the things of the past.... We HAVE to keep optimistic, or we will give up fighting, which we must never do!

tara lav
Bracha Katz7 years ago

He is a real hero. The UN, which should be supporting him now, is praising China for their human rights record.