BREAKING: Office Of Texas Senator And Women’s Health Advocate Firebombed

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis, a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood and advocate for women’s rights, had her Fort Worth office firebombed Tuesday afternoon. Two staffers were in the office when the office was attacked, though reports at this time indicate no one was hurt. The suspect remains unidentified and on the loose.

The incident is the latest in a series of escalating attacks and rhetoric targeting vocally pro-choice legislators and family planning clinics. Previous attacks on clinics in Florida and California underscore the threat women and health care providers face simply trying to access or provide reproductive care.

Given the relentless attack on women and reproductive health care providers, there is a very real risk these kinds of attacks continue. Tennessee wants to make private information about women who access abortion care public and publish the names of doctors performing abortion. Why should any woman or doctor feel safe under these circumstances?

If the lessons of Dr. Tiller and the long history of violence associated with the anti-choice movement tell us anything it’s that “life” is of little value to a movement grounded in denying women the basic right to make their own medical decisions.

Photo from Jason Rojas via flickr.


aileen cheetham
AILEEN C5 years ago

What a mess. Americans are better than this.
Free and freely available contraceptives would sort all this out and save millions of dollars in the long run???
Women have full rights over their bodies, just as men do.
Abortion is not undertaken lightly by the great majority.
Education and the availability of contraceptives, that's where the effort should go not in all this argueing.
Don't forget compassion too.
Leave religion out of it.

Roy A.
Past Member 5 years ago

Tom, Like most of the people on Care2, you are an unthinking, reactionary, straight-ticket liberal drone. If you had read a little further you would see that this story in an almost complete fabrication and that this incident has nothing to do with any war on women. You are being played for a patsy.

And if Care2 had any integrity at all, they would have pulled this article as soon as it came out that this incident had nothing to do with any of the political agendas named. Or better yet, they never would have posted an article based almost entirely on made up propaganda in the first place. I've sent a message to Care2 pointing out that this article is almost completely false and totally misleading, but they haven't responded. They seem to have absolutely no standards at all.

Of course, you are all welcome to continue your mindless, reactionary, propaganda fest, but this is one liberal you won't see around here anymore. The fight for justice, equity and compassion does not need naivite, lockstep partyline obeisance, prejudice and lies. As a fellow American I would encourage you to educate yourselves about some of the things that are actually going on in this country, or shut up and leave it to people who are willing to pay attention.

Tom W.
Tom W.5 years ago

isn't this how hitler started out? (sorry, i like 2 get godwin out of the way up front;-) these anti-choice criminals are the vangard of the american taliban: the christianist mirror of the anti-woman, partiarchal islamist taliban. these un-american criminals must be stopped.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ5 years ago

Norma: I believe this is called the circle of life. Well during the witch craft period people in general were uneducated dumber then dumb. Now if you play close attention at today's advocated of the bible story's might still believe on witch craft. Again uneducated dumber then dumb and proud of it. Based upon what one reads now days, they're indication that the public is starting to get wise to the bible pushers falacies and are in fact pulling away from these fundmentalist zeal to convert young educated people on their believes. This was in fact reported by a Christian Fundmentalist Research Organization. C

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Terroristic attacks...not just about expressing your beliefs anymore. Now who were the good Christian people who drowned and burned witches in the name of God? Seems this is where we are returning.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ5 years ago

Lezlie: Failure by GOP politicians to speak up against radical intimation of the will of the people are to blame. And subsequently deserve the same medicine. The cowards capitalize from the outspoken believing that's the mood of the citizens. Unfortunate for them the educated public is wising up been as demonstrated by the swing of the polls against the GOP/TeaParty not only by the women but men as well.

Roy A.
Past Member 5 years ago

Frances: "It is not just one crazy right wing Republican nut case."

True. There is no reason to believe that he's Republican.

And Lyn, Thank you! Dear, sweet, Lord, thank you. You read, and THEN, wrote. Just getting the order right puts you in the top 5% around here. A little heavy on the name calling, but you have a point, and I thank you for adding something legitimate to this discussion. I totally agree that the GOP needs to clean house. It would be good for everyone.

Lezlie K.
Lezlie K.5 years ago

Firebombing elected officials offices is just going too far. That isn't a "crazy" nor it is "politics" - it the act of terror and intimidation against duly elected officials. there is no justification for this action in a free and democratic society. None.

Lyn B.
Lyn B5 years ago

So this one time it was just a non-politcal crazy who did it.
BUT the norm is that IT IS 9 times out of 10 a republican nutjob doing these heinous types of crimes! The reason we can even use the word "norm" is because it's become the "normal" objective for these pro-FETUS but obviously NOT pro-Life christo-taliban republithugs.
One would have to be blind not to see a war on women in the last year.

If there are any considerate, thoughtful, intelligent people left who still consider themselves republican, my suggestion is that all of what's left of people like you need to desperately disassociate yourselves from the thugs, teabaggers, neo-nazis, and other nutjobs who have stolen your party from you. And make it CLEAR that you don't agree with or support the horrible things they believe in, say, or do.
If not, then you are all complicit and just as responsible for the ugliness the GOP now stands for.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

It is not just one crazy right wing Republican nut case. The hate and threats have been ongoing, as well as the murders of health care workers who perform a legal procedure.