Breaking: President Obama Speaks About Devastating Storms

President Obama spoke this afternoon, April 28, in response to the devastating storms that have ripped across the southeastern United States.

More Than 270 Deaths

CNN reports
that more than 270 people have been killed by the wave of violent weather that has swept across the South the past two days.

Here’s what Mr. Obama had to say:

“The loss of life has been heartbreaking, especially in Alabama. In a matter of hours, these deadly tornadoes, some of the worst that we’ve seen in decades, took mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, even entire communities. Others are injured, and some are still missing. And in many places the damage to homes and businesses is nothing short of catastrophic.

We can’t control when or where a terrible storm will strike, but we can control how we respond to it.”

He went on to announce that he had spoken with the governors of Alabama, Virginia, Mississipi, Tennessee and Georgia, and declared a state of emergency in Alabama.

President Obama Will Visit Alabama On Friday

After praising all those heroes who have been working tirelessly to protect and help their neighbors and friends, he announced that he would be visiting Alabama himself tomorrow (Friday).

Over 100 Tornadoes In This Destruction

From The Guardian:

The national weather service said more than 100 tornadoes had a part in the destruction, the deadliest since a 1974 storm killed 315 people. The authorities were warning that further storms were on their way.

“We are going to see more tornadoes and more severe weather across much of the south-east and into the north-east,” said Craig Fugate, the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Service, in a video posted on the official website.

The national weather service has issued a number of short-lived tornado warnings, stretching into areas as far north as New York and south as far as Florida. There were flash flood warnings for parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Georgia. Severe thunderstorms were forecast for parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

But the weather service said further storms were unlikely to match the severity of Wednesday’s events.

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W. C
W. C6 months ago


William C
William C6 months ago

Thank you.

Johanna P.
Johanna P6 years ago

Unfortunately with the stolen Tesla technology the destroyers of this planet are now using what was meant for our benefit and peaceful existence to obliterate us and the planet.
Wake up folks and read about Tesla and HAARP.

Robert Dean
Robert Dean6 years ago

This weather and these storms have already been predicted by 970 scientist from around the globe. Our mighty leaders, or in this case mighty pathetic leaders have known that this was probably going to happen, because, we won't reduce our CO2 emissions. We want to continue to pollute and expect nothing to happen, this is just the beginning, do you like it cause it's going to get much worse. It's done in the name of greed and the economy the good thing is the economy is going belly up as the storms increase and intensify. So to Hell with the economy and the people that cause these problems in the first place, I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU AT ALL..

Dominic C.
Dominic C6 years ago

Firstly, my condolences goes out to all the victims, families and people affected by this disaster.

When Obama spoke that "...We can't control when or where a terrible storm will strike, but we can control how we respond to it," this is not about global warming but we can raise the expectations of our personal awareness and move away from harm.
Authorities in these states, especially Mid Western states, they must obtain disaster warning technologies, like those in Hawaii where authorities can make people move away from a Tsunami threat.
Having said that, I see on National Geographic and Discovery channels, there are storm chasers...How come these people who are studying storms not helping the local community but only are fascinated about the development of twisters and hurricanes - time to look outside the box and perhaps use those who can predict storms more aggressively and make them help the community.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

My condolences go out to those affected by this disaster. The damage is so catastrophic it almost seems apocalyptic. So tragic.

Lucinda Jersey
Lucinda J6 years ago

FYI...Anyone wanting to more info about is a real government funded program, but only one..our country is investing Bilions of dollars in Weather Manipulation programs. Go to YouTube and search "dutchsinse"...he follows the weather & can show you what to look for and helps you to see upcoming storm, where they are seeding the is all very interesting. I have been following his reports on Earth Quakes, & weather predictions...Like I said he shows you what to look for and what to watch for in the results. It is very educational.
My thought is...There are several "old Atlanteans" out there who didn't learn their lesson about manipulating the weather...and so we see it happening again, during these Times of Change. We can bring in Sunshine with a collective thought & intent..why send alternatived into the atmosphere?

Regina P.
Regina P6 years ago

My prayers & thoughts are with these people, I dont think anyone can imagine how they feel. My heart goes out to everyone.

Pete C.
Pete c6 years ago

stop with this climate change nonsense. theres a la nina in the pacific ocean and there are gonna be alot more storms. la ninas have been doing this more 1000s of years its nothing new. get a freakin education and google it and learn something.

Nita M.
Nita Moccia6 years ago

@ Lyn L....This was not Haarp dear.... this was a monster twister.... I know this for i was a mere 3 miles from HELL that night!