BREAKING: Second Oil Rig Overturns In Louisiana, Threatening Inland Waters

Even as the oil slick from the ruined Deepwater Horizon creeps onto the Lousiana shoreline, Reuters is reporting that another offshore drilling rig has overturned- this time among the inland waters near Morgan City, LA.

Referred to as a mobile inland drilling unit (MIDU), the craft has the ability to carry 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel, although it was almost empty at the time it capsized. On-scene Coast Guard pollution investigators are claiming that the rig is not leaking fuel at the time of this post.

In a press release, the Coast Guard stated it has deployed a 500 foot containment boom around the area as a precaution, with an additional 500 feet arriving to provide a secondary string within the Charenton navigational canal, located south of Highway 90.

No injuries have been reported, and the Coast Guard is currently investigating the cause of the incident.

Find full Care2 Coverage of the Spill here.


Please stay tuned to Care2 Causes for more information about the Gulf Spill as it develops.

Image Credit: National Geographic


Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

Well, if we don't get it yet, we will, we will! I don't believe BP or any other company is capable of stopping the leak. Too deep and too much pressure. Oh boy are we in a mess!

Geoff W.
Geoff W.7 years ago

BP, and any other mega-corporation, will have built in legal immunity before the rig was placed. That's what shell companies are for. The drilling company running the drilling op will go down for this - the loss of $50M here is pocket change for BP. BP will cough up a few tens of millions as a PR campaign and the US taxpayer will pay for the clean-up.
It is a risk-management operation for BP, that's all.
That's why mega-corps have the best lawyers money can buy.
And that makes them smarter than the EPA, the Gov't. and the Whitehouse, and why the taxpayer gets screwed every time.

Daniel M.
Past Member 7 years ago

Planting only 6 percent of the continental United States with biomass crops such as hemp would supply all current domestic demands for oil and gas.
Did you know the average American spends 33 of 40 working hours to support their need for energy? It's true; 80 percent of the total monetary living expense for everything we do is ultimately wrapped up in energy costs; from the energy it takes to make the food we eat, to fuel for the cars we drive, to the manufacturing, storage and transportation of the products we buy. And 80 percent of solid and airborne pollution in our environment can be blamed on fossil energy sources. It is estimated that America has already exhausted 80 percent of its fossil fuel reserves.
Industrial hemp is the number one biomass producer on earth, meaning an actual contender for an economically competitive, clean burning fuel. Hemp has four times the biomass and cellulose potential and eight times the methanol potential of its closest competing crop - corn. Burning coal and oil are the greatest sources of acid rain; biomass fuels burn clean and contain no sulphur and produce no ash during combustion. The cycle of growing and burning biomass crops keeps the world s carbon dioxide level at perfect equilibrium, which means that we are less likely to experience the global climactic changes (greenhouse effect) brought about by excess carbon dioxide and water vapors after burning fossil fuels.


Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

I am writing my state and national leaders.
Asking for more security and investigation.
Two coal mines and two oil rigs.
As we enter the vacation and tourist season.

This puts us in need of more foreign oil.
Raises fuel prices for the summer.
Increases off shore drill stances toward the White House.
From shrimpers and fishermen in the gulf southern states.

Playing into the Drill Baby Drill idea,
of inland drilling.
I don't believe in coincidence.

Juliet D.
.7 years ago

@Pam, other countries did come to our aid after Katrina. Only a few nations have any real oil spill fighting experience or equipment, and in this case precious days were wasted before BP admitted that they couldn't stop the outflow. How bad this spill ultimately is will depend a lot on the residents of each coastal community doing a lot of physical work to protect and clean their particular stretch of coastline.
And, other countries would have some justification is thinking we have reaped what we sowed. A lot of people recall the disaster at Union Carbides plant in Bhopal, India, and there have been plenty of other cases where US owned companies showed little regard for the safety of people working in or living near their overseas plants.
The Army sent me to Europe, and it would be just fine with me if the Germans would come here to build our roads and manage our forests, the Dutch to manage our water resources, and the Danes to kick-start our alternative energy programs.

Pam Burton
Pam Burton7 years ago

Hey-have you all noticed the HELP we are receiving from the rest of the world in "OUR TIME OF TROUBLE?"....I guess my question is"Where is America with help and money when WE need them??????

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander7 years ago

I was not aware of the situation. But this whole thing is so sad. It just makes me so mad.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B7 years ago

We have had this happen before. We will make it through it again. Of course we just lived through Rita and Ike. I can remember going to the beach when I was in high school and there was balls and patchs of tar (oil) on the shore. It was nasty!

Yulan L.
Yulan Lawson7 years ago

You already signed this petition at 3:20 pm PDT, May 1, 2010.
Please sign my petition

Yulan L.
Yulan Lawson7 years ago

It's an overwhelming disaster. I wonder how it will affect us all, I guess the price of oil will go up now. I hope the wildlife swim out of the way.