BOCA Considers Phasing Out Eggs

On February 11, 2009, a coalition of grassroots animal protection groups launched They’re trying to convince Boca to entirely phase out the use of eggs from their products. Boca is one of the largest companies that produces vegetarian products. If you’ve eaten a veggie burger, it was probably a Boca burger. The company has been a leader in bringing mock-meats to every grocery store in America, yet they use eggs from battery-cages in some of their products. As a leader, Boca ought to take a stand against animal cruelty and ditch those icky eggs! It’s easy to make mock-meats just as tasty without using any eggs.

Boca was first approached in January 2008 about its use of eggs, which come from hens confined inside battery cages. In battery-cages, hens are typically provided with a meager 67 square inches of floor space per bird on which to spend their lives—that’s less than the size of a sheet of notebook paper. These birds are so intensively confined, they’re unable to spread their own wings, dust-bathe, nest or even walk.

The vast majority of eggs produced, sold, and eaten in the United States come from factory farms that use battery-cages. It’s a common misconception that the egg-laying hens have a better life than chickens who are killed for food. In fact, once hens are no longer laying eggs at a rate quick enough for the demands of large agribusiness they just are shipped off to the slaughterhouse to be killed for human consumption.

The good news is that this campaign has been a blitzkrieg. After only 2 weeks of calls and emails, Boca was overwhelmed. They just annouced that they are considering phasing out eggs. They said:

“BOCA is committed to meeting the needs of our vegan consumers. We are actively working on this matter. While this process takes time we will be able to share an update by March 20, 2009.”

As a result, the animal activist coalition is calling for a temporary moratorium on the campaign. We’ll see what happens on March 20. Keep checking back here to get updates. Let’s hope Boca makes the right decision and gets rid of those cruel eggs.

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After only two weeks of public campaigning, activists are calling for a temporary moratorium on the campaign to convince Boca to phase out eggs. Are we close to a victory?


Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado7 years ago

I will have to look into how the eggs are produced where I live. They usually live in row houses.

Kath W.
Kath W8 years ago

I'd never heard of Boca until today. Here in NZ the majority of eggs sold are battery. I only buy true free range, which means they are outside. The cows here are farmed the old-fashioned way, grazing in grassy fields, and milked morning and evening. They are not kept in barns, so I think the milk is pretty humane. I'm vegetarian, thinking of going vegan, but it will take a large lifestyle change in the kitchen to do it.

Lianne Lavoie
Lianne Lavoie8 years ago

Some people seem to think that "cage-free" written on their egg cartons means they're doing some sort of good deed. In many "cage-free" facilities, chickens are still kept in absolutely awful conditions, just not in cages! That's not really any better,,, You might have an argument if you were only getting eggs from a farmer you know and you've seen the chickens living a happy life on a farm. However, that's very rarely the case. The best thing to do really is to just stop eating eggs.

JulieAnn Zserdin
JULIE ANN Z8 years ago

The problem is no matter where Boca gets there eggs it still comes down to using eggs from chickens that eventually will be killed for meat. I agree that if you raise pet chickens and eat thier unferized eggs it is not wrong. But people selling eggs for a profit can not keep all the chickens as pets when the chickens can no longer lay eggs. A chicken only lays 1 egg a day, it takes 12 chickens to get 1 dozen eggs. Factory farms have to have thousands of chickens to produce the amount of eggs society demands. They have to replace the laying hens at least every 18 months. What do they do with thousands of chickens? Kill them for KFC, McDonalds, and your local super market. Eggs from any commerical source is condoning and contributing to chickens being used for meat.

JulieAnn Zserdin
JULIE ANN Z8 years ago

Helen T you have a real problem with veg/vegans. You have a tendency to say very ignorant uniformed things.
If you feel threatened about eating animal products that is your problem, do not take your frustrations out on veg/vegans for voicing their beliefs in a lifestyle of eating that is compassionate and humane towards animals.
First of all veg/vegan do not want to eat ANYTHING that tastes,looks, or resembles an animal product.
meat alternative products as stated in this discussion already are simply an alternative food source to replace meat. I also like a sandwich that isnt peanut butter and jelly, or lettuce and tomatoes. I enjoy a veggie burger or faux chicken sandwich. Just because I am vegan doesnt mean I dont want to eat sandwiches.
The reasons veg/vegans are against eggs as already stated is that they condone the cruel methods of chicken farms. The chickens producing the eggs are abused and than killed at around 18 months after they no longer can produce the huge amount of eggs they are forced to lay. Eggs are simply a product of animal abuse. So they are not eaten by vegans.

Delight S.
Delight S8 years ago

Helen T. if you have ever eaten a veggie "burger" you would know they don't taste like meat at all, they are simply a nice shape to put on bread. I make mine out of different mushrooms, rice and beans. it tastes just like the ingredients. I don't pretend it's meat, or want it to taste like meat. I just like to have a sandwich every now and again, and need something to put with my lettuce and tomato! as for eggs, they are usually the byproduct of a cruel factory farming environment, hence vegetarians having a problem with them being in a VEGETABLE patty!!!!!!

Helen T.
Helen T8 years ago

Eggs are not meat. As long as they are listed as an ingredient, what is the problem?
And if you are vegan, it seems strange you might want a fake meatlike substance, like Boca Burgers or Tofurkey. Come to terms with your veganism and eat vegan stuff instead of pretend meats. Or have a burger. Whichever.

William B.
William B8 years ago

This is great news. Since going vegan I truly miss having the option of the veg-chicken pattie by Boca. With all we know about substitute options they do need to leave the chicken and the egg alone. Boca hear our plea. Please be the innovator in wonderful cruelty-free vegan options. You can do it. Great taste and no pain and suffering. Please follow through on this wonderfully historic choice. Thank you,

Marianne P.
Marianne P8 years ago

I'm suprised that a supposedly health-oriented company wasn't already incorporating free-range orgainc eggs into its products. How could a company that's cornered the meatless burger market not be concerned about animal abuse? Unbelievable!

Diana H.
Diana H8 years ago

organic free range eggs would be fine! Personally I do not like meat substitutes but some people do, some eat meat and fish, again it is their decision - but also again the best option is organic, certainly raised wihout cruelty and killed humanely.