UPDATE: Bring Ayn Home: Autistic Girl Taken From Her Father by Province

UPDATE. Monday, July 4, 2011, 22:00 EST: On the Facebook page for Ayn, Derek Hoare posted:

I received a call from the ministry, they said Ayn has been crying for me for the last 18 days, and would I please bring them a picture of myself for her to have. He also offered to speak with and I accepted, we spoke for an hour and a half. I believe he too is coming to see the incompleteness of the perpective, i’ll write more but I wanted to get that out. much was said, fight is not over, but I still firmly believe there is no way a protection case can be won against me. ask away your questions

Derek also says that he has learned that Ayn has been placed in a foster home, with an RN as the foster mother.

There is a letter for a government official written by Derek that can be sent to those listed here; you can also post it  here.

On June 16, Child Protection Services (CPS) appeared at the Abbotsford, British Columbia doorstep of Derek Hoare and gave him two choices: He could either voluntarily hand over his 9-year-old autistic daughter, Ayn Van Dyk, to them, or they would take her under an agreement from the Ministry of Children and Family Development, says LifeSiteNews.com. CPS cited “safety” as the reason. Hoare is a single parent, with two other children, one who is 10 and one who is 9 and is also autistic  as well as another child who is also severely autistic like Ayn. As Hoare refused to sign over his daughter, CPS took her from her school and, because she was “deemed unsuitable for foster care at the time,” placed her in a “specialized hospital” for evaluation. Hoare, his daughter’s primary caretaker and her only parental figure since birth, has not yet been able to see or speak to her.

According to LifeSiteNews.com, four days earlier,

…Ayn had been playing in the backyard of her family’s home in Abbotsford, British Columbia when she went missing. After frantically looking for her, without success, her father called 911 and a police search commenced. Ayn was found two hours later playing in a neighbor’s backyard.

“It seemingly was one of those storybook endings,” her dad, Derek Hoare, told LifeSiteNews.com. “She ran from the police car and threw her arms around my neck.”

Hoare fears that Ayn is being “drugged” as she is, he says, “very volatile and aggressive when she is outside the home.” He describes his daughter as “well-behaved” under his care and “succeeding and excelling” in her family home, but still “difficult to manage in a school setting or outside his care.” None of this is unusual for autistic children. My own son’s behaviors at home and school have often differed, for reasons that are hard to put a finger on (and all the more so because my son Charlie is minimally verbal). Without people who have a clue around her, Ayn could well be frightened; finding herself in completely strange circumstances with strangers who don’t understand her, I would think that Ayn could be having more behavior issues than usual.

I can also see CPS using any difficult behaviors against Hoare, as grounds for the province “needing” to keep her in custody. Such a situation is pretty much the nightmare of every parent of children with disabilities we know. Indeed, Charlie once wandered into the backyard of our neighbor two doors down — it’s has a climbing structure and slide — after being scared by another neighbor’s dog (he was soon found, but not before I’d had heart-stopping fright). There have been numerous reports of autistic children wandering and, believe me, we parents are doing everything we can to take care of our kids and keep them safe.

Hoare has set up a Facebook page to bring Ayn home. As he says,

“My number one concern is not getting my daughter back, but how she is doing right now. I have no idea where she is or how she is doing. I have not seen her and they have not told me.”

“It is about Ayn for me here and I am emotionally invested here,” he added. “[But] this is no reason for the government to come and remove a child from the home.”

If the government is so concerned about Ayn’s welfare, why did it not provide alternatives such as more care workers to help her family take care of her at home, among those who love and know her?

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Photo of Ayn Van Dyk from a Facebook page set up by Derek Hoare.


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Did I miss it? Did they say anything about why Ayn was taken? What was the precipitating factor? I signed the petition. Taking her away from her home and her Dad seems the wrong thing to do with an autistic child ... but why was she taken?

David S.
David S7 years ago

Unfortunately, we live in a time when the government is poking its nose into our private lives more and more, like East Germany. They want to turn the average citizen into a wage slave for the corporate state. They must be stopped.

This is a case in point. If they can get away with kidnapping our children, they can get away with anything.

Fighting a soulless, unresponsive bureaucracy can be extremely frustrating. Perhaps a lawsuit would get their attention; that's something they understand, that it might cost them money to continue their criminal behavior. I'm sure there are lawyers that would love to pursue this on a contingency basis.

Eva C.
Eva C7 years ago

How government is allowed to take a child away from caring parents is absolutely outrageous! Protecting children from abuse is one thing, but what gives the right to the government to override parent's right from keeping their own children? What kind of a planet are we living on? What kind of a society are we to allow this hierarchial "big brother" righteousness operate on legal grounds?

Carol B.
Carol Burk7 years ago

The government agency was "only doing its job", which is their only rule, it seems. "Acting under orders" has been a cover plea for everything from war crimes to handcuffing children at school to imprisoning people who break the law by jaywalking. There is, sometimes, a need to take children from an abusive home. But this interference in a good home for a handicapped child could be called "abusive" in itself. I hope this child is soon returned to her own family.

Cheryl C.
Cheryl C.7 years ago

Why can't these people mind their own da*n business. Unless a child is being abused, they have no right to "kidnap" a child from his or her loving parent(s). This happens far too often and something has to be done. Darlina D. is right. I think it's all about power. In the meantime, the child is crying and emotionally scarred because he or she has been taken away from the people and environment that they know and love, only to be sent to be with strangers in a strange place. So what if the child is autistic!!! That's no reason to take a child away from his or her parent(s). When are these people REALLY going to do "what's in the best interest of the child", as they claim??? Putting a child in a strange place with strange people who are watching them cry for their parent(s) is really best for the child. Yeah right!!!! I wish someone would take their children away from them so that they could see how it feels.
This father should sue for discrimination because that's exactly what this stupidity is!!!

I've seen this happen to a couple I know. They were foster parents to a child they got as a tiny baby. When she was 2 years old they asked if they could adopt her. As soon as they did that, they took the child away from them (screaming) and put her in another foster home. In the best interest of the child????? I call that emotional and maybe mental abuse!! This was also in British Columbia. Thank God I live in Alberta now.

Olga L.
Olga Leonenko7 years ago

Yet abother horror story about B.C.'s Ministry of Children and Families and CPS. Hope it won't drug as long as case with Bayne's family! I sent letter to B.C.'s Ministry of Children and Families

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Who's running BCs ministry of children and families? Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter? Honestly, I hope everybody responsible for Ayn being taken from her family ends up having *their* children yanked away by the government...permanently!

Carol Fyfewilson

This is yet another example of how dysfunctional B.C.'s Ministry of Children and Families really is. Their reputation continues to decline as they attempt to fulfill their mandate and policies made rhetoric by lack of funding. It is a 'spending' ministry and not one that generates money therefore has low priority despite what the Premier might say.

The social workers have huge work loads resulting in high levels of stress which naturally impacts on their ability to do their job well. Their actions often appear to be knee-jerk reactions. Families are put at further risk as it often takes a crisis before there is intervention.
(Incidently-the mandate is for child protection not family protection from a violent child/youth. Our safety was often at risk by our adopted special needs son when he 'flipped out'. We are eternally grateful to the RCMP and a youth support worker (independent of MCFD) for their intervention.)
Living with a special needs family member can be extremely draining yet In order to get services one might need, a person must find a hidden reserve of energy to strongly and persistently advocate on behalf of themselves and/or family member and even then...

Until our elected officials deliver on their campaign promises, serve the people rather than themselves, and make decisions based on foresight beyond the next budget I sadly predict further deterioration of the ministry that is supposed to provide resources to families and children so that their li

christopher murray

Sad to see the American spirit of forcing a child away from a caring parent has reached its way to the Great white North. As a regular visitor, and a person considering duel citizenship, I'm disappointed in you, Canada. For shame!

Ruth R.
Ruth R7 years ago

Thank you for sharing this. Have signed.