Broadway Stars Slam Republicans in Les Mis Parody (VIDEO)

Broadway performers have joined together to launch the “One More Term” Les Miserables parody, hoping to see President Obama retain his place as Commander in Chief while also highlighting Republican extremism.

The song, which borrows from “One Day More” from Les Miserables, criticizes the current Republican establishment, lampooning Republican lawmakers across America for the War on Women, homophobia, religious zealotry and more, saying “To the Dark Side they’ve succumbed.”

The parody puts particular focus on the charge that while in high school Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had friends hold down fellow classmate John Lauber whereby Romney allegedly forcibly cut the man’s hair simply because he had dared to wear it differently, berating Romney for suggesting that he “had no memory of participating” in the incident even though at least five others who were involved all have vivid recollections to the contrary.

You can watch the video below:

The song is accompanied by an open letter written by the song’s writer and producer Don DeMesquita, in which he explains the reasons behind the campaign (emphasis added):

While the GOP’s resident rabble-rouser routinely defames those with whom he disagrees, their party’s presumptive nominee hasn’t the character or courage to condemn such abusive behavior. Indeed, fomenting incivility and intolerance is grist for their ground game — and they’re doubling down.

If you’re not a moneyed Republican plutocrat with a name commonly mistaken for a mattress, soft drink or sundae, don’t own a ball club in Chicago or casino in Macao or have an extra hundred-mil lying around, what do you do to make a difference? You stand up the only way you know how.

I’m not an activist, lobbyist, PAC, 527 or 501(c)-anything, just a private citizen (and sometime parodist) asking “who will be strong and stand with me.”

One Term More is a transformative political parody rendered under fair use. The accompanying illustration conveys the transcendent nature of a remarkable man [Obama. Sketches based on a recently reported, well-sourced, deeply disturbing event [the Romney high school incident] depict an uncommonly cruel act of aggression.

No ad time will be purchased nor will it be sold. It’s intended as social commentary, criticism & personal expression, displayed only online and freely available to all. Its purpose and character is informational, non-commercial & not-for-profit. The parodied lyrics are mine; the music’s from “Les Mis.”


Misogynistic, homophobic, radically regressive and ideologically unhinged with little apparent interest in governing and no appetite for compromise or common ground, that Grand Old Party’s out-of-order, a consequence of preposterous partisan pandering, legislative belligerence–and all that tea.

For more on the video, including illustrations and song lyrics, go to One Term More by clicking here.


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Image taken from video under Fair Use terms, no infringement intended.


Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell6 years ago

Passionate people! Love it.

Wendy Schroeder
Wendy Schroeder6 years ago

A little over the top but I still liked it.

Ajla C.
Past Member 6 years ago


Tish Levee
Tish Levee6 years ago

This is great! Share it with everyone you know. I also was not aware of the bullying incident in Romney's youth. Thanks for bringing that out.

Shan D.
Shan D6 years ago

"They need to stick to scrip otherwise the musical should also be renamed to they are just plain miserable!" - Elaine A. -

Yes, you certainly are miserable, Elaine - glad you finally noticed what the rest of us have been telling you. But don't worry, dear - some day Broadway might come out with a musical version of "Dukes of Hazzard" or some other redneck "comedy" your little brain can understand.

Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron6 years ago

Les Mis, great book and great musical.

As for this parody good sound quality and wonderful voices the chosen singers, have they though of actually do a real Les Mis musical instead of just a parody?

@Joanne e: "the 1% has the plan to take us all to the guillotine.", then we must take them to the guillotine first.

Chris C.
Chris C6 years ago

Brilliant! What a breath of fresh air!

Oh, Elaine A - get over it! You're such a pain!

Mary W.
Mary W.6 years ago

Beautiful and uplifting, the complete antithesis of the Republican right-wing. Go, team!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia6 years ago


joanna e.
joanna e6 years ago

'let them eat cake'; the 1% has the plan to take us all to the guillotine.