Brooklyn the Greyhound will Die Without Our Help

A few weeks ago, GREY2K USA board member Charmaine Settle inspected the Canidrome racetrack in Macau. Without question, the situation is bleak for greyhounds at the track.

According to news reports, 383 healthy greyhounds were killed at the Canidrome last year. The dogs are imported from Australia and sent to Macau by greyhound breeders who want to increase their profit margins. Once the dogs arrive, they have no way out. When they are no longer competitive, or are injured, they die. This is a dirty little secret of the Australian dog racing industry, and must end.

That is why I am asking for your help as we try to rescue Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a two-year-old white, red and fawn greyhound. He lives at the Canidrome, and won his last race on Sunday. Charmaine took a photograph of Brooklyn during her inspection, and he is very handsome. I am hoping he will eventually make some family very happy.

For that to happen, however, we will have to overcome significant logistical challenges. Because Brooklyn comes from Australia, the simplest way to help him is to send him back to a rescue group in his home country. However, even though greyhounds are frequently exported from Australia to Macau, they are rarely sent back. We will have to deal with a quarantine law and other legal challenges, provide transportation for him and identify an adoption group in Australia that is willing to help him. In short, rescuing Brooklyn will not be easy.

Most importantly, we will not be able to rescue Brooklyn unless the Canidrome management cooperates with us, and allows us to send him home after his racing career is over. Today, we sent a letter to the track, asking for their cooperation. We told them, in no uncertain terms, that refusing to work with greyhound advocates would send a very troubling message to the rest of the world.

Of course, this effort is about much more than Brooklyn. It is also an opportunity for us to explore the challenges that exist in trying to help all of the Macau greyhounds.

To support this campaign, we have launched a new website at and will provide further updates as they become available. Please visit today, and find out how you can help this important effort.

We have made the first move in the campaign to rescue Brooklyn, and must now wait for the Canidrome to respond. The answer we receive will tell us a lot about the future of all the greyhounds in Macau.


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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sabina DeBoheme
Sabina D5 years ago

It's funny, because, you've done it again - what you call your "opinion" and "facts" is again, taking every word of what someone's said and questioning the way they've said it, rather than taking the meaning of what they're saying. You must have a lot of time on your hands...
Of course what I said was a typo, but you're using it as a point in your argument, obviously it's your way of showing people you can argue(!) and there's no doubt about that, but there's no substance to your rebuttals.

*sigh* Anyway, let's clear that up, what I meant was: "Why do you continue to argue with everyone, when we are all here to SUPPORT these CAUSES?"

Unfortunately, I don't have time to spend on this back-and-forth with you, it's wasted energy.

Sabina DeBoheme
Sabina D5 years ago

Diane L., I think you take everyone's comments a little bit too literally... obviously, we don't like what this practice has become, hence some people's views. I know that racing can be family-orientated and the dog can have a very happy life if it's looked after like a part of the family, but too many of these racing tracks employ absolutely horrifying conditions and the owners DO NOT CARE about the dog's well-being. Even in Australia there are hundreds of greyhounds that are abandoned after their racing career is over. I know, I've seen them. They are discarded like yesterday's rubbish. It's disgusting.

Also, perhaps YOU didn't read the article, or misunderstood, because the article is about dogs from Australia that are exported to other countries purely to race.

Why do you continue to argue with everyone, when we are all here to SUPPORT these atrocities?

Jean McNeill
Jean McNeill5 years ago

I have been emailing Canidrome, PM of Australia for over three monthes now...just trying to keep the focus and pressure on this horrible "business"

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

"There is nothing humane about some humans - beware, it seems to be a growing fungus among us...."

Terri Hughes
Terri Hughes5 years ago


Judy W.
Judy W5 years ago

Unfortunately, there are too many people in this world who care for nothing but money and themselves. There is too much evil on the Earth. We have too many people on Earth and not enough animals who would do a much better job of "running things"

Carrie Anne Brown

Signed, thanks for sharing :)

Yvonne Fast
Yvonne F6 years ago

And they call this SPORT????? Some people just do anything for money! This whole thing should be stopped at once! Poor dogs!

Donna R.
Donna R6 years ago

Ladies it is not the racing that is the issue, but rather the BUSINESS of greyhound racing that is corrupt as is most things when easy-money is involved, such as this case. It is a parasitic act and needs to be stopped. We need to stop profiting at the sole expense of animals and/or others. While I am at it, let meI say this to ALL BREEDERS - No matter how gilded the cage, a cage is still a cage is never will be a creatures preference.