Warren Outraises Brown and Continues To Shake Hands

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown hasn’t even officially kicked off his 2012 campaign yet, and he’s already bringing in the big money.  According to David Cantonese at Politico, Brown is announcing that he has raised $3.2 million just in the fourth quarter. Added to the rest of his 2011 fundraising, that puts the freshman Republican at nearly $13 million cash on hand, a huge number that will be daunting for any competitor to compete against.

Brown’s likely opponent, Elizabeth Warren, has just released her own fundraising numbers for the quarter, though, and they’ve even eclipsed Brown’s.  According to an email from her campaign, she raised $5.7 million, with an average contribution of just $67 per person. The campaign did not disclose their cash on hand.

Warren has also been busy shoring up support in her own way — in this case, one handshake at a time.  Mother Jones reports on a twitter photo of the candidate pressing the flesh. “That’s Elizabeth Warren shaking hands in the cold, at Fenway Park, during a college hockey doubleheader. (Here she is standing outside Fenway, for you sticklers.)”

The reference is an allusion to Brown’s first race, against Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, who said she didn’t like hands on campaigning ”[S]tanding outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?”  a quip that epitomized the hands off approach Coakely took to her entire campaign, allowing Brown to win his seat in an upset.

Warren, it appears, has learned from that mistake.

Photo credit: ElizabethForMA flickr


Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

teresa royer
Terry Royer6 years ago

You go Elizabeth!!!!!! we need brains and common sense!!!!!!

Eddie O.
Eddie O6 years ago

How about Rocky Anderson and Elizabeth Warren in 2016? Wow, what a powerful combination that could be!

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Touche and kudos to you Keevin S. You said it all, "What a wonderful world it would be." Yay!!

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady6 years ago

Elizabeth Warren will be a wonderful addition to the Senate and she is definitely Presidential material.

Beth Warren in 2016! I would like nothing better!

Ron Berti
Ron B6 years ago

If I could shake hands with Elizabeth Warren, I might not wash it for a week. Yeah, okay, I still have a big crush on her. But hey, she's smart, beautiful, progressive---what's not to like? ;-)

Patricia A.
Patricia A6 years ago

Cathryn C., let's hope he doesn't get on the "hormn". Time for some real change and she's the one to do it!

James C.
James C6 years ago

People need to stop looking at the polititians who have all the money and start voting for the ones with less after all theres still a chance those ones havent sold there souls yet.

Shirley A.
Shirley A6 years ago

Go Elizabeth!!! Totally agree she is a class act and huge ray of sunshine and hope.

I am hoping we all demand her type of integrity, moral fiber and complete willingness to be a dedicated PUBLIC SERVANT every time elections come up in our communities. Wiping out the deep seeded corruption and crud takes vetting politicians and voting with our open minds and minds educated in fact and reality. NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL. Send all that are practicing the "STATUS QUO" of butt kissing and being totally corrupt corporate shills packing never to see any political office again and vet the newcomer to the "Nth" degree. Join the campaign to overturn "Citizens United" at greedybastards.com and Remember that 99% of us are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Sinking or swimming out of this quagmire is OUR choice.

Warren/Sanders Ticket 2016 for Americans taking care of the REAL American engine, THE MIDDLECLASS, US BASED TAXPAYING BUSINESS and PRODUCTIVE WORKERS.

Nelson Baker
Nelson Baker6 years ago

I wish her good luck. I hope she wins.