Bruning Calls Kerrey A “New York Liberal” In New Ad [VIDEO]

Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey has barely filed the paperwork declaring him a candidate to replace retiring senator Ben Nelson, and already his likely opponent has an ad out against him.

Calling Kerrey, who most recently has been living out of state, a “New York liberal,” Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has placed a $70,000 ad buy attempting to define the Democrat early — and before Bruning himself has even secured the Republican nomination.


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Michelle M.
Michelle M.5 years ago

Bruning has always struck me as someone who is most concerned with his OWN advancement, rather than working to make all Nebraskans' lives better. He's spent so much time campaigning for Ben Nelson's job, that he hasn't really left any time to do his own job ... the one we Nebraskan's pay him for. I've never voted for him and never will. He wants to pick a fight with Kerry? Bob Kerry will wipe the floor with Bruning, and not even break a sweat. Bruning isn't fit to be picked off of the bottom of Kerry's shoes.

Allen S.
Allen S5 years ago

Not to mention that Bob Kerry was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during his service as a Navy SEAL during the Viet Nam War during an operation that cost him part of his leg, was a popular and successful Governor of Nebraska, served two terms in the US Senate from Nebraska, was and is a successful Nebraska businessman.

Where as Jon Bruning is STILL trying in vain to execute his first person as AG, having had the Federal Government seize the first shipment of sodium pentabarbitol for being seized by the DEA for being imported illegally, and the second shipment is now under dispute for having been bought under false pretenses from a foreign manufacturer. Jon Bruning is the definition of a smarmy sleaze ball!!

Allen S.
Allen S5 years ago

Bob Kerry isn't a liberal, he's a Populist! AND a native son of Nebraska who accepted a position as president of a university in New York. He still maintained Nebraska business interests in both Lincoln and Omaha with his own businesses while he lived in New York. He made his money honestly, running several restaurants.

Jon Bruning, on the other hand, is just an ego-centric habitual liar who has accomplished NOTHING of merit as State Attorney General legally, has wasted millions of Nebraska taxpayers' dollars pursuing cases for political reasons and self-aggrandizement, has participated in many questionable and shady financial deals where it appears he has sold his influence as an elected official (he's worth millions, yet has had no civilian job save for serving in Government almost all of his adult life, explain that for a poor farm kid), lied about where he grew up, was a consummate worshiper of Hilary Clinton when he was an undergraduate student writing for the daily paper at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and WAS CAUGHT RED-HANDED ACCEPTING A BRIBE ("Campaign Contribution") FROM A FOREIGN CORPORATION (TransCanada) FOR HIS SILENCE and INACTION ON THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE, all while TransCanada was threatening Nebraska landowners with Illegal Imminent Domain proceedings if they didn't sign easement agreements with TransCanada.

As a life-long registered Republican of 32 years and fourth-generation Nebraskan, I WILL be contributing to, campaigning for and VOTIN

donald baumgartner

I'm w/ Linda T!!!!!

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Better to be a New York liberal than a Republican taliban.

Eugenie B.
Genie Borrelli5 years ago

I'm not from New York so I don't know what it would be derogatory to call someone "New York liberal," but just from this ad I'd choose Kerrey over Bruning for sure. Anyone who thinks that calling someone a liberal is an insult has a serious problem and is not speaking to me.

Kilgore Trout
Dennis Finn5 years ago

As a New Yorker and a Liberal, I am offended. How is it that this is not slanderous? Can campaign rhetoric do or say whatever they please in this day and age, where lies and miss-truths are the norm. Could I pay for an ad calling Bruning a transsexual and place mock before and after pictures on a billboard with no repercussions?

John S B.
John Batza5 years ago

Go Jon Go Bring her down.

Robby C.
Past Member 5 years ago

So.... what's the problem?

Kathryn E.
Kathryn E.5 years ago

Jon Bruning is a nut as Attorney General and I certainly don't want him to take a Senate seat for the state of Nebraska. He is so far right it is scary. He is worse then Johanna's and is on the scale of Lee Terry who lies or gives half truths on everything from the beginning when he said he was running for just one term but found out he loves power and thinks he is better then the people of Nebraska.
Bruning spent money to investigate and put in prison a man who married the women he got pg after they were married he put this man in prison for the sex crime of having sex with this under age women who was carrying his child so this family has to live with this over their heads for the rest of their lives. He had plenty of younger girls that the man just left them after they were pg but no he picks a man that married the girl who was pg (with both of their parents permission and they went to a different state to be married) this is the type of nut that we want in Congress, it's crazy if you ask me.
I for one will be one Nebraska person that gives to Kerrey and will help where ever I can to get him elected NO more Republican for Nebraska they lie and just care about the big corporations who have bought them, these GOP candidates do not care about the people.

Yea and all of them want this Trans-Canada XL pipeline to go through Nebraska because their big Oil friends want it, it's another thing that shows they don't care about our land, our water or our rights. This is one th