Cain: “People Went Nuts” When I Didn’t Sign Abortion Pledge

Presidential candidate Herman Cain was one of two Republican contenders who refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony List’s public anti-abortion pledge.  Watch Cain explain his reasoning at a Right Online session.

Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

Ron may be right.

Margaret Paddock
M A Paddock6 years ago

Have to respect a man that speaks the truth which is more than can be said for Obama

Catt R.
Catt R6 years ago

Most of the Republicans in Washington have signed a pledge to not allow any new taxes.... this includes renewing the tax cuts for the richest which we were told was a temporary thing to boost the economy. We need to find a way to stop this habit they have of writing their own compensation packages..... even if we vote them out for refusing to do their job they collect their pay FOR LIFE, and most likely retain their free healthcare for life as well........ explain again what would inspire them to care what we think?? it's easy to say we don't need Social Security or Medicare if it will not effect your life to have it cut.
A portion of the very rich are former politicians who sold us out..... we sure showed them, we voted them out of office..... but we still pay them as if they had done and were still doing what we hired them for.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Alzheimer's and too rich.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

I think Cain has just given us all a good outline of what the GOP platform has disintegrated to: an anti-woman, anti-rights, pseudo-religionist driven ideology against which we can all vote with a clear conscience. Our Constitution is about protecting and upholding individual human rights, not abrogating them in the name of some dogmatic misinterpretation. The right wing can't be allowed to gain control of this country. It would simply and bluntly no longer be America if they did.

Diana S.
Diana S6 years ago

No matter how hard the bible-thumping wackos try to limit or eliminate womens' access to affordable (or free) birth control and abortion, they seem to ignore the fact that if they back us into a corner, we STILL have unlegislated access to TUBAL LIGATION and other permanent sterilization procedures.

When I had my tubal ligation many years ago, I tried to talk the surgeon into taking my uterus as well (double insurance), but he wouldn't do it. I would have saved enough in what it's cost me for tampons in the years following to put a sizeable down payment on a new condo!!!

By the way, I have never for one instant regretted my decision!

Amanda M.
Amanda M6 years ago

What the hell is up with this new format? There's no counter for your characters, there's no way to flag the spamworms, and you can't find the links half the time!

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander6 years ago

No one should sign pledges from special groups while running for office. If you believe in something that is all he has to say if he is for or against something. I will not vote for anyone who is not pro choice that is my choice.

Mark Alan Dellavecchia

Did anyone watch the Colbert Report last night? Obama is leading ahead of all of the declared Republican offerings, but is is behind a generic Republican. That's the sad thing about difficult times: you can be doing the best that is possible, and still not have popular support.