California Elections – Brown And Boxer Take It – 9:30 PT

Democrat Jerry Brown has won the California gubernatorial race, proving that even Meg Whitman’s $160 million is not enough to keep down a good Democrat, according to Fox News, the Associated Press and The Los Angeles Times. Also proving that there can be a second act, a third, a fourth, even a fifth, as Brown returns 28 years after he left the governor’s office. Brown defeats former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, and will succeed GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also from the Associated Press:

 Democrat Barbara Boxer has won her fourth term in the U.S. Senate, dashing GOP hopes of removing the liberal icon with a strong challenge from former Hewlett-Packard C. CEO Carly Fiorina.

All of which proves that Californian votes cannot be bought.

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anne C.
anne C7 years ago

65 seats to the Republicans... what a defeat!! maybe Democrats can stop with the arrogance of pushing forward unpopular agendas and LISTEN to the majority of needing JOBS..and stopping the foreclosures of homes as millions of families are kicked out of their homes.. lost the House cos they weren't LISTENING!