California Introduces Resolution To Overturn Citizens United

California has become the latest state to introduce a resolution urging Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning the 2010 campaign finance ruling Citizens United.

Two Assembly Democrats, Michael Allen of Santa Rosa and Bob Weickowski of Fremont submitted their resolution. It came the same day Occupy protesters announced they would target more than 80 courthouses nationwide, including some federal courts in California, to protest the decision and are scheduled one day before the second anniversary of the ruling, which has led to a surge in corporate campaign spending.

“A lot of us believe the Supreme Court ruling has thrown us out of balance,” Allen said. “It’s a system that’s out of whack, and for democracy to function well, everybody needs a voice and not to have some voices drown out the others because of overwhelming resources.”

Public Citizen, a national nonprofit consumer advocacy organization worked with Weickowski to develop the resolution calling for the constitutional amendment and is organizing efforts to urge California legislators to pass the measure.

If California passes the measure, it will follow Hawaii and Vermont in standing up against the decision.


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George Marshall
George Marshall7 years ago

Again, this situation just shows that the most powerful nation on earth is an 'oligarchy; and not a democracy. Stop deluding yourselves that the people are in control. That has never been the case. It does not matter which party you vote for or which candidate you vote for, the oligarchy will still rule.

Lee Witton
7 years ago

The only way corporations and the U.S. Supreme Court remembers that we the people are the employers is if we starting acting like employers by firing those who do not serve their employers. The Supreme Court justices have taken to heart the 'Supreme' as they are 'supreme' rather than the highest court in the land. This Supreme Court should simply call themselves the 'deciders' because they have the same attitude of the previous appointed then anointed president, Bush.

However, good news for now; Montana is denying corporations who now want to pour pac money into the state's elections via Citizens United, as unconstitutional per the Montana Constitution, who has had a 100 year law on the books denying hidden contributions as well as corporate powers using their power and money to influence elections. Other states need to do the same thing and the will of the people must be respected and adhered to.

Charli Stubbs
Charlotte S7 years ago

Finally some sanity!!!!!

Every elected official had better get their butts in gear because WE the PEOPLE have HAD IT!!!!!!

The Supreme Court had better quit allowing the rich to decide what the court does.

WE are the employers of the government and we outnumber the rich.

Every elected official had better remember that without OUR VOTES you can't get elected. It's time for US (those who believe in equality and not bigotry) to take back our nation.

Emily L.
Emily L7 years ago

Thank you for the post... I'm happy my representatives are standing up and doing something... hope it goes through...

Lee Witton
7 years ago

Citizens United is one of the most vile amendments ever pushed through. Three judges who sit on the Supreme Court need to be impeached because all three of them have perjured themselves and act with 'conflict of interest'. Robert's and Alito are in fact, activist judges and Roberts invited the most powerful corporations to come before the Supreme Court with the Citizens United case. He solicited their 'business', which is in direct conflict to the interests of the American people. Thomas should never have been confirmed after the Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas, but members of the GOP saw Thomas as an opportunity to further their own self-serving political interests because they knew they had a pawn. Thank goodness for the courageous in this country who have put our U.S. Constitution above political pandering and corporate interests. Keep up the GREAT work and put these corporations back in their place by not allowing them to make policy in this country. They already have far too much power without the Citizens United and that amendment has been the tipping of the iceberg which would push the middle class in this country, under water with no chance of survival.

Mary G.
Mary G7 years ago

I think passing a constitutional ammendment overturning CU is a crucial and necessary step in campaign reform. I also think what may be needed is a corruption investigation into the Supreme Court justices who ruled in their own financial interests on a decision which many think is not even constitutional. To maintain a government that is for the people (not for corporations) and by the people (not by corporations) we need to get the money (corruption) out of the system. Next we should outlaw lobbyist and set limits on campaign expenditures.

Cody Lupardus
Cody Lupardus7 years ago

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly7 years ago

Thanks for post.

Corporations, amongst other entities, are legal fictions, originated by the business world to minimse legal liabity. That can be a good idea if you want investors to invest, (and possibly lose their investment--but not more than that).

However, they do nothing by themselves; all their actions are performed by humans who act on their behalf. We cannot put a corporation in jail, fine it ,or execute it; but we can do all those things to the officers/agents/owners etc of corporations.

Good luck to California, and any other states which follow suit.

New G.
W. C7 years ago

Good for California, thank you.

Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy7 years ago

The most anti-citizen decision EVER of the Supreme Court.