Cambodian Government Stops Progress on Titanium Mine

A surprising reversal has made environmentalists and animal welfare advocates ecstatic. In February, the Cambodian government approved the construction of a huge titanium mine in the middle of the Southwest Elephant Corridor in the Cardamom Mountain rainforest in Cambodia. This area is home to more than 100 endangered Asian elephants and many other endangered and at-risk species.

Prime Minister Hun Sen reversed his February agreement with the United Khmer mining group and has denied permission to continue with the titanium mine. A press release Friday morning said: “Due to the concerns of the impact on the environment, biodiversity and local livelihoods [Prime Minister] Hun Sen has announced to not permit the titanium mining operation that is located in Koh Kong province.”

Over 90,000 Care2 members signed two petitions advocating for the protection of this rainforest and the precious animals that live there. Things were not looking hopeful in February, but we are so excited to say that all of the hard work and involvement of our members and Wildlife Alliance has paid off.

“We are elated by the decision of Prime Minister Hun Sen. It is incredibly encouraging to see that the prime minister has looked so deeply into this proposed titanium mine and taken the effort to weigh the consequences that this project would have on the rainforest and the local people,” said Wildlife Alliance CEO Suwanna Gauntlett. “United Khmer Group had promised staggering revenues for the government, and we applaud the courageous decision of the prime minister to see the greater value of the forest as it currently stands.”

Thanks for remaining hopeful and continuing to fight for Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains and all of the species who call this rainforest their home.

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Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

Good to know!

Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker6 years ago

Great job to all those that worked overtime for this outcome. Thank you, thank you Thank you

Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews6 years ago

Even if the titanium mine promisses untold profits, one must also consider that every government has an insatiable greed for revenue. By actually considering the consequences of mining operations, he is showing more insight than most western bureaucrats. I would not expect such sensitivities to exist in Canada for example. But it is good that this is happening.

Bruce V.

If even Cambodia can find a way to show concern for wildlife over short term economic increace as poor of a country as they are. Then why can't the government of B.C. show the same concern for wildlife and endangered areas and not let Shell move into the Sacred Waters over and above the disscontent of surrounding communities and not allow the fracking which will poison 3 pristine river systems. Also not allow Jumbo Pass to take place, a ski resort we do not need resorts having reduced business as it is. The development in Jumbo Pass is not only a Glacier which will be destroyed but a wildlfe corridor wolverine could become extinct. What kind of government would let this happen. A very bad one!

Mikaila H.
Mikaila H6 years ago

That's so good!

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

It is about time. Who is paying for their act of kindness?

Kelly Stephens
Kelly Stephens6 years ago

thanks for sharing

Terrell E.
Terrell Rodefer6 years ago

What great news! However, suspicious by nature, hopefully someone or some group will stay on top of this to make sure some shifty dealings don't take place and this decision gets quietly reversed.

Joe Chwojdak
Joe C6 years ago

Great news.

Green Green
Green G6 years ago

Always we should to care the environment.