Campbell’s Soup Goes Halal: Islamophobes Freak Out

Campbell’s soup, a staple of pantries for over 100 years, has released a “Halal-certified” line of products that allow Muslims to consume the products without worrying about breaking dietary guidelines. So, of course, Islamophobes are now up at arms over the “Muslim takeover.”

Via Time:

Campbell’s has released several soups in Canada that are halal-certified–meaning they meet the dietary restrictions set by the Islamic Society of North America.

Although Campbell’s has had these soups on the market for months now, conservative bloggers and activists have just picked up the cause against the company. Insinuating that Campbell’s is part of a “brotherhood” with radical terrorists, they’re demanding a boycott of the company.

Like all good right-wing scandals, a facebook boycott has been set up, with some delightful commentary, according to the Houston Press:

News that Americans have started a Facebook group called “Boycott Campbell Soup” [sic] — which has nearly 3,500 members — springs from the fact that Campbell’s began offering 15 of its products as halal-certified…in Canada, not America…months ago. The Facebook page seems to have been inspired by think-pieces from the extreme right with purposefully incendiary headlines like “Sound the Sharia Alarm! Campbell’s Makes Halal Soups!” and “Campbell’s Soup Goes Halal to Appease Terrorist-Funded Group.”

Samples from the Facebook group’s wall include such thoughtful gems as:

The last word found in the black box of those 9/11 planes is “Allahu Akbar” and you muzzies also use this shit word during slaughting animals to make it halal. So, we if we take halal meat that means we dishonor the martyrs of 9/11.

This is just another way that terrorism and it’s sponsors are insinuating themselves into our culture, Terrorists are NOT freedom fighters they are murderous thugs and I will not pay money for soup or any other product that supports, aids or abetts their tactics. Hope someone puts a list out of all of Campbell’s affiliates.

Needless to say, when Campbell’s soup starting releasing kosher soup, no one raised any sort of alarm.

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Chris Marchiona
Christoper M2 years ago

Every legal action should be taken to make the United States Of American and all civilized western countries unappealing to the invaders.

Kendra Moore
Reid Moore4 years ago

Uh, excuse me?
I have nothing wrong with people's religions. What I DO have a problem with, is cruel and inhumane slaughter. I think that we have advanced enough to realise that Halal methods are cruel and cause horrible pain to the animal. So why do we keep doing this?

Is someone's religion somehow more important than the suffering of a helpless animal? We let an animal suffer and struggle in its own blood for up to two whole minutes as it bleeds to death, just because someone believes that's how it should be killed?

This is the 21st century. We know that animals feel pain now, so we should treat them with the respect we know they deserve. Humane killing should be a requirement, and I can't see any valid argument against that.

Louise Peacock
Louise Peacock5 years ago

HALAL is another name for brutal cruelty to the animals being slaughtered. What hypocracy!

We complain about the cruel and brutal methods used on the factory farms in North America, and yet, it's okay for the animals used in HALAL products to be horribly killed. WTF?

I certainly think that there is pressure brought on these companies to appease the religious fanatics and their dietary requirements. How be they all go back to their own crappy countries where no kindness or humanity exists and carry on, and just leave our countries alone?

There's a silly old saying: When In Rome, Do as The Romans Do. To bad these imports don't follow that saying.

Clive Goodwin
Clive Goodwin6 years ago

so slaughtering a fully conscious animal by slitting it's throat and watching it die in pain and terror is perfectly fine with you guys!
I can only hop that you go the same way

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

valda p.: I agree with your fears.

valda p.
valda p7 years ago

Here in Australia we have companies such as cadburys chocolate ,Bega cheese and others that are ingraiting themselves with the muslim ideology,we also have the horrific ,cruel treatment that our government condones 'the live export to the middle east trade' , after a horror trip on these boats from hell ,these poor Australian animals are delivered to their worse nightmare their feet are tied up with wire ,shot in the boot or on top of the car ,driven to their disgustingly cruel death,their throats cut ,they lay dying in agony in their own blood,some are cut up in the street ,it has been captured on video,many were saved this barbaric death as some of the boats sunk ,and many thousands of animals went to a watery grave ,if given a choice between what awaited them ,they would I am sure have preffered the quick death of drowning,this culture has no intention of assimilating ,they want to convert the world to 'islam',they say so in their Koran,I recently watched a video called The Stoning of Suraya M,a true story ,it is very frighting ,muslims migrate to many countries and they take their ideology with them ,'Sharia Law ' is not our law ,I worry about the life my little great grand children will inherit ,they are given religious freedom ,I have freedom of speech..

bob m.
bob m7 years ago

Wonder how Andy W. would fare in all this ?
same garbage; just one can has some nice bleedy cuts in it.
Funny how this all goes like a really long sci--fi flick.
Like Dune.
dune was like a parallel gospel story...remember the weirding way?
Oh well.. just a matter of time till the real thing becomes all too
real for some.
and no one will need a soup taster anymore.
Jesus is lord.

Catherine A.
Cat A7 years ago

A soup is a vehicle of discussion.

Bora S.
Bora Salama7 years ago

"We keep telling everyone, "We are the greatest country in the world." And telling other countries they should be a democracy as we are. . Then the wackos come out of the woodwork and start spouting hate."
Precisely Hope S. Oct 25, 2010 8:19 PM Well said.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers7 years ago

We keep telling everyone, "We are the greatest country in the world." And telling other countries they should be a democracy as
we are. Then the wackos come out of the woodwork and start spouting hate. The latest
being we shouldn't be trying terrorists in our courts. Shouldn't this be the time and place for these trials showing the world how
democracy works? How can people be afraid of
a terrorist that's locked up? Get over your fears!