Can You Name What Is Different About This Dog?

Banji, the little white dog pictured above is no different from any other dog with the exception that a couple of months ago she was rescued by an animal welfare organization from the South Korean meat trade.

In Defense of Animals was conducting an investigation two hours south of Seoul, South Korea when they ran into Banji on the driveway of a dog farm. The farmer said she had showed up as a stray, but he did not consider her “prime” meat because of a skin ailment so he left the tiny dog to fend for herself. The farmer assumed Banji had escaped from another farm.

“Her coat was matted and ragged, and she was favoring her right hind leg,” said the IDA investigator.  “Banji’s skin was a frightful mess, horribly inflamed.”

Eventually Banji inched her way closer to the IDA team and allowed them to pet her.

We later learned that there was a dog farm that buys dogs with skin problems, removing all the fur, masking any illnesses, and selling them to restaurants that serve dog meat and, in a ridiculous irony, health food stores for gaesoju, a dog wine or broth.

The investigator knew she couldn’t leave without Banji. The team put her into a crate and immediately took her to a veterinarian to have her skin condition treated. After several weeks of healing, IDA funded a transport to Los Angeles where Banji was diagnosed and treated for heartworm.

Fully recovered, she moved to Austin, Texas with Junghee, her new adoring mom. Our little angel has been reveling in a happy new world of love and affection. Banji soon became Junghee’s shadow, never letting her out of her sight. Junghee constantly marvels at how smart and agile Banji is.

Banji’s life is now a distant memory from South Korea, but every year millions of dogs and thousands of cats are killed for food and so-called “health tonics.” The dogs are confined in cramped, filthy cages where they sit until they are taken to market. Many like Banji are malnourished and sick.

IDA explained that most Koreans are appalled by the cruelty that goes on in the dog farms and want the meat trade stopped. Please take action to Stop the South Korean Meat Trade.


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Photo Credit: IDA


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

This dog is extremely lucky. Eating dogs is just so disgusting!!!!!!!

Cynthia G.
Cynthia G.5 years ago

Animals are our friends, not our food. Say No to ALL meats!

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

lucky this one was saved. eating dogs is weird but no weirder than goat or horse or cattle. people keep these animals as pets too. why are people so shocked when in different countries people eat different animals?

Beth Wilkerson
Beth Wilkerson5 years ago

I cannot eat any flesh-- to me, no animals are food.

John S.
Past Member 5 years ago


Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago

How disgusting, it's not even big enough to provide much meat! Poor thing!

Elaine B.
Elaine Bell5 years ago

At least if you have no choice but to eat the meat of these poor defenseless dogs and in some cases even cats, the poverty in these asian countries has been eating the meat of dog/cats for centuries and it's not obviously going to stop overnight unless there is some way to substitute the dog/cat meat for another choice without the costs - education is simply not going to change anything. To ban this practice will only give rise to blackmarket slaughter houses and they will be harder to eliminate and treat the animals probably even worse than they are being treated now. The only answer is to provide food choices other than dog/cat meat at the same cost and have an animal shelter to cut the breeding levels back to zero and take away the availability of the dogs and cats for human consumption altogether. Sounds easy but it could be done.

Tim G.
Tim Goddard5 years ago

The thing about eating dogs which is different from eating say, cows or sheep, is that dogs have been selectively bred to show their pup traits, to trust and obey humans. They have been bred to look on humans as benefactors and the undisputed pack leader. The fact that their trust is destroyed when they find themselves in small cages 24/7, and watch their fellow dogs skinned alive in front of them MUST be seen as a betrayal by their human superiors. THAT IS SICKENING.