Canada’s Annual Seal Hunt Begins, Kill Quota Increased

Canada’s annual slaughter of seals is once again underway which will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of baby seals who will be shot, beaten and skinned, most before they reach 12 weeks of age. 

Hunters are on Hay Island’s ice in Nova Scotia where 1,900 grey seals are slated for death. The total kill quota for this year was increased to 60,000, up from 50,000 last year.

That would be a massacre of 80% of the pups born this year, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Despite the EU ban on seal products in 2009 and public outcry from around the globe Canada’s government is still trying to convince people that their barbaric and inhumane hunt is necessary, all while spending tax-payer dollars on diligently trying to find new markets for seal products, rather than working to transition the few thousand sealers into a more stable industry. 

Unfortunately, a deal was recently struck with China to allow seal meat and oil imports. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea is excited about the deal and said, “she was hopeful access to this new market would restore Canada’s sealing industry.”

Last year, dwindling markets kept hunters off the ice at Hay Island completely.

The Harp seal hunt is expected to start later this March, but a quota has yet to be set. Activists and numerous animal rights groups will continue to fight against the slaughter of helpless seal pups. 



Please sign the petition urging Canada to end the slaughter. 

Send a letter to Nova Scotia’s Minister of Tourism asking him to consider the impact of the hunt and stop it immediately.

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W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thanks for the information.

William C
William C1 years ago

Terrible, thank you for caring.

Linda F.
.5 years ago

2013 Historic High Seal Hunt Quota Set
Sealers authorized to kill 408,200 seals, despite a lack of markets
In the face of closing global markets for seal products, the DFO's decision defies scientific advice and logic. — Humane Society International/Canada condemns the irresponsible 2013 seal hunt quota set by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which allows for the slaughter of 408,200 harp and hooded seals. The Fisheries Minister has ignored the advice of government and independent scientists and put politics before conservation.The world community is rejecting products of this cruel and outdated slaughter. The Canadian government should introduce a federal sealing industry buyout, rather than encouraging sealers to club and shoot hundreds of thousands of defenseless baby seals.”
Taiwan passed a historic ban on the trade in marine mammal products, including Canadian seal products, the EU, Russia, the USA and other nations have also implemented prohibitions on the trade in seal products.
With global markets for seal products closing fast, Canada increasingly stands alone in its promotion of the seal slaughter. A federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry would compensate fishermen for lost income and promote the development of economic alternatives in the communities involved.

Most Canadians want the commercial seal slaughter to end, and oppose the Canadian government using tax dollars to promote the sealing industry.
50 % of Newfound

Araceli Codnia
Araceli Codnia6 years ago

I do not know why they call it "hunt", to begin with. This is plain slaughter. You cannot say you are a hunter with animals so defenseless and young as seals.
Stop the BS, because you could earn more money promoting tourism in your area, where tourists can watch these beautiful seals, instead of going into a violent rampage against these poor animals. This is sickening, and the government who allows this too!

Fiona T.
Past Member 6 years ago

Could the number be a decrease?

Lisa Neste
Lisa Neste8 years ago

Signed petition & sent letter gladly!!! End this senseless slaughter now!!! There is no justification for it & there never was!!!!

Adam K.
Douglas K8 years ago

I have an idea. These wild and defenseless animals must be herded or otherwise captured and ferreted to safety by humane groups until the seal hunt is over, then released in their wild home.

Diane L.
Diane L8 years ago

Susan Q., read the article, PLEASE! The quota has been inceased to almost 60,000 animals. There is NO market for the meat of newborn seals....they're clubbed to death for the skins/coats for vanity purposes only. Have you ever seen a baby seal? Not a lot there as far as "meat" is concerned. The market for seal meat is virtually non-existent in the Canadian population, as far as these hunts are concerned. Native peoples do their own hunting, so of course they shouldn't be restricted at all, nor is there any implication that they should be. We're discussing a COMMERCIAL hunt for the sole purpose of killing these animals for profit.......exporting the products to China.

Jewels S.
julie S8 years ago

Native Canadians can not eat 40,000 baby seals a year nor do they need to eat the babies. So that argument is useless.

Susan Q.
Susan Q8 years ago

The native communities in Canada eat seal meat. This can be a major part of their diet. The people best able to comment on this issue are the people who know and live in these areas. It's a bit ethnocentric to say that "they" should stop eating whatever they are eating - in this case, seal meat - and eat what? What's the alternative? Beef? Air lifted from the far south and that costs a fortune? Chicken? Lamb? They should maybe become vegetarians?
This is a complex, complex issue. I am reluctant to see it reduced to such simplistic arguments.