Canada’s Federal Budget Trashes Jobs, Environment, CBC

Stephen Harper’s first budget as a majority government leader wasn’t as bad as feared – at least for some, especially those who feared jobs would be cut in the hundreds of thousands. But for youth, the environment and the public broadcaster, the budget was disastrous.

The public service is staring down the barrel of 19,200 job cuts. Federal program spending will be dealing with a cut of $5.2 billion a year. Canadians under 52 will now not be able to collect Old Age security until age 67 – a two year extension of the retirement age.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, the core of Canadian diplomacy, will face cutting $170 million, with rumoured closings of Canadian consulates in the US on the horizon. Ambassadors’ residences and other properties abroad — valuable properties filled with pride and heritage — are to be sold. The Department of the Environment is being hacked, leaving it toothless in the face of increasingly aggressive corporations who wish to gain access to Canada’s natural resources. The world renowned youth program, Katimavik, has been axed.† And Elections Canada, who coincidentally (?) are in the middle of investigating reports of election fraud in over 200 ridings in the very same election that brought Harper to power, have had their budget slashed.

The hardest hit victim, though, was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the historic public broadcaster that is thoroughly loathed by the Harper government. The CBC has been singled out for a vindictive 10% cut across the board, far more than any other department is facing and obviously aimed directly at crippling the left-leaning public broadcaster.

Next week, we will post a series of articles on each of these cuts, detailing exactly what the impact shall be on Canadians and the future of the environment, the poor and the public in Canada.


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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M5 years ago

Axing the Department of Environment will be disastrous in my opinion. Also I love The CBC just because it is a truly Canadian Icon which should be kept in tact. Just today I heard via radio that Harper and the US will not be helping to fund countries in Europe, as Harper said that they have enough resources to help themselves.
Politics makes me livid sometimes, everyone has their own views, and just don't seem to want to come together for the sake of their country and it's people, and it's heritage. Sad.

Dianne Lane
Dianne Lane5 years ago


Dianne Lane
Dianne Lane5 years ago


TJ D5 years ago

@ Jeffery W, you're just an idiot who has no idea what WE CANADIANS hold dear as our values. Please tell me how the majority of Canadians voted for Harper when only 60% of eligible voters voted and only 40% of those actually voted conservative??????????? that works out to just around 25% of the overall eligible voters!! seems pretty pathetic to me how Harper continues to talk about his "mandate" that he received from the voters when only a quarter of us voted for him. He should respect the wishes of the other 75% of us and not mess with the values we hold dear to our hearts. He needs to go, whether it be through the voter suppresion scandal and he gets kicked out of office (i really hope this happens) or in 2015 everyone around the country wises up and realizes that the only people he is trying to help are the 1% and corporations who continue to reep profits while screwing over the rest of us. We need to unify the left in Canada and get this lying weasel out of the House for good!!

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.5 years ago

well... i'm not 52 (nor younger), so it is small consolation
but 54 this year... and nobody wants to hire a 50 year old person here in Canada...
i'm now out of work 50 months since 2008-Jan-22 when i was permanently laid off... and still looking... all i get is silence from anyone in industry.
i don't stand even a remote chance getting a 'union job' (given i never was in a union to begin with)...
and i must compete in my mfg industry experience with those with similar experience but had higher 'official' positions even though i never had such 'official' positions for my skills... and those with degrees (to which getting a degree garners no advantages as it relegates me back to a mere 'graduate' with 'no experience'.)
it may be illegal to discriminate, but impossible to detect discrimination if it ever happens widespread or not (be it via personnel agencies or employers).

Sharon S.
Sharon S5 years ago

Harper makes me ashamed to be Canadian. I have NEVER voted for him, never will. I'd like to wipe that smile/smirk off his pasty face. Although I have not been a NDP supporter, I would have welcomed Jack Layton as Prime Minister of Canada, not as an NDP, but as an-gasp- basically honest man, something that is either rare or non-existant in politics of most countries, Obama being another exception. It was & still is a sad day for Canada that we lost Jack Layton.
RIP Jack.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

Budget? They have a BUDGET???

Well - seems they're doing better than we are! We don't have one yet!

That's because the Democrats don't want no stinking budget to curb their rampant spending!

Marg Wood
Marg W5 years ago

The good news is that the official opposition just elected a new leader and they are tied in the poles with the conservatives 35% to 35%. We also have a third party that has 19% in the polls and they are central Liberals and the NDP are left of centre bout parties do not like the conservatives there are also green party and other miscellaneous parties! Many of those who voted conservative regret their choice now! Liberals have been in power many times. This is the first time the NDP has formed the oposition in the federal elections. Steven Harper is already attacking with adds! I think he is worried.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

In Canada, the US and in everywhere else, it seems the worse things get, the more scared, reactionary and conservative people get. An escalating cycle that probably ends in destruction, a short peace, then it begins again. Conservatives must be nature's way of controlling overpopulation. In other species, we call them "predators".

John B.
John B5 years ago

He should move to the USA and join the GOP.