Afghan Family Law Legalizing Rape to Be Revised

CBCnews is reporting that Canadian Foreign Minister Laurence Cannon was informed Sunday by an Afghan official that a new family law, which as Natasha G. reported last week, critics say legalizes marital rape, “has been halted and will be revised.”

The law as written, gives husbands the right to sex every fourth night unless the wife is ill. It only affects Shia Muslims, who make up about 15 per cent of Afghanistan’s population.

The Afghan government’s change seems to be in response to Saturday’s NATO summit in Strasbourg, France during which several of the world’s leaders including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, U.S. President Obama, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all expressed strong opposition to the new law.

Can I get a shout out for Obama, Merkel, Harper, and Sarkozy?  It’s nice to see the world’s leaders sticking up for the equal rights of women and girls.


bob m.
bob m7 years ago

Ah yes; Iran;
They're hanging from cranes for misdomeners and taking one in the chest from police snipers.
Zahra; If any place on earth deserves the title; "foulbane", it is IRAN.
But you sound like you might do well in advertising; say for Iranian tourism.

MeowFoul B.
MeowFoul B7 years ago

Answer to the poll question- no if they were the world of girls and women would not be suffering so much.

Jacob G.
Jacob G8 years ago

Rape is the crime of forcing a person into sexual intercourse against their will. Statutory rape is the crime of coercing a child. United States government reports define the term "rape" very broadly to include even a threat of rape without any physical contact. Crime statistics of rapes per 1,000 people by country.

1. South Africa: 1.19538
2. Seychelles: 0.788294
3. Australia: 0.777999
4. Montserrat: 0.749384
5. Canada: 0.733089
6. Jamaica: 0.476608
7. Zimbabwe: 0.457775
8. Dominica: 0.34768
9. United States: 0.301318
10. Iceland: 0.246009
11. United Kingdom: 0.142172
12. Spain: 0.140403
13. France: 0.139442
14. Korea, South: 0.12621

Tufail A.
Tufail A8 years ago

Dear Rosalie, i think u ought to study Islamic values before commenting. & may i add that Afghanistan is not a yard stick by which u can gauge Sharia. Local culture is more prominent than Islamic values in Afghanistan. Just find out the rights of women in Islam, you wud know the difference ..

Tufail A.
Tufail A8 years ago

American and NATO forces are alreay involved in murdering the husbands, brothers, sons and fathers of such deprived women in this part of world instead of ensuring re-habilitating them. Isn't it an action that is depriving the women further from their basic rights. Instead of spending billion of dollars on weaponary & allied expenditure, such money can be utilized in settling the perceived issues of terrorism and extremism.
Not to mention that such killings of women & children are multiplying "terrorists" in response to loosing their loved ones ,,,
last sentence is for Mr. Kerry who remarked that terrorists existed before drone attacks ...

Emmie G.
Emmie G8 years ago

This is a very sad world that we live in nowadays. The one ray of hope that shines for me is President Obama and his lovely wife and daughters. I have major hopes that he will continue as he has started, righting wrongs that should have been corrected LONG ago.

Zahra Lavasani
Zahra Lavasani8 years ago

your comments are respectable.but this is not a real islam.Im moslem(shia).and I tell u,that our prophet didnt prove such things.these are just innovations.I think its better for u,to first go and search about islam. if there are some christians or jewish or anyone that beleive in some special religion, but their behavior is not correct we wont accuse the others,insult their religion, and where they live.Im very happy to live in country like islamic republic of iran.
Im sorry. but you are way off.I ask u to come and see our country( iran, not iraq). you will find out that its completely different with the negative advertisments and what you think.
in mu eye, Its very bad for us to be conservative.Me and you,all of us,have to see the real aspects of everyone and everything,before thnking of their religion,think that they live in west or east.we shoud help each other to know this beatifull world,better .
It will be descent of you,to think about everything I said.

Pamela H.
Pamela H8 years ago

Women's rights groups should arm every woman with a pistol under her bhurka so that she can go anywhere she likes, any time she likes, with whom she likes; and any man who dares to come near her with ill intent gets his just deserts.

Pamela H.
Pamela H8 years ago

If you ask me Saima, religion seems to be 'against' everything. That's one of thousands of reasons why religious superstition should be left in its blood-soaked pages of ancient history where it belongs.

Pamela H.
Pamela H8 years ago

Methinks this Afghan official felt pressured - and lied.