Canadian Scientists Mourn The Death of Evidence

The Harper Conservatives have fired scientists, cut programs and told experts what they can and cannot say to the media and now a group of Canadian scientists is fighting back.

As they come together in Ottawa for a biology conference, these professionals will gather on Parliament Hill on June 10 to mourn what they call the ‘Death of Evidence.’ They will hold a funeral procession from the conference center to Parliament Hill.

The organizers cite job cuts at Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Library and Archives Canada, the National Research Council, Statistics Canada and more as proof that this government does not care about evidence-based knowledge. They specifically mention the Conservative government’s decision to make the long-form census voluntary, which will make statistics less generalized and will have a major effect on research for years to come. There have also been cuts to grant programs which fund scientific research in all different fields.

The organizers plead:

If you are fed up with the closure of federal scientific programs and muzzling of scientists, if you think that decisions should be based on evidence and facts instead of ideology, then please come out and show your support.

Gary Goodyear, the Minister of State for Science and Technology, took exception to the way the government cuts have been portrayed by researchers and in the media, saying they are being exaggerated. He told Postmedia that his government is spending on science at “historic levels.” The spending, though, seems to go to scientists who agree with the government and are willing to keep quiet about their research.

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Photo Credit: Vivien Rolfe


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ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Richard T.
Richard T5 years ago

Good Information!

Amy Boughner
Amy Boughner5 years ago

Someone sent me these wonderful photos from the march

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra5 years ago

there is something strange going on!! In Canada and the USA. This Harper Conservative government was voted in by less than 40% of the voters. As Canadians are progressives and proud of it Harper must know he will be booted out in the next election 3 years from now as Canadians won't stand for the dismantling of their Social System in place since the 60sh.
It is the same for the USA, the Republicans who are hell bend on loosing the next election.....but will they?
There's something afoot here. Harper and the Repubs know something we voters are not going to know till it's too late. The one thing I assume is massive vote irregularities in November in US and when the populace begins to figure it out there will be riots. Therefore all these 80 odd Camps of Fema, topped with barbed wire, will come in handy to house the millions of people who are not taking it any more. Harper must have similar plans as they are building more prisons yet even as the crime rate has fallen over several years.
Am I paranoid? Maybe but I just wanted to point out a few anamolies.

Micheal Moffat
Past Member 5 years ago

protect life, prosecute those that seek to destroy our shared home and our fellow beings
life has value beyond measure
Peace and Love
*********** WALL OF SHAME ************
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DEMOLISH ------>>>>> THIS WALL !!!!

Maresa Marangoni
Maresa Marangoni5 years ago

Oh goodness, what am I reading... Why does part of humanity want to go backwards?

Michael O.
Michael O5 years ago

For more about this, the CBC has a good article on the march:

Death of scientific evidence mourned on Parliament Hill

William K.
William K.5 years ago

This is how it starts stop all thought and sciences teachers and the free thinkers,then disrupt the news calling everyone crazy that dont agree with the goverments assesment.then you ? if you know your history,it,s about 2 years later when they all start disapiering,never to be heard from again.the crown corperation of canada is tightening it,s grip.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

Even our Canadian neighbors, who I dearly love, are going nutsy-coo.

Carole R.
Carole R5 years ago

Thanks for the information.