Canadians Say They Changed Votes After Misleading Robocalls

Could this be the Harper Government’s Sponsorship Moment?

In the wake of accusations of Canadians in Liberal ridings receiving misleading robocalls directing them to phony voting booths just before last May’s election, Stephen Harper certainly has a mess to deal with.

Canadians are telling stories of being called at inappropriate times, such as late at night or during the Sabbath, and being subjected to long and “arrogant” scripted calls claiming to be from their local Liberal party candidate. These calls were designed to cast the Liberal candidate in to a bad light specifically, and in some cases they worked. Some voters are now even coming forward to say that the robocall “definitely” changed their vote, which could imply significant impact on election results in several ridings which were decided by as few as 19 votes.

The Conservative government is also under attack for revelations that callers in many ridings received last-minute phone calls telling voters that their voting locations had changed at the last minute, redirecting them to fictional polling stations, stations far away from their homes or traditionally very busy stations. Currently one riding is under “official” investigation, but plenty of complaints have come forward from ridings across Canada, and particularly in Ontario where Stephen Harper longed to make inroads in the last election.

While Harper claims there was “absolutely” no wrongdoing on the part of the Conservative party, as the investigation proceeds voters appear unconvinced. At the very least, the party with the most to gain by turning voters away from the Liberal party was indeed the Conservative party of Canada. And as a result, this is a scandal that might stick, much to the Prime Minister’s irritation.


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Bob Abell
Dr. Bob Abell5 years ago

Don't underestimate how dangerous this gang is.

"However, the measures taken by the Nazis in the early part of their rule rendered the constitution irrelevant." Wikipedia.

LD B6 years ago

We should be surprised that the paleoconservatards would stoop to such?

This sort of thing has been going on for decades.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

A very deceitful bunch!

Joanne S.
Joanne Stevenson6 years ago

Shame on the government again, they keep ripping us off and getting away with it (usually with a slap on the hand and a fat pension plan) When will this ever end? They treat the people as if all Canadians are stupid enough to gobble all their bull. Enough is enough; we want honest people running the country not crooked thieves ruining the country and then make the poor working men and women pay more tax for their mistakes. Shame Shame Shame...

Diane C Nicholson
Past Member 6 years ago

I suspect Harper knew nothing about this. He simply told his gang that they had better create a majority government this time so that their agendas could be achieved. They did this in the background so that he could say, in all honesty, that he knew nothing.

He put together a law that muzzled the scientists who had evidence of wildlife disappearing and climate change getting worse.

He's a dangerous man and has been able to pull the wool over too many eyes before-- perhaps, fingers crossed, that is about to change.

Cat N.
Cat N6 years ago

Finally! Finally the Harper government is getting called on it's bad behavior.

Shannon R.
Shannon Rossiter6 years ago

Stay vigilant! This election take over didn't just happen in Canada. This is being attempted all over the world. The 1% Multi-International Corporation Complex is coming to a city near you. GET OUT THE VOTE!

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J6 years ago

That government is a shame!

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Saw a story on the news about this where they compared past election frauds that brought about or almost brought about a recall and they were small numbers, in the tens or hundreds. This one has over 31,000 complaints of election fraud and Harper thinks he can just ignore it. No, he is proving everyday that his goal is to be dictator or fuhrer of Canada.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Monica K.
Monica K6 years ago

Do you see a pattern here? If you are really the candidate with the best ideas, one who would best represent the people, why would you have to resort to this kind of criminal activity to get elected? If this doesn't terrify you, if this doesn't make you angry, if this doesn't make you want to get off your behind and DEMAND accountability, then I guess you get what you deserve.