Cantor Says Many on Medicare Can Afford Their Own Insurance [VIDEO]

Did you know that many of the people who are on medicare don’t really need it, and are wealthy enough to afford insurance on their own?  So claims Congressman Eric Cantor in a recent interview with Chris Wallace, where the Republican argues there’s a safety net in place for those who don’t really need it.

Via Think Progress, watch the video below:


By United States Congress ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


David H.
David H4 years ago

He right there are some retired who can aford heathcare but they might have to sell there personal jet and fly comercal from now on to do it

Vince P.
Vince p5 years ago

This for all those that posted they pay several HUNDRED DOLLARS a month extra for supplemental plans. Suggest you check out better plans i.e., HUMANA MEDICARE HMO GOLD which only charges you what your medicare premium is each month. Look for a plan that has ZERO DOLLAR PRIMARY CARE CO-PAYS and specialist co-pays of under $25 each.

Sounds to me like you just took what someone "sold" you, (FISH).

PETER COHEN5 years ago

Don't be lured in by this man. Always challenge his first assumption: "We are in a situation where we have a safety net in place in this country for people who frankly don’t need one. We have to focus on making sure we have a safety net for those who need it."

He has lots of money. He thinks he will never get in financial trouble. He can't give you a figure for how many people don't need a safety net.

Always counter with a few questions and watch his argument fall apart: Then what do we do about all the people who didn't need a safety net until they were hard hit by Katrina and by Sandy? Why can't the people who really don't need a safety net pay more into Medicare and Medicaid? Why does he think that the states most dependent on Federal funds for Medicaid are going to afford his proposal? What ever happened to the sound the insurance principle of shared risk?

Underneath it all is a fellow who if pinned down privately will tell you that he resents the government taking his money and that the market place can do a better job. But in public he says what he says with a pasted on smile and a mild-mannered voice. Eric Cantor: funded by the NRA and the Koch Brothers. Not to be trusted.

Mary Vaughn
Mary Vaughn6 years ago

Yvone C.
I would love to know just what type of insurance they have that keeps them from having to pay anything. I know I have regular Medicare and a supplemental insurance and neither one of them pick up the entire tab. First of all I have to pay the deductibles on the hospital and the doctors. Medicines are an entirely different ball game. I pay somewhere around $400.00 in premiums and very high deductibles each time I visit a hospital. Each time I go to a doctor I pay a co-pay and an even higher co-pay if he happens to be a specialist. Medicines are too complicated to explain here but I guarantee you some people with special conditions go broke or without.

Mary Vaughn
Mary Vaughn6 years ago

He is talking about Seniors being able to afford their insurance payments and get by on less. Doesn't the government officials have a sweet insurance program at the expense of the taxpayer. Let's see some of those old farts in Congress try to go out into the world and purchase insurance. Somehow people seem to think that seniors get free medicare. My husband and I draw $2,000 a month SS combined. In insurance we pay $ 396.00 in premiums plus co-pays for doctors , hospitals and medicine. Of course we are happy to have this but if they do away with Medicare we would be at the mercy of aan emergency room. Anyone ever been to an emergency room and saw the cost. Tell me how would they be saving money? They do not want to make good on those 2.6 trillion dollars in T-Bonds

glenda b.
glenda b6 years ago

This guy is a complete idiot...

Ben G.
Ben G6 years ago

I had to retire at 61 because I went too blind to work. I managed to get 75% SS, but I also qualified for disability which brings it up to 100%. Fortunately, I also get 30% disability from VA for injuries I received in Vietnam. You think I can get insurance of any type?

I just got my Medicare card two weeks ago, but I cannot use it. I moved to Canada the day Social Security started. It's much cheaper here in most things than it is in the 'States. I pay cash for medical service since I'm still an American and not eligible for OHIP (Canadian Health). However, medical visits run under $50 and prescriptions are about 25% what they are in the U.S. (I buy from a REAL Canadian pharmacy).

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

same stuff diff. post area rich got it made and will stay rich.

Harriet K.
Harriet K6 years ago

As a senior with a husband with Parkinson's, we are going broke even with Medicare and AARP supplemental insurance (which costs us $460/month. We also have long-term insurance which costs us over $6,000/year. I don't know what the answer is - we thought we were OK but then my husband got sick and we are struggling to stay afloat. We are not deadbeats or parasites as Ryan and Boehner seem to think - just people who had the misfortune of getting old and sick.

Jerry t.
Jerold t6 years ago

Someone should publish a collection of of idiot speak. My doctor sais "your money or your medicare ".
medicare was billed $900.00 for my recent eye exsam. Somehow I can't see that. In turn, my share was $300.00. He'll never see that.
I'm not a sucker, quit lickin' me.
Is anyone at med don't care monitoring this crap?
"Is there a doctor in the mansion"?