Captain Planet Celebrates 20 Years As An Eco-Hero

Twenty years ago today, Captain Planet and the Planeteers premiered on national television, teaching kids large and small that they had the power to save the Earth from pollution.

In honor of his long and eco-friendly career, the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) has declared September 15th to be National Captain Planet Day.

The creation of media giant and Atlanta native Ted Turner, Captain Planet was officially recognized at Atlanta’s City Hall on Tuesday, September 7.

A few of the Captain’s favorite green activities included planting trees, recycling, picking up litter, conserving water and volunteering.

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed will present Captain Planet with the Phoenix Award, the highest award the mayor can bestow and the equivalent of the proclamation for the executive branch, and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue will endow Captain Planet with a commendation on his milestone.

The cartoon series, which ran for six action-packed seasons from 1990 -1996, was one of the first to successfully merge educational messages with children’s entertainment programming.

With a current Facebook following of almost 300,000, it’s plain to see that the little kids who first fell in love with the world’s first eco-hero, are still enamored with the thought of saving the planet as adults.

But will we combine our powers in time?

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Arthur Killings
Arthur Killings7 years ago

Captain Planet was my favorite show!! That show is what started my Earth loving personality.

Melinda M.
Past Member 7 years ago

I loved that show. They should bring it back. It is certainly a timely show.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

Captain Planet was my favorite show!! That show is what started my Earth loving personality

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y7 years ago

And globalized corporations hate him as much as ever. They've lobbied to keep re-runs off the air.

One of the few cartoons that showed a representative sampling of the world's races, too, a long time before 'culture wars' or 'political correctness.'

julieanne bowes
julieanne bowes7 years ago

wow..20 years...captain planet he's our hero!!

Lynn Marie M.
Lynn Marie M7 years ago

Keep on going.

Kait Madison
Kaitlen Madison7 years ago

i love captian planet , just as much as i loved power rangers.

Kashfia F.
Kashfia F7 years ago

Congrats! He's always been one of my faves..I still remember the whole song lol...

Kaye Skinner
Kaye S7 years ago

Way to go.

Jean Lord
Jean Lord7 years ago

Yeah for Captain Planet.