Care2 Members Rally Across the World to Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

As the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival approaches its eighth year in Yulin, Guangxi, China, activists and organizations all over the world are speaking out against the mass murder of more than 10,000 dogs for human consumption starting June 21. Care2 members are a massive and vocal part of that uproar.

This year, Care2 members not only signed petitions and logged more than 1.6 million signatures, but they also took to the streets in Washington D.C., San Francisco and Toronto to rally and attempt to hand-deliver signatures to the Chinese Consulates. Our petition signatures were also included in attempted deliveries in London and Beijing at events coordinated by our partners Humane Society International.

Each of these events was unique. Here’s an overview of how Care2 activists stepped up in each city, and how your signatures were carried into the Chinese Consulates to try to make a difference for dogs.

London and Beijing

Care2 was proud to join forces with Humane Society International to deliver an incredible combined 11 million signatures at private events in London and Beijing. These efforts combined the signatures and organizing work of HSI and Care2, as well as Raise UR Paw, Duo Duo and Avaaz.

These events, which served as petition signature deliveries and opportunities for the media to learn more about Yulin, resulted in an incredible amount of media attention, including a story in the New York Times.

Not only that, but the London event hosted by HSI was attended by none other than the legendary Carrie Fisher, who came out to support the efforts to shut down the dog meat festival.


San Francisco

sf-500It’s no secret San Francisco is a city of dog lovers. In fact, Care2’s Julie Mastrine and her friends joke that they see more dogs than children in San Francisco. That’s why it was no surprise when more than 100 people and their dogs joined Mastrine and Care2 at San Francisco’s Chinese consulate to protest the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival on June 13.

The rally drew scores of animal lovers who are appalled at Yulin’s annual event and had traveled to the protest from all over the Bay Area. Many of the protestors had creative, homemade signs. One man and his friends printed a giant banner. One woman even had her dog strapped to her belly and carried a sign with an arrow pointing to the chihuahua that said, “Dinner in Yulin.” Very sad, but affecting!sf-2-500

Mastrine relayed an incredible story of one of the attendees. “A woman named Laura came all the way from the East Bay with her dog, Toby, who had been rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea,” she said. “Toby was the sweetest, and it was so sad to think of him crammed into a tiny cage all alone, destined for someone’s dinner plate.”

Unfortunately, no one from the Chinese consulate would come out to meet the protesters to receive a copy of the petition signatures, but that didn’t stop them from rallying outside the building for nearly two hours.


The Toronto event was coordinated by an incredible Care2 activist named Jana Lewis. Jana was fired up to take on Yulin. After signing every petition she could find, and making donations to groups on the ground, when she saw Care2′s tweet asking for people to volunteer to take their activism off-line, she decided to go all in. Jana became the lead organizer for the rally to stop Yulin outside the Toronto Chinese consulate. She tweeted up a storm, reached out to the media, printed up her own signs, and worked with Care2 to share the Facebook event with animal rescue groups throughout the area.

On the day of the event Jana was blown away by the turnout and activism she helped inspire. Well over 100 people came out to rally against Yulin and tried to deliver the petition signatures to officials at the consulate. While they wouldn’t accept the petition (going so far as to trying to close the building gate on Jana), they couldn’t ignore the crowd, the chants and the fantastic media attention.


Jana’s first rally was a huge success, and she’s now making plans for her next efforts to shut the festival down.

Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a city full of causes. But you still don’t often see protesters dancing on the double-yellow lines in the middle of the street, waving their signs and eliciting supportive honks from the cars passing on either side of them.

But that’s exactly what happened last Monday, June 13, when people gathered outside the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. Activists were decked out in homemade shirts condemning the dog slaughter festival in Yulin, sporting their Washington Animal Rescue and Humane Society volunteering like a badge of honor, and carrying their own beloved companion animals.

And luckily, Care2 staffer Miranda Becker also came with her own gear — including two black Sharpies that two young men quickly put to use, drawing up their own signs on the back of the Care2 posters. Their new, homemade signs spelled out, together: “HONK if you want to stop dog slaughter!” Signs in tow, they darted out into traffic onto the thin yellow line that separated opposing lanes of traffic, twirling their signs around and starting up the chant: “Give them food and water, stop the Yulin slaughter!”


An hour into the protest, demonstrators suddenly disappeared, only to arrive again ten minutes later with hands full of brightly-colored plastic whistles. The whistles quickly found their way to every activist.

Becker details what it was like to try to deliver the signatures to the Embassy:

“At the end of our rally, a small but committed contingency of activists joined me in marching into the office building — dogs in tow, Care2 signs in hand, and whistles wrapped around wrists. We were refused the opportunity to speak with officials from the Chinese government, but the American security team guarding the room told us we were being effective.

‘My best advice?’ one said to us, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re making noise, and people are noticing. Keep causing a ruckus.’

As things stand right now, our fight continues. In just days, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will likely begin. But as our voices continue to get collectively louder and we put even more pressure on the Chinese government to stop this horrific event, we can win. Together, we can make it happen, in time. Please continue to sign the petition and speak out.


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Animals are our friends.

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Every country should ban such kind of cruel festivals all over the world.

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Every living being have the right to live.

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