Care2 Members Share Their 9/11 Memories (Part 2)


This week, we’re taking a look at some of the impacts, memories and changes that 9/11 has created over the last ten years. Some of our Care2 members shared their memories of that tragic day with us, and we want to share it with you.

Gia Z. That day is like a picture frozen in my mind. I’m on the West Coast so by the time I was up and on my way to work, all three planes were down and the world felt like it was in shambles.

Our city became one of the designated landing sites for the planes who had been basically circling the skies waiting for instructions as to what to do. From my office window on an upper floor, I watched plane after plane, giant and small, follow the flight pattern right overhead to our airport. I don’t think I’ll ever see anything like that again.

And I am still amazed at how our community pitched in to make the incoming passengers comfortable while we all tried to make sense of the horror that changed our country that September morning. That is the one thing I will always take away from 9/11 — that at one time our country pulled together, irregardless of party, met the terror head on and didn’t let them defeat our humanity.

Tiffany M. I remember that day so clearly. I was in the 8th grade and I had a few minutes left in the morning before I had to leave. I decided to turn on the tv and it happened to be the news. I saw the first plane hit,and then the second and my heart started to race. I just couldn’t believe it. I took my time walking to school, there was a car accident right across the street from me about a half mile from my house, I jumped and instantly tears shot into my eyes. I was so spooked. When I got to school, all we did in class was watch the news. My heart goes out to everyone who was involved and all those that were lost. I will never forget that day.

Sharon H. I was at work for the airline who transported those men to NYC. I was the lead on duty in the International/Domestic Rate desk and the only one in charge at the time. My friend, another lead called when the first plane hit and said there was a horrible accident. Then later, after the second one hit and the Pentagon, all of the ticket counters started calling in and since the rate people didn’t know how to handle it, I was taking their calls……and I wasn’t prepared for that kind of thing either…the supervisor of our dept. came in later, but no one from upper management ever came to our dept. to help us. We were pretty much on our own, and we were the only dept. that had direct contact with the airports. I started my shift at 5AM and didn’t get home until around 7PM. I only got to see the news footage in the break room when I managed to grab a snack.

Isla B. I live in FL and work in news, the evening shift, so I was asleep. My boyfriend woke me up and said “you’d better come see this” – a plane had just hit the Twin Towers. So I was awake and watching when the 2nd plane hit. Being from NY, I was devastated to watch what was happening to my city. I went right to the office, knowing it was going to be impossible to grasp the scope of this. I actually had plans to be in NY 3 days later – and went. There were no terrorists, foreign OR domestic, that were going to make me fearful – that’s how they win.

For a decade I thought that no one I knew had died in the tragedy. It was only in the past 2 weeks that I found out a friend from HS would have been able to save himself, had he not gone back to save his mother-in-law. The both perished.

Amanda M. My husband and I were both working security at an old Army base that was being converted to civilian use. We were both operating roadblocks around a buried ordnance removal project when he heard the first broadcasts. We initially thought it was a single-engine plane that had gone seriously off course, but found out all too quickly that it was terrorists hijacking jets! All work at the “dig” ceased and someone turned up a radio full blast so we could all hear what was going on. The soldiers still on the base got reactivated, and we got released from work early because of that. On the way home, we heard the governor of Maryland ordering all emergency services personnel to report to their stations (being volunteer firefighters, that meant us too). So after a detour to tell our security boss what our new orders were (superseding orders from the company VP to report to the power plant in the nearby town), we headed to the firehouse for the rest of the day. Even there, nothing happened-everybody was piled three deep in the lounge chairs watching the news, and the only time anybody moved was to “hit the clicker.”

Two days later, my husband and I were over at Sheetz getting provisions together for a 12-hour shift at the power plant. He was inside getting coffee, and I was in the car listening to the radio. Don Henley’s song “New York Minute” came on with radio and phone transmissions from 9/11 added to it, and the combination made me lose it completely. Here I was, in my security uniform in the middle of the parking lot, and I was BAWLING! To this day, I still can’t listen to “New York Minute.” The lyrics of that song just hit all too close to home after that terrible day.

Our firehouse commemorates 9/11 every year since. Starting the year afterwards, we have a Remembrance Parade that honors not just the fallen fire/rescue personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice that day, but also our fallen soldiers in the wars since. This Sunday as I climb into one of our engines for the parade, my thoughts will go back to that day and I will remember those who were killed then. May they all rest in peace.

laura b. I am a nurse, and had worked the evening shift the night before. Got up and saw tower one was ablaze and that a plane had hit it. Still half asleep, I saw the second plane come in and thought, “wow that plane is attemtping to do a rescue of some sort” Boy, was I every wrong. I remember driving to work that afternoon, and there was silence everywhere you went. People were in shock, disbelief written all over theirs faces. From that day, I made plans to move home. I was in Virginia Beach and wanted to be close to family again after 25 years of living out of state. Ten years later, I am home in upstate NY.

R. H. My clock radio woke me to the news! I watched the TV & since I live on the UWS of Manh I ran to the dock on the Hudson. Many people were there and we watched as the Towers came down. It was incredulous!

I ran home & since the Red Cross was a block away, I went to see what I could do.

I finally became a mental health volunteer down at Ground Zero for about 1 year. I will never forget the poignant stories I heard from people who lost others & of the 1st responders. I still remember some of their names & faces.

I am feeling low with all the news about the anniversary & believe Bloomberg is wrong to invite politicians & not the 1st responders to the ceremony.

Though the Administration said the air there was safe…there had never been a soup of multiple chemicals & human remains mixed together. I now suffer from asthma & GERD.

Bless all those who worked down there!

Holly W. I was starting my day to head back to work on Long Beach Island, NJ. My mother had passed away on Aug. 27, 2001 and we had her memorial service on Sept. 8th, so I had the weekend off. I was watching the news and about quarter to nine I decided nothing more was going to happen, so I switched off the TV to go online (I had a WebTV at the time, so it was either watch TV or surf, not both.) I read through my email and then went to surf and check eBay.

When I was there I got the bing that I’d received an email. I kept surfing. If I had gone to read the email, I would have seen it was from a friend who worked down in the area. She had seen the first plane hit as she was getting out of the subway. The second plane hit as she was writing the email.

I still didn’t know anything was going on until my landlady came upstairs to ask if the ferry docked anywhere near where the WTC was. Her son and his daughter had gone up to NYC for the day. I told her no and asked why. I was shocked. I rapidly turned on the TV to see the Towers burning. I spent the next couple of hours switching back and forth between the TV and online checking on friends.

I very reluctantly went to work at the supermarket. The radios were on the receiving area and the produce back room. Everyone seem to float there when they weren’t doing something. The store was very quiet that day and those who did come in seemed to be in shock. I came home to almost 300 emails from friends.

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Patricia J.
Patricia J6 years ago

To all those people who accuse the Israeli and US governments of being terrorists and warmongers, I can only say take a wake up call before it is too late. Just for the record,
here are the plain facts rhat so many deny or will not accept -
Approximately 11,000 terrorist attacks occurred in 83 countries during 2009, resulting in over 58,000 victims, including nearly 15,000 fatalities.

Sunni Muslims were responsible for 50% of the attacks. According to open source reports, the Taliban claimed credit for the largest number of attacks causing the highest number of fatalities. Al-Shabaab was the second deadliest group, followed by al-Qa’ida in Iraq as the third deadliest group.

Other branches of the Islamic terrorist groups (Shi´a, Salafi, and so on) were responsible for over 40% of the terrorist attacks.…

Over 90% of the total number of the terrorist attacks in hte world were pepetrated by Muslims.
Is this “ a religion of peace”? Were the American or Israeli governments responsible for these
atrocities that claimed the lives of so many countless innocent victims? NO,NO and NO again!! Theharsh reality is that therrorist groups around the world do not want peace.They are cowardlycold blooded killers with hearts filled with hate , who are not prepared to negotiate or compromise in any way, and will stop at nothing to achieve their avowed aim of world

David L.
David Laing6 years ago

My strongest memory about 9/11 is of the video I watched on 9/11/2001 of WTC building 7 coming down, and of my immediate reaction, which was "That is the best example of controlled implosion demolition that I have ever seen!"

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

How could you possibly know the true horrors of US war through biased, watered down, filtered, edited, propagated, one-sided news media?

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

Sure Everyone is having fun now because the war is taking place elsewhere. some place far off from where the cries of children and widowed women, the shrieks of raped girls, the wimpers of kidnapped orphaned children to be sold as sex slaves in the meat markets of Europe and US and indeed the world dont reach your ears.

The bombs are raging on over some desert dwelling, barefoot, naked, illiterate, half civilised people. All the better if the war is far off and not near home. At least your family, loved ones & your children and pets are safe.

So who cares right? even if you lose a bit of sleep over it when you get down to thinking sometime, you are reminded that these muslims are a plague and a threat to everything good and civilised. If left unchecked they may bring the world back to the dark ages. they are barbaric and so they should be killed without remorse, without pity, without consequence. Or perhaps you may think that the world is over populated and this killing will set the clock back a bit.

But Powers have risen and fallen throughout history. America has risen now and seems it is set to fall already with the crises it has run itself into. Consider that another nation rises to power, maybe even muslims and they find similar reasons such as yours to come and bomb you back to oblivion and similarly be deaf, dumb and blind to the pleas and cries of your loved ones. Is that the future you want to see for your children? Coz thats the standard you have set.

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

True this was a devastating event. I won't implicate some particular group responsible for it either. But once let us take a moment to consider something that may be bigger and better than all of us. Americans and peoples from all nationalities died on that fateful day, so the grief should rightly be shared by the entire world and the loss should be considered global, not just American. But even if someone did not lose a friend or relative in the 9/11 attacks, we are all connected through the bond of humanity. And therefore there is where my appeal lies.

America started a war in three countries as a direct consequence of the 9/11 attacks. in ten years How many people do you think were bombed, attacked, arrested, shot, harrassed, murdered, raped, orphaned, widowed, threatened, robbed and killed? i dont think a true figure would ever be reached. but it would be safe to say they were in the millions.

They couldn't all be terrorists. thats common sense. But what they were and are, are our brethren humans. They feel pain as much as you, they love their families as much as you, they love liberty as much as you, they are in a sense just like you.

How many of them would need to continue to die as a consequence of war? how many children should continue to wait for their father or mother to come back, or widows for their spouses.

America has set a bad precedant when it was in power. Would you like some super power of the future to come bomb your house & family to oblivi

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

Dear Monica r:

When you attack a country and wage a war with them, killing women, children and civilians indiscriminately and they fight back in defense. they are not terrorists and those are not terrorist attacks. they are merly people trying to defend their right to life and their loved ones.

you and others will never really know the real horror of war anyway because the media you listen to will only give you biased news. and i dont really blame you also. it is a strange world now with a strange set of beliefs:

if Palestinean children throw stones at Israeli tanks they are termed as terrorists and even arrested, prosecuted and jailed but Israel is said to have a right to buldoze settlements, bomb hospitals and schools.

If a floatila vessel bound on a mission of mercy to feed the starving children of Gaza is attacked, it was because they were terrorsits and Israel can protect its territories.

If NATO bombs Libyan civilians including women and children they are understood to be making peace.

If an American group of soldiers called the "Kill team" shoots innocent goat herding children, then maims their bodies cutting off their ears and various body parts for trophies, they are hailed as heroes and the children reported as terrorists on news channels.

everyday drones bomb and kill innocent families in Pakistan. recently drones bombed a wedding ceremony and then US later claimed that it was a meeting of Al-Qaida officials. these drones kill indescrimina

Theodore A.
ted Ackman6 years ago

9/11/2001 - God knew what was going down. I feel He provided a picture perfect day - so ALL could see the horror of it. Others in far away places have also known those same horrors, whether Jew or Gentile.

I asked The Lord, "Is this the beginning of The End?" His gentle instruction to me was, "No, it will get worse." At that time I couldn't foresee how it could get worse, and I'm glad of that. It would've been a great burden to bear.

9/11/2011 This morning our congregation prayed for the victims, the survivors, and the perpetrators who planned, and carried out their murderous scheme. We especially asked The Lord to bless those who had done this. BLESS THOSE who did THIS?! Yes, - bless them because that's what Christians are taught - from the cross.

M.E. W.
Mary W6 years ago

On 9/11 the thing that came thru very powerfully for me was that, as well as praying for the victims, I needed to pray for the lost souls who planned and orchestrated the attacks.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

I pray for Monica and the rest of innocent people who suffered on the day and are still suffering as a result of the outrage.

Conspiracy theories should not just be swept under the carpet and need to be investigated. The witnesses of explosions within the twin towers much lower than the planes hit have already been eliminated and the others have to stay shut or be removed.
Explosions taking place simultaneously as the planes hit the buildings.

Some thing was not quite adding up.

A bus load of Mosad agents was put on the plane to Telaviv immediately. All the bits of planes hitting pentagon and the open fields went mysteriously missing.

A lot of corporates made Billions. As a result Millions of people were killed through starvation, diseases and direct bombing. Hundreds of thousands still suffering from depleted uranium radiation. Hospitals, schools, homes, businesses, homes and infrastructure destroyed for good. The list is endless.
A lot of corporates made Billions who won and who lost ??? YOU DECIDE

myra d.
myra d6 years ago

Sad. Tears. Fears. R.I.P.