Care2 Members Share Their New Year’s Resolutions (and non-) Page 9

We have some thoughtful, committed people here in the Care2 community  – which is no  surprise.  Take a look – and post yours!  We’ll start a brand new page when we get around ten more!  This is page 9.

1.    Ambrose Merly says   Dec 31, 2009 7:36 AM  To stop smoking.

2.    Leia P. says   Dec 31, 2009 7:02 AM  i resolve to not sleep during the day 

3.    Rex J. says   Dec 31, 2009 6:55 AM   To argue against lies and stupid comments whenever I see one. 

4.    Margaret W. says   Dec 31, 2009 6:54 AM  To forgive those who treated me in a mean spirited way in 2009 and say thanks every day for the great things in my life including having all those unpleasant people out of my life!! 

5.    Jasmine Ward says   Dec 31, 2009 5:17 AM  Eating healthier and getting into shape. 

6.    Sylvia Foidl says   Dec 31, 2009 4:28 AM  I ask my heart and mind to be open to each and every sign that is posted on my way. I ask for everything that is useful to me and remove all that has served its purpose on my journey to the light. I also want to be respectful to all beings and support others as much as I can and remain open and ready for any changes. I am determined to minimize my needs to things which are essential and important to me and support all the local and small business rather than the big and mighty ones. Have a good and inspirint New Year – all of you



Sanja R.
Sanja R8 years ago

to write diary, to use time that I have to be aware and awake, to stand for myself, to do as much good thing as possible, to help as much as possible.

ILIANA D8 years ago

To Excercise more, meditate more and to feel happier every day, giving thanks for all de BLESSINGS I receive. To Give a BIG smile to life on this 2010!

Carole Brown
Carole B8 years ago

To lose weight!
To stand up for Jesus and live the way God wants me to!
This means speaking out for truth and not going along with political correctness all the time!!

Elle F.
Elle F.8 years ago

From your active modern seniors:
Don't let make any New Year's Resolutions that have us quitting any of life's pleasures we can still nicely enjoy!

You'll be our age before you know it! :-)

Best wishes that you reap the benefits from all the good you do, and enjoy life's pleasures fully, too! And appreciate them more!

The thing about life is that we must FEEL LIKE IT! :-)
It we make it too grim, in the interest of improvement, it brings the whole thing down.

Happy New Year !

Yvonne Fileccia
Yvonne Fileccia8 years ago

In 3 years I will vote republican.

Dmitry Bershadsky


Elle Smith F.
Elle Fagan8 years ago

Say "Child" not "kid"

Florence S.
Past Member 8 years ago

To go out of my way at least once a week to help a person or animal

Jill J.
Jill J8 years ago

Our voices are important, we must speak out, we must be heard...Against injustice, against violence, against slander and disrespect....We must protect this planet and all of our precious animals that are our teachers...We must use our minds to question and investigate and not accept harmful ignorant banter...I need to trust my own abilities and write my screenplay (that I've been pitching for years)...I need to go to bed early and wake up early...So Good Night.

Ken F.
Ken F.8 years ago

as a member of the Spannish community I will learn 30 words per day to enable me to communicate better with the people in my adopted home