CARE2 MEMBERS: Should We Suspend Sarah Palin Coverage for a Month?

Are you ready for a Sarah Palin strike?  You may have read Robin Marty’s post: Can Going Palin-Free Give You the Shakes?  
A Washington Post columnist has declared a hiatus and we wondered if you’d like us to do the same.  Of course, if there were real news (she announced she was running/not running for President, an accident, other legitimate things) we would cover that.  Just not the rest.

Let us know: post your comments and respond to the poll at the bottom of this page.  We’ll wait until Friday January 28th to see how things shake out and then let you know.  IF you say yes, we’ll stay away from Palin stories unless there’s real news.  Speak up!  Care2 only succeeds when you all take part.

Chesi Photos via Flickr/Creative Commons


Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

Marian, you and Sarah are both kind of....well, in need of an education.

Lisa E.
Lisa E.6 years ago

Why suspend? Let Sarah Palin hang herself mightily with her big mouth, big ideas, third grade intellect. It's high time the electorate realizes that a repetitive, loud but confident oratory is not a sure sign of intelligence. She certainly can string a lot of confident senseless pontifical rhetoric into short useless political snippits which too many uninformed voters gulp down. She can't help herself and goes way too far.
That's how she hangs herself. To her credit, she has definitely accomplished a colossal feat and that is to educate a vast majority of gullible voters to not judge on voice, looks, persistence, ambition and to start paying attention . . . to facts, news, history, to perhaps even think critically, independently and to know what's going on around them.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Marian D., Sarah was questioned, not hounded. She was vastly lacking in intelligent answers, and so the questions kept coming. She wasn't and isn't the material for the office of president. As she continued, she became more and more hateful, and said out-and-out lies about Obama. She does not have the intelligence, knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs, to be president. She doesn't want church and state separation. Sorry, dear. We don't hate her -- she makes herself ridiculous enough, to pity her.

I have always stood up for my sisters, not just MY success. Sarah doesn't understand this. It is always and only about Sarah.

Marian D.
Marian D7 years ago

This is so petty. The woman and her family were hounded to death by the media because of the interest in everything she said or did, and now you just want her to go away? Now you know how I feel about the "president'--term used loosely!

Anthony S.
Anthony S7 years ago

I don't hate her, I'm just not interested in what a half-term Governor from a parsly populated state has to say about much of anything. She is good looking, sexy and aparently pretty catty, but not anyone I would ever vote for. I'm being somewhat of a hypocrit by responding, but I really don't care if I never hear or see her ever again.

Karilyn K.
Karilyn K7 years ago

stop it forever - yay!

Borg Drone NO MAIL
Past Member 7 years ago

Who ?? :)

Sarah B.
Sarah B7 years ago

Glad to hear that only "real new" would be reported. Isn't that how it should be all the time? Why only for one month?

Phil R.
Phil R7 years ago

"If Sarah Palin goes away...who will be your next person to hate?"

Is this a trick question? The Conservative media is a virtual circus of disaffected nincompoops! There's an endless supply of cartoon pundits out there to be lampooned. I don't have to name names do i? We all know who they are.

Chris P.
Chris P7 years ago

Yes please