Care2 Success! No More Plastic Bags In Dana Point!


Great news from Care2 member Michael Sean Wright: thanks to his Care2 petition, single use plastic bags may soon be banned in Dana Point, California.

Michael’s Petition:

The City Council of Dana Point, CA will be considering a proposal to ban single use plastic bags during a public hearing on Monday, September 26, 2011. We would like to show our city leaders the overwhelming support for the initiative to “Rise Above the Plastic,” “Ban the Bag”and “Save OUR Ocean” by eliminating plastic bags from our beautiful city.

We are asking people from around the World to join the swelling wave of support and tell the City Council of Dana Point, CA that you care about this issue and want a cleaner Coast for all of us.


And here’s the latest from Michael:

“Woot! Dolphins, Whales, Marine Life and Humans unite in congratulating the City Council on the decision to act promptly to ‘Ban the Bag’ – single use plastic bags will soon no longer be welcomed in Our Ocean in Dana Point.

On September 26, 2011, the City Council voted 4 to 1 to move the proposal forward. Next step is a report expected on or near December 1st. Our City leaders acted as true leaders and stewards. We want to thank Council Members Lara Anderson, Lisa A. Barlett, Steven H. Weinberg and our very Honorable Mayor, Scott Schoeffel for their wisdom and dedication to our beloved Dana Point. The interest and support that Dana Point received from around the World was deeply felt and greatly appreciated.

Together, we showed our support and desire to ‘Rise Above the Plastic.’ Thank you and please consider visiting us in Dana Point soon. Our City is focused on ensuring that our Harbor, shore and village space remains a true wonder of beauty.”

Yes! Care2 Members Are Making A Difference!

And thank you, Michael, for all your hard work.

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Zee Kallah
Helen P5 years ago

See what a difference our signatures on Care2 petitions make.

We are saving our planet.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Congratulations to Michael and the City Council; if pictures like this were posted near registers in stores and close to beaches and other water areas I think people would be more mindful of their trash.

Posters of pollution like this and other statistics should also be placed in schools so kids can learn early not to foul their planet.

Last but not least lead by example. Sometimes when I'm out I will pick up some trash outside a store or in a parking lot and throw it away even if it's not mine; an attitude I wish more people would emulate.

Emily Drew
Emily Drew7 years ago


federico bortoletto

Grande successo. Molto bene.

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A7 years ago

This is truly a success!

Nino U.
Nino U7 years ago

I wish my city stopped using them as well.

Nino U.
Nino U7 years ago

I wish my city stopped using plastic bags. Have been fighting with them for years :(

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M7 years ago


Zar Rashid
Zar Rashid7 years ago


Magdalena K.
Past Member 7 years ago

very good